Cody Ross 2, Braves 1 – MLB – Box Score – Marlins at Braves

I’m not sure how one gives up two homers to “Cody Ross”, which sounds like the name of the adorable kid on one of those ABC sitcoms, but Chuck James managed. The Braves hit into four double plays, including one by Betemit with runners first and third, one out, down one run. Another came in the ninth after a leadoff single in the ninth. Also, Thorman got himself thrown out stretching in the fifth. All in all, the Braves had eight baserunners, all on hits, five of whom were erased. That’s bad.

James got in some trouble immediately after each of those (leadoff) homers, letting the next two reach in the second and loading the bases in the fourth, but got out of it each time. In the other five innings he pitched, he mostly shut the Marlins down. It was that kind of game. Yates pitched well in the eighth, and Ray managed to get out of the ninth unscathed because Langerhans brought a home run back.

The Braves only run came after Langerhans doubled and was bunted to third, then Marcus hit an infield single. But after going to second on a wild pitch, he couldn’t get home on Renteria’s single (hit right at Hermida) and Betemit grounded out. The Braves were shut down for the rest of the night, except for a Marcus single in the ninth; as noted, he was erased on DP #4.

Andruw pinch-hit with two out in the eighth, but isn’t expected to play in the field for the rest of the series. Who knows? Chipper might be back tomorrow, but he might not. Again, who knows?

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  1. Chuck James looked good and so did Yates and Ray. But no offense, I thought it was supposed to be the other way around?

  2. It was completely inexcusable for Adam let himself get tossed out in the fifth inning. Yeah, it was a brutal call but let Bobby go out and get run. We need his bat in the lineup, now more than ever.

    Quite a frustrating night.

  3. After winning all those 10-8 & 13-12 games, I look at this result as some kind of karmic retribution. Let’s pick up the next 2 & move on.

    Was listening to the Mets/Cubs ninth on the radio & Ryan Dempster was doing his imitation of The Kolb. Howry had to save it for him. Got ahead of LoDuca 0-2, then got a weak popup.

    Sorriest offense in baseball & the Cubs have scored 16 runs in 2 games at Shea.

  4. Mac, you gotta mention Langerhans’ fantastic defense in a summary for a game like that. He had the #1 web gem of the night when he saved the woulda-been homer from Jacobs. Wow, now I remember what Andruw used to be like out there.

  5. Yeah, Kyle, but after all these years of diving on the field, seems like Andruw’s back is starting to give up…

  6. Right now people are saying sexual harrasment and some are saying disagreement with management about A-Rod coverage..

    Wonder which one it is…

  7. If the A-Rod coverage is considered controversial, people will watch the show & the suits would love that—so I, personally, don’t believe that.

  8. i liked h reynolds ,hate to hear that
    Well i hated to lose tonight but minus the jones boys it would have been a lot to ask

  9. I am watching Baseball Tonight for the first time in what I estimate to be three years. Nothing to do with Harold Reynolds, of course; I’m watching so that I can see Hans’ great catches. I wasn’t able to see them live since I was following via the boxscore. Hans has been my favorite player since his days with Greenville, so I’ll brave Baseball Tonight to see the action.

  10. Retneria on that hit that moved giles to third should of gone to second. Hermida was going home quite obviously and there was no way it oculd of been cut off. Maybe I’m just being picky but if giles forces the issue a bit and renteria goes to second we avoid the double play and possibly can get an extra run. Who nkows.. just watching it there it seemed like renteria really should of gone to second.

  11. bripeace, Renteria hit that ball very hard and right at Hermida. Also, Hermida made a very strong throw to the home plate. I bet Renteria could easily be thrown out at second base by Oliva, and Marcus had just barely turned third base when he realized the throw was a little bit high.

  12. has the langerhans catches if, like me, you couldn’t watch them last night on TS.

  13. I doubt the Reynolds firing is over A-Rod. I am back in Connecticut and the papers and local media are all having a field day about A-Rod’s errors. Mocking A-Rod is commonplace…

  14. This was not an unexpected loss. Sanchez has been pitching well, most teams have problems with seeing pitchers for the first time, and the Braves were obviously without two of their best players. And the Marlins are a pretty good team, certainly better than the Phillies. This is going to be a tough series because they can throw out good pitching every night, which is more than the Braves can say.

    I know the Braves need more pitching, but can they afford to give up Betemit for a middle reliever with Chipper so injury prone these days?

  15. Padres, not moving Linebrink for Betemit

    • San Diego Padres GM Kevin Towers said Monday they have engaged in talks for Chicago Cubs starter Greg Maddux but will not trade reliever Scott Linebrink to the Atlanta Braves for third baseman Wilson Betemit.

  16. Martin Prado must have really impressed for the Braves to give even a second thought to trading Wilson Betemit.

  17. Martin Prado, should have Betemit’s utility role next year and Betemit should be our 2nd baseman. Move Giles for relief if we are making another move….

  18. i wouldnt trade Betemit for Proctor, thats a lopsided deal. It would have to be a stud arm, starting or relieving, or a leadoff hitter to consider moving him. I get the feeling something is coming, i think JS wont sit still.

