– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Pirates

I was able to watch the eighth and ninth innings tonight with relatively few palpitations. It’s mysterious, but I almost had… confidence in the bullpen. I may be suffering from some sort of mental illness. I’ll have it checked out.

The Good Horacio was in the house tonight — I think he’s a bit of coward, really, and only shows up to face teams like the Pirates — retiring the first eleven batters he faced (with a little help from Andruw on defense) before giving up a single and double with two out in the fourth to score a run. The Braves, shut out to that point, came back to tie with back-to-back doubles from LaRoche and Pratt, but LaRoche strained his hamstring (he was running slowly even for him) and had to leave the game.

Horacio tired, and loaded the bases in the sixth before getting out of it. Diaz homered in the seventh to give Horacio the lead briefly. However, with two out in the seventh, he allowed a walk and a single and Bobby came in with Yates. (Why Yates and not Paronto? I don’t know. Ray wasn’t with the team today because of a death in the family.) Yates immediately gave up a single for the Grybo, then walked the bases loaded, before getting out of it.

Aybar, silent to that point, led off the eighth with a double. Marcus laid down a terrific bunt and beat it out. Renteria scored the run with a groundout flyout. Enter the professional relievers. Baez 1-2-3 in the eighth. Wickman 1-2-3 in the ninth, with a strikeout. Yates gets a completely undeserved win.

Okay, it’s only the Pirates, but it’s something. Day game tomorrow.