  19. OK, I’ve been saying no to starting Betemit for a while, but I don’t want to trade him. With the fragile one at 3rd, and a guy who can’t hit above .240 “leading off,” we need to keep Betemit. I’d rather trade Prado and Giles than sacrifice our best asset.

  20. The Post story mentions that the Braves have interest in other players; Betemit for Proctor and someone else might be doable. But at the same time, I don’t see how the Braves can put themselves in a situation where Prado, Orr, or L’il Tony could be playing regularly as Betemit has been. He’s started nine games in a row.

  21. Jason Stark said on Mike and Mike that Betemit will be moved for a set up guy (he mentioned Linebrink and Proctor, but also said that there was another team the braves were talking to) provided they can get a utility guy to replace betemit from somewhere else. He mentioned that they had tried to get graffanino already.

  22. PLEASE don’t trade Betemit unless we get a young stud SP with at least two years before he’s arbitration eligible !! PLEASE !!

  23. Wow. I simply can’t believe the Braves would even want to trade Betemit especially for some mediocre setup man. If this were a team that had World Serires aspirations, then maybe you could gamble on such a trade. But this team still has a long way to go to even get back to .500 let alone make the playoffs. It would be insane to trade as valuable and cheap a player as Betemit for middle relief help now especially with Chipper’s latest injury.

  24. “Jason Stark said on Mike and Mike that Betemit will be moved for a set up guy (he mentioned Linebrink and Proctor, but also said that there was another team the braves were talking to) provided they can get a utility guy to replace betemit from somewhere else. He mentioned that they had tried to get graffanino already.”

    Betemit for Proctor and Nick Green?

  25. In the supply and demand world of MLB, Linebrink and Proctor have more value than Wilson Betemit. Do the Braves need pitching more than the World’s Greatest Substitute? Of course. Do the Braves need Proctor or Linebrink more than Betemit? I personally don’t think either offers enough value to trade for Wilson, but thank God I don’t have to make that decision.

  26. It’ll piss me off if we move Betemit for a set up guy. Williamson and MacDougal were acquired for minor league arms. WHy would we give up Betemit for the same thing. If thats the case lets keep what we got for next year, replace Sosa w/ Stockman and see if Yates or Ray can handle the 8th. You can even give Paronto or maybe Thomson could be a good setup guy. He usually doesnt walk many people.

    Try moving Giles before the deadline and if we cant lets move him in the offseason. Dont give up Betemit

  27. csg, I couldn’t agree more that we should not move Betemit for a set up guy when it’s been shown that decent arms can be had for A and AA players. I’m more inclined to move Giles in the offseason. I just don’t see how we’ll keep Giles around as arbitration takes his salary too much higher.

  28. I really hope that the Betemit trade rumor is just another way to sell papers. The Braves would be mad to trade a valuable player at this point in the season. I think that it would be uncharactristic of JS to make such a move as well.

    Now I can see Prado, Salty, Wright, Startup, Escobar and others being sacrificed for short term relief help. I just wish that the Braves would move Jurries to an AL club (KC would have been prefect) for relief help. Unfortunately, Jurries has probably lost value since the spring.

  29. Agreed Stephen, but this has been an uncharactristic season for JS already. I really think its just a matter of time before he makes a move. I would prefer he moved Giles, but if it has to be Betemit, and it gets us a top notch reliever, or starter or lead-off guy, lets do it. Just remember, he did once offer Betemit for Ponson…..ugh

  30. I have no idea what the “supply and demand world of the MLB” means. Isn’t that pretty much the entire world … the DPRK and parts of China excepted?

    Proctor does not have more value TO THE BRAVES than does Betemit, unless (as I have been worrying about for the last two weeks) JS makes the mistake of valuing a (fruitless) WC chase this year at the expense of the future. Proctor is a very average RP. He’s about 28 years old, and wasn’t a star even in the Yankees weak system.

    We all know Betemit’s value, and it increases every time Chipper (who I love dearly) tweaks his pinky toe. It increases everytime Marcus (who I don’t love dearly) plows into some immovable object. Betemit is only the “World’s Greatest Substitute” on the (increasingly rare) days when all of our infielders are healthy enough to play. The rest of the time he’s a darn good, and cheap, regular.

  31. I would also prefer it to be Giles. Let me add that I take your point about JS further the extend it back to the offseason. Given the way this season has developed he has been unusually quiet.

  32. There’s no way we should be trading Betemit, unless we’re getting, say, Howry and Eyre in return. Even then, like others have said, I’m not convinced dealing a great young player for a playoff run when the team is currently 5 games under .500 is such a wise move, even if we were able to acquire a utility player from somewhere else.

    A few comments on last night’s game:

    (1) The LaRoche strike call was brutal. Nowhere near. I think it was Grst who was arguing that it was pretty close; well, Grst is wrong. That pitch was a foot inside. And I’m glad LaRoche got fired up about it. I was hoping it might get the guys fired up.

    (2) Double plays by the WB and Renteria killed us, as Mac alludes to in the recap.

    (3) Chuck James has to keep the ball in the park. I know he only gave up 2 runs and pitched fairly well in general, but his homer rate is genuinely disturbing at this point. Cody Ross?

    (4) Folks, we’re currently 2-1 without the Joneses. I’d rather be 3-0, but we should be thankful that we have even been competitive without them. If we have to play extended stretches without them, we’re not going to make the playoffs. Let’s get them back in the lineup and, as ububba said, take the next 2.

  33. “There’s no way we should be trading Betemit, unless we’re getting, say, Howry and Eyre in return. Even then, like others have said, I’m not convinced dealing a great young player for a playoff run when the team is currently 5 games under .500 is such a wise move, even if we were able to acquire a utility player from somewhere else.”

    Who is to say the relief pitcher the Braves get will only be with them for 2006?

  34. If we can get a live arm, and sign him to an extension, that would be great. However, I think we have all seen JS’s attitude towards sigining relievers to long term contracts…..he hasnt had good success, so I’m not sure thats going to happen. I think it would be equally hard to trade for someone who is still under contract for a season or two, and is not completely Kolb-like. To trade just for the sake of making a trade would be bad, if we could pull off another Wickman like deal, lets do it….

  35. Well, Dan, that’s why I wouldn’t trade him for less than 2 bullpen arms. As others have said, even if we’re able to retain one reliever for the same amount of time and at the same price (also unlikely, by the way) we’ll be able to have the WB, I don’t think a reliever is as valuable as Betemit. It would take 2. Like Howry and Eyre. But that ain’t happening, so I really, really, really don’t want to let Betemit go.

    You’re ready to mortgage the future for this outside shot at a wildcard with a team that, even if it makes the playoffs, has no chance of winning the World Series?

  36. “You’re ready to mortgage the future for this outside shot at a wildcard with a team that, even if it makes the playoffs, has no chance of winning the World Series?”

    No. But I do find a good relief pitcher signed for a long time to be more valuable than Betemit. But I really don’t want to get rid of Betemit unless it’s a long-term relief pitcher and a damn good one.

  37. The LaRoche strike call was (without K zone help) the single worst inside strike call I have ever seen. The umpire should have been ejected.

    The closest part of the ball was 6 to 8 inches inside. If LaRoche hadn’t pulled his stomach in, it would have grazed his belt buckle. It was almost as far inside as Eric Gregg’s called third strike on McGriff in 1997 (which was approximately 8, maybe 10 inches off the plate).

    We need the ownership situation straight. I am sure Schuerholz is having a hard time figuring out how to play it. I, for one, say, only make a deal if it makes us better, within current payroll restraints, next year. If it just makes us better for this year, forget it. By tht standard, Wickman made sense. Max Ramirez wasn’t going to help the big league club next year. Betemit will definitely help it. Only if the guy you get will also help it.

    I checked Prado’s stats yesterday. He has still maintained good OBP, but no power. He will be a major league second baseman, but not likely ever an All Star. I don’t know if he has a shortstop arm. Yunel Escobar and Elvis Andrus are performing o.k. offensively, but neither is really superior.

    Good comparison tat is only slightly exaggerated, if at all: would you have traded Scott Rolen at the same age for what is coming back. If not, you probably don’t need to make the deal.

  38. “dont have to worry about Graffanino, this might have already been posted”

    Graffanino is the guy that Jason Stark said the Braves wanted to get so they could trade Betemit. I’m glad he won’t be on the team.

  39. Know what I think? I think JS and his front office keep such a tight lid on things that Stark and other journalists are forced to speculate about trades more than usual. Seriously, how many of us saw the trade for Wickman coming, much less the negotiations made for him over the winter? I don’t think JS would be foolish enough to trade Betemit. If he does trade WB, then the Marte deal will pale by comparison.

  40. The point is that Betemit, unlike Marte, is a proven player, and the Braves need Betemit if they hope to build a competitive team in the seasons to come. And he’s cheap, too.

  41. Hey Dan, I stilll miss Marte. Why wouldn’t I? Yeah we got Renteria, who’s been terrific, but Marte will probably be a perennial All-Star. What’s not to miss about that?

  42. I think bobby should have bunted giles over in the 9th. I’d like to have Betemit and McCaan each have a chance to hit a single to get the tying run home. Its always been my observation that once you get the tying run off a team’s closer, the comeback teams prevails more often than not.

  43. (1) Renteria proved in Philly that he can’t bunt.

    (2) Renteria is hitting, like, .320.

  44. Man, I looked at Estrada’s stats this year, he is playing really well, then I look at the crap we got for him. That trade hurts, we couldn’t find one useful player in tha deal?

  45. Well, The Vulture has been our third most-valuable pitcher this year. Says a lot more about our pitching than The Vulture, but where would we be without him?

  46. “Hey Dan, I stilll miss Marte. Why wouldn’t I? Yeah we got Renteria, who’s been terrific, but Marte will probably be a perennial All-Star. What’s not to miss about that? ”

    Key words here are “will probably be.” I dont miss him at all, probably never will.

  47. I think a happy medium is somewhere between Rob’s sentiments and yours, csg. While it’s no sure thing that he’ll be an All-Star, if he started raking 40 homers a year, you don’t think you’d miss him? I confess that I would.

  48. The marte thing is strange, traded 2 times, playing AAA still, the major league Indians are out of all playoff contention, and he still is not up with the big team? If he is great, why not start playing him for next year, I know they are shopping Boone but who the hell wants him?
    just an observation, probably a lame one.

  49. I see Scott Proctor pitch a lot. I think he’s exactly the type of pitcher we need as a setup guy. Great stuff, strikes people out, makes MLB minimum salary.

    He started out the season blazing, then over the next 2 months (mostly due to a bit of overuse because the Yankee starters, outside of Wang & Messina, were dogmeat), he began to get hit. Not unlike a lotta guys (e.g.—Farnsworth), he shouldn’t pitch 5 times a week.

    After the all-star break, he’s been close to unhittable. 6 G, 7 IP, 12K, 0 BB, 3 H, 0 ER.

    All that said, the idea of giving up Betemit pains me. All things considered, in my mind, it’s not exactly an even-value deal because I saw Proctor pitch last year, too.

    I know that we need a guy like Proctor (for this year & next), but I also know that, if it’s Betemit we just had to move, we’d get a helluva lot more in the off-season. (Although Wilson’s value may never be higher than right this very instant.) These are the gambles that teams in our situation must consider. Ain’t easy.

    And yes, I believe we would get Nick Green in the deal, too.

  50. The craziest thing just happened to me

    ESPN just called me about interviewing for a job. I am telling the truth! I almost crashed my car! I am interviewing over the phone at 2:00!

  51. I’m closer to Rob’s position than csg’s. Marte’s loss was unnecessary given the presence of Betemit to handle the shortstop position. The Braves should have let Chipper know that they reserved the right to move him to another position if necessary to improve their defense and/or reduce his propensity for injury.

    Marte will be an all-star at least a couple of times in his career.

  52. Smitty’s probably replacing Harold Reynolds :-D

    Here’s my exciting bit of news: Lance Bass came out of the closet! As if everyone didn’t already know this.

  53. Colorado’s a tough place to learn to pitch. Even so, Nied had a good season in ’94 before injuries ruined his career. That’s usually not as severe a problem with position player prospects.

  54. I hear ESPN is looking for a male nurse to care for Gammons while he recovers. No, seriously, good luck, Smitty.

  55. “Here’s my exciting bit of news: Lance Bass came out of the closet!”

    While I don’t know who Lance Bass is, why is someone admitting they’re gay exciting?

  56. jenny, you just dated yourself as an 18-year-old girl with that comment about Lance Bass.

  57. I hope he applied “for person that will punch Skip Bayless in the face all day”….or for “person that will take Joe Morgan’s job”

  58. I think it may be a production job. I applied for three of four things about three weeks ago. After I talk to them I will post about it on here. I am not expecting to be on Baseball tonight this week or anything like that. Probably by next weekend though, ha ha ha!

  59. Dan,

    People coming out of the closet may not be especially exciting (where I live, it’s not even a blip), but it’s culturally interesting in the sense that careers are no longer ruined & (for the most part) people aren’t as often beaten & killed for being who they are. Live & let live, I say.

    From today’s SI:
    Headline: Closer Bob Wickman—Not the Answer in Atlanta
    It explains how his grounder-to-fly-ball ratio is at a career low, doesn’t strike people out anymore, etc. and then there’s this quote from an NL scout, “It’s not a trade that suddenly makes Atlana a wild-card favorite.”

    Gee, I hope he keeps pitching lousy for us.

  60. Dont mention you are a Braves fan, Smitty…’ll get blacklisted….wear a Red Sox hat or Yankee’s boxers or something…..

  61. I think he and Joey Fatone were in that movie On the Line with Emmanuelle Chriqui, who’s really really hot.

    Um, that’s the only reason I know who Lance Bass is.

  62. No AAR… that was Joey Fatone.. or like I called him Joey Fat One..
    Bass was the little blond one

    Why do I know these things…

  63. Oh, no. Jokes about Beowulf make one a nerd. Jokes about current American culture make one hip.

  64. He’ll probaly go 4 innings and give up, oh around 6 runs. But he will strike out a couple of guys and give Cubies fans more hope only to be thrashed with another injury.

  65. If anyone wants to hear some great trade rumors and I guess you would call it “play-by-play” by our favorite ESPN analyst, Steve Phillips is calling the DET and CLE game.

  66. Speaking of Beowulf, I never got why at the end after they stole the gold and the dragon looked to kill everyone because it didn’t have it’s gold, why they just didn’t give the gold back. Why die to something that you know can kill you over gold for said gold? Sorry, but I remember thinking how dumb that sounded when I read that.

  67. When I first got the call, I thought that it was a joke. THen I looked at the area code and was like, wow. I am not getting my hopes up or anything.

  68. Way too modern a question for Beowulf — the poem isn’e about rationality and human choices. The poem is epic because it stories the heroic value system in place at the time. The heroic value system celebrated honor and sacrifice (even death) to the warrior’s sworn leader. The battle with the Dragon (and with Grendel) is an allegory of the human struggle with evil. Goodness prevails (both monsters are defeated) but at the cost of Beowulf’s life.

  69. Tonight
    FLA-Josh Johnson ATL-John Smoltz

    FLA-Scott Olsen ATL-Jason Shiell

    NYM-Pedro Martinez ATL-Horacio Ramirez

    NYM-Orlando Hernandez ATL-Tim Hudson

    NYM-Steve Trachsel ATL-Chuck James

  70. these next five games look to be very important. Our SP’s need to step it up big time…

  71. Given that we have no margin for error, every one of the remaining 60-some-odd games is very important.

  72. 5-0 is possible(that is if Shiell can pitch better and Pedro isn’t locked on.) I think Huddy has it turned around now and we need to get Smoltzie some offense tonight.

  73. Listening to the Mets game, their radio announcers (whom I happen to like) have been talking about the weekend series all day. “This is a statement series,” “Perhaps, we can once and for all rid outselves, yaddayadda…” Amazing how much the Braves are in their collective heads.

  74. Except for Olsen/ Shiell, those actually looke like decent matchups. Yes, even Pedro/ HoRam- Pedro’s been out for a month and was pitching badly when he was injured (2-3, 6.23 in last five starts) while HoRam has had five good starts in his last six.

  75. I am watching the gamechannel of the Mets/Cubs game. And I got the Tigers/Indians game on the TV.

  76. The Post has learned the Yankees and Braves have held discussions about the Yankees acquiring switch-hitting infielder Wilson Betemit and may be willing to give up reliever Scott Proctor. The Phillies told Bobby Abreu’s agent the Yankees and Mets remain interested in the right fielder, but the Yankees have expanded their search for a bat beyond Philadelphia.
    — New York Post

  77. By the way, I referenced “Jabberwocky,” not Beowulf. I’ve never even read Beowulf. So there.

    “… One-two! One-two! The vorpal sword went snicker-snack!
    He left it dead, and with its head he went gallumphing back.
    ‘And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
    Oh frabjous day! Calloo, callay!’ He chortled in his joy.”

  78. “Except for Olsen/ Shiell, those actually looke like decent matchups.”

    I’m more worried about tonight. I trust Smoltz but I worry he’ll get a 2-0 loss or some such crap. This Johnson character is good and owned the Braves last time around.

    Olsen on the other hand:

    Career vs. ATL:

    G: 2
    GS: 1
    W: 0
    L: 1
    IP: 6.0
    H: 10
    R: 10
    ER: 10
    HR: 3
    BB: 2
    K: 8
    ERA: 15.00
    WHIP: 2.00
    BAA: .385

    If Shiell pitches half-way decently, I think the Braves will win that one.

  79. “Way too modern a question for Beowulf — the poem isn’e about rationality and human choices. The poem is epic because it stories the heroic value system in place at the time. The heroic value system celebrated honor and sacrifice (even death) to the warrior’s sworn leader. The battle with the Dragon (and with Grendel) is an allegory of the human struggle with evil. Goodness prevails (both monsters are defeated) but at the cost of Beowulf’s life.”

    Wow, it’s been so long since I was forced to read Beowulf, I remembered very little about it, until I read “Grendel.” That brings back memories.

  80. That deal is all wrong unless we get more…Plus where the hell would they play Betimet? Last time I looked they had SS, 3B, 2B.(Unless there is some truth to the A-Rod rumors but Brian Cashman said there wasn’t.) Scott Proctor would be a great set-up man but WB is worth so much more. We have seen all of these relief guys going for mid to low minor league players that probaly won’t even get to the bigs going so why would we trade our best bench/utility/future starter for a near 30 pitcher that we wouldn’t hang onto for that long. He has good numbers and all but I am sure we could get him for less than WB.

  81. If we got another play in the deal I could see it. THe WB would play third and let ARod DH some. He and who ever that firstbaseman is would kind of platoon.

  82. But still the way that Wilson is playing he is worth alot more. If we get Phillip Hughes the yeah go for it.( we won’t)

  83. I think that JS will make another deal before the deadline–but I hardly see that it will involve Betemit. The Braves are probably happy with their everyday players and will not want to make changes unless they decide that the Wild Card is unattainable.

    That said, there are plenty prospects between A and AAA who could fetch some bullpen help.

    I think that the Betemit for Linebrink story is just a media driven rumor.

  84. Lets just say the Yankees rufused to trade him for Soriano or Bobby Abreu. He is the Yanks future.

  85. Whoops, AAR, my bad. Lewis Carrol – unknown scandanavian bards, what’s the difference?

  86. Until and unless they play the 3rd game of the WS in an NL park, Giambi is the Yankees DH because he’s the worst 1B since Dick Stuart.

    To be honest, I still don’t understand why the Yankees would trade Proctor. It’s not like they have lockdown setup men, and they kinda don’t need WB. If they “need” anything, it’s a better-hitting 1B than Andy Phillips or a corner outfielder with power.

    And no, A-Rod’s not going anywhere.

    Prior still has the no-no in the 6th with 2 outs, but he’s now over 100 pitches, he just walked his 5th guy & Dusty took him out.

  87. After Beltran stole second base, Will Ohman got Delgado to ground out. The no-no is still intact, going in the the 7th. Still no score.

    Maine is at 100 pitches, too. Dunno if he’s gonna come out for the next inning.

  88. Maybe Tony Armas Jr. is available. He is a decent starter and would be an upgrade over Jason Shiell for a 5th starter.

    I don’t see alot of Lefties on the trading block.

  89. While Smitty was getting a haircut for his ESPN interview, I understand his barber overheard the following trade rumor:

    NYY gets W. Betemit, A. LaRoche, Brandon Jones, and a signed copy of Built to Win

    ATL gets A. Rodriguez, P. Hughes, S. Proctor, and a signed copy of the Wit and Wisdom of George Steinbrenner

  90. When asked why he would trade away Wilson and Brandon, JS said that he found out last week that he couldn’t pronounce Wilson’s last name and that we had too many Joneses in the organization.

  91. Maine blew through the Cubs in the 7th, he walked a guy, but struck out the side. He’s up to 114 pitches. Still no score.

  92. Buster Olney said in his chat this afternoon that “there’s definitely some smoke” to the Betemit-Proctor rumor. His opinion is that the Yanks would be acquiring the WB to then ship him to the Pads for Linebrink.

    I trust Buster, but he’s either leaving stuff out or that rumor makes no sense. Why would the Braves prefer Proctor to Linebrink if both can be had? There have to be more players involved. (As in, the Braves would have to be getting more than Proctor from the Yanks, or the Yanks would have to give up more than Betemit for Linebrink, or both.) And “more players” had better not be just Nick Green.

    That got me thinking, though…think the Yanks would take Sosa for Green?

  93. Jorge Sosa has been missing since 07/17 and was last seen at Busch stadium in St. Louis, MO.

  94. “I trust Buster, but he’s either leaving stuff out or that rumor makes no sense. Why would the Braves prefer Proctor to Linebrink if both can be had? There have to be more players involved.”

    If true, almost certainly. The Braves get Proctor and somebody else and then ship Betemit to the Padres along with some prospects Schuerholz isn’t willing to give up for Linebrink.

  95. I was hoping that the storm that night in St. Louis blew Sosa away to a very far place where he could never hurt us again…

  96. That was one of the worst storms I have ever been through. It sucked so much no A/C in 102 degree heat.

  97. No score, going to the 8th.

    I don’t believe in momentum too much in baseball, but I’d like to see the Mets lose today & begin to doubt themselves going into the series at The Ted. C’mon, you cruddy Cubbies. (I hate having to pull for lousy teams.)

  98. Buster Olney is a yankee fanboy.. I trust nothing he says. The yanks’ farm system is even emptier than the braves’ – if they won’t take betemit for linebrink, nothing the yankees can add to that package short of phil hughes or jose tabata, neither of whom they’ll give up in such a deal, will make the pads pull the trigger on it.

    the other braves/yankees rumors we’ve had in the past were equally ludicrous – remember kevin brown for andruw jones? that was probably a buster olney special as well.

  99. I think you’re a little harsh on Olney. True, he covered the Yankees and had some ties to them, but he’s certainly more than a “fanboy”. I do agree, however, that it’s hard to fathom the Yankees being able to offer anything more than Betemit for Linebrink that would make the package more enticing for the Pads.

  100. Olney was the Yankees beat reporter for the NY Times. He wrote that book, “The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty,” which is anything but complimentary to all things Yankee. In fact, it’s somewhat critical, especially of Steinbrenner.

    He definitely retains access to that world. If he’s reporting what he’s hearing, he’s doing his job.

  101. “Wickman was the priority, and now that he’s on board, the Braves believe that they have enough talent to return to the playoffs even if they don’t make another deal.”

    the last part of that sentence bothers me! Why is the main goal the playoffs? How about getting enough talent to win the World Series. That means a couple of arms, both SP and RP!!!

  102. Twins already up 2-0 on the White Sox. If the Twins sweep that series, Ozzie make actually explode. The Twins starting lineup today contains Nick Punto, Mike Redmond (hitting third!), Jason Tyner, Jason Bartlett, and someone named Josh Rabe. How do they win practically every game these days? The AL is supposed to be so tough. Amazing.

  103. Francisco Cordero has a high ERA(4.15) but it shouldn’t be that much to get him since he lost his closer role to Akinori Otsuka.(who I would rather have 1.93 ERA and 21 saves)

  104. I wouldn’t really want Soriano for the same reason I wouldn’t really want Meche: the Mariners treat their pitchers like prisoners on a Viking slave galley, and they’re dead by the time they reach the majors.

  105. Nah, Otsuka’s been around the NL already and hitters here are used to his funky delivery. Cordero would be a better bet, but I seriously doubt the Rangers are looking to move him.

  106. Who will end this season with the most wins?
    Tim Hudson
    Chuck James
    Horacio Ramirez
    John Smoltz
    Oscar Villarreal question of the day.

  107. At the rate it’s going, Reitsma will lead the team in saves with eight.

    I say Smoltz though.

  108. I hate Ozzie. He is the latin Rocker. I think playing with John Rocker in 1999 rubbed off on him.

  109. I find it ironic that one of Rocker’s targets (he blamed Ozzie for an error that caused the Braves to lose, and said that if Walt Weiss was there, he would have made the play) is so Rocker-ish. :P

  110. I find it ironic that Rocker gets ripped apart by the media for his comments and mocking sensitivity training (which is a joke) while Ozzie gets a pass for using homosexual slurs and mocking sensitivity training.

  111. The Post has learned the Yankees and Braves have held discussions about the Yankees acquiring switch-hitting infielder Wilson Betemit and may be willing to give up reliever Scott Proctor. Betemit has filled in well for Chipper Jones at third base, but the Braves believe their best way to cop the NL wild card is to improve their bullpen. And like a lot of NL clubs, the Phillies included, they like Proctor’s live arm. “They have a lot of teams asking for Betemit,” an NL source said of the Braves. “And some of them have more experienced players to offer than the Yankees.” Betemit was hitting .290 with nine homers and 29 RBIs in 85 games going into last night. “He is a [Placido] Polanco-type hitter with more pop,” a scout said of Betemit.

  112. Wait–so why is Smitty being interviewed by ESPN, anyway? Did he like apply for a position? Is he a dark horse for the next season of Dream Job? Is he a close personal friend of Charley Steiner?

  113. What does “he’s leather” mean? Everyone was saying that yesterday and I still don’t know what you mean by that.

  114. Braves
    Phil Stockman (ATL – RP)

    News: Phil Stockman has moved up to Triple-A Richmond where he will continue rehabbing his torn hamstring.
    Impact: Stockman didn’t allow a run in three innings during a rehab stop at Single-A Rome. He could return to the Braves’ bullpen by any day.

    Kyle Davies (ATL – SP)

    News: Kyle Davies (groin) threw very well during a batting practice session on Monday.
    Impact: Davies will throw to batters at least two more times before heading out on a several game minor league rehab assignment. The Braves hope he can return to the rotation around mid-August.

    Jason Shiell (ATL – SP)

    News: Jason Shiell will make his second start for the Braves on Thursday against the Marlins.
    Impact: Shiell allowed four runs in four innings during his first start for the Braves. He is expected to be replaced in the rotation by John Thomson around the first of August.

  115. In response to #29:

    “As the Padres weigh the merits of trading reliever Scott Linebrink for a third baseman – they are still tracking the Braves’ Wilson Betemit and talked to the White Sox about prospect Josh Fields – General Manager Kevin Towers is again benefiting from his bullpen-construction skills.”

    That was written only nine hours and the most recent thing I could find on Betemit-Linebrink, but I still highly doubt even a small chance of it happening.

    Also I wonder if John Schuerholz feels insulted by this:

    “Towers, a former Triple-A pitcher, has said many times that “there’s no excuse” for failing to build a good bullpen, because relievers are cheaply available.”

  116. Smitty’s barber is at it again:

    Sosa to Colorado for Ray King

    Salty, C. James, and Will Startup for Dontrelle Willis

  117. @ Dan

    I thought Ozzie was ripped for ripping sensitivity training. Oh well. Personally, I think that training is a load of hogwash too.

  118. The Mets are saying Milledge, or however you spell his name, and two other prospects, maybe Phillip Humber. I’d say that James is equal to Humber and Salty, on a good year, is equal to Milledge considering the positions. Milledge may have better “all-around” skill, but Salty is a catcher and helps there. They could substitute Startup and/or others……but I’d be pissed if the Mets get Willis without the Braves having some sorta counter offer.

  119. They didn’t turn it down, there was just rumors of that deal….that’s all.

  120. The above story also says this: “Giles’ recent thumb injury and subpar production this season kept trade interest in the veteran second baseman to a minimum.”

    So I guess that nixes my desire to trade Giles.

  121. “Smitty’s barber is liar. Tell the masses!”

    Correction: Smitty’s barber is a…..

  122. To add some fuel to that McCann/Mauer discussion from a couple of days ago (From Stan McNeal of the Sporting News):

    SN: How much fun is it to see two young catchers such as you and Joe Mauer among the majors’ leading hitters?

    McCann: It’s pretty neat, but he’s probably the best catcher in the game right now, along with Pudge (Rodriguez). I just hope to be mentioned along with him someday.

    SN: But you’re not far behind in average, and you have more homers.

    McCann: Let’s see where we are at the end of the season.

  123. I really don’t wanna give up the WB for Scott Proctor. Not just Scott Proctor, anyway. This may be a dark day for Stu.

  124. The AJC blog makes Proctor out to be something I’ve never seen: a good pitcher. Maybe he is/will be, but it just doesn’t seem like it to me.

  125. Ok I am done!

    The job is being a person who updates scores on TV and the internet. Make sure rosters are updated and stuff like that.

    Here is how it went down:

    I talked to a guy on the phone for a few minuets and I had to take a 30 question sports test. I missed 3 of 30, not too bad, huh?

    Then I had 40 minuets to take a 25 question short answer test. It was kind of hard, but I could use the internet. I finished and think I did well, but they are going to email me my results.

  126. As I posted earlier, Proctor has been outstanding lately.

    After the all-star break, he’s been close to unhittable. 6 G, 7 IP, 12K, 0 BB, 3 H, 0 ER.

  127. Yeah, but you wouldn’t want to give up Betemit for him straight-up, would you, ububba?

  128. “in his second full season in the majors and wouldn’t be eligible for arbitration until after the 2007 season, which makes him that much more attractive to a Braves organization that has never liked lavishing too much money on its ‘pen.”
    I have a feeling that this is a determining factor in us trading for Proctor over Linebrink.

  129. Proctor’s an OK, somewhat hittable, homer-prone reliever. His current 3.94 ERA is about the best you can expect of him for any sustained period. Proctor and Green (AAA utility infielder) for Betemit is a loser. Don’t do it, JS.

  130. Sounds pretty cool, Smitty. What were some of the questions like? Test us!

    BTW, sorry to Mac for overlooking the RL catch mention. I guess I just spaced out, because I looked at it twice and didn’t see it either time. Oops.

  131. Ok here is the test that I had 40 min to do. It isn’t too hard, but with the time it makes it tougher. I finished in 27 min.

    1 – The following is a list of college football conferences. Please list the number of schools in the conference and spell their names.

    A – The Big Ten

    B – The Big East

    C – The SEC

    D – The Western Athletic Conference

    2 – What is the affect on a major league baseball roster when a player is recalled
    from the minor leagues as opposed to when his contract is purchased?

    3 – Place these college basketball teams in their proper conferences.
    A – Duke
    B – South Carolina
    C – Iona
    D – Fordham
    E – Notre Dame
    F – Miami (Fla.)
    G – Grambling
    H – Bethune Cookman
    I – Stanford
    J – Gonzaga

    4 – When a baseball player is designated for assignment, how does that affect the roster and what are the rules and requirements surrounding such a designation?

    5 – How many players are there on an NBA Roster? How many of those players
    are eligible to be active for each game?

    6 – How many active players are there on a major league baseball roster?

    7 – How many players is a team eligible to use in an NFL game?

    8 – How many players can a team use in an NHL game?

    9 – What is the name of the top-level NASCAR points standing series?

    10 – What is the first race in the series and when is it run?

    11 – Not counting bonus points, how many points does a driver earn in the points standings for winning a NASCAR race?

    12 – How many minutes in a regulation game for each of these leagues or organizations?
    A – NBA
    B – WNBA
    C – NFL
    D – NHL
    E – MLS
    F – Men’s or women’s college basketball
    G – College football

    13 – How many rounds are championship fights scheduled for in boxing?

    14 – Place the following athletes on the proper teams and give their position.

    A – Melvin Mora

    B – Tom Poti

    C – Chris Armas

    D – Steven Reinprecht

    E – Donald Driver

    F – Bobby Engram

    G – Juan Encarnacion

    H – Bryant Young

    I – Etan Thomas

    J – Brad Halsey

    15 – Place the following coaches/managers on the team they work for.

    A – Brian Hill

    B – Jerry Narron

    C – John Gibbons

    D – Eric Mangini

    E – Marty Schottenheimer

    F – Ted Nolan

    G – Mike Woodson

    I – Jacques Lemaire

    J – Felipe Alou

    16 – Are the following names spelled correctly? If they are not spell them the right

    A – Michael Cudyer
    B – Troy Polamalu
    C – Danny Heatley
    D – Jonathan Chechoo
    E – Mark Loreta
    F – Scott Spiezio
    G – Tony Stuart
    H – Bobby Abreu
    I – Jeff Jarett
    J – Kurt Busch

    17 – How many different teams play in the Maui Invitational in a given year?
    18 – Are all in-season college basketball tournaments single elimination?

    19 – Place the following teams in the proper league and division.

    A – Pittsburgh Pirates

    B – Calgary Flames

    C – St. Louis Blues

    D – Boston Bruins

    E – Indianapolis Colts

    F – Cleveland Browns

    G – St. Louis Rams

    H – Miami Heat

    I – Phoenix Suns

    J – Texas Rangers

    20 – The season for all Division IA college football teams is 11 games long.
    True or False?

    21 – In major league baseball what is the difference between a doubleheader
    and a day/night doubleheader?

    22 – How is home field advantage established in the World Series, the NBA Finals
    and the Stanley Cup Finals?

    23 – How many teams are in the college world series each year?

    24 – A) What is the format of the College World Series in the elimination round?

    B) What is the format when only two teams remain?

    25 – What is the difference between a red shirt freshman and a freshman.


  132. Okay, but just prior to the 7 innings you’ve highlighted, Proctor was 17 G, 18-2/3 IP, 23 H, 7 BB, 14 RA, 5 HR. So which is he? He’s 28 and bounced around in the minors and wasn’t a star in the Yankees organization.

  133. I’d hate to give up Betemit for Scott Proctor. How can we consider giving him up for middle relief? That means we have to pay Giles out the nose next year or hope that bobby’s man-crush on Prado is well grounded. I’d much rather move Giles to LA for Broxton, maybe get back another minor league arm. The dodgers would have an easier time signing west-coast giley next year than overpaying Kent again. Macier cant play every infield position.

  134. Stu,

    Re: A WB/Proctor trade.

    My quick answer would be no. But do I believe we’d be a better team with Proctor? Yes.

    Value for value, I’m not sure the trade adds up. But in the short term, I think we’d be better.

  135. Food for thought:

    Scott Proctor = Tyler Yates

    Do we need another Tyler Yates at the expense of WB?

  136. In the short term… we’d be better in our bullpen, but our offense would suffer a LOT. Chipper and Giles have missed a ton of games, and Martin Prado can’t hit leadoff or third like Betemit’s been doing, nor is he going to be much of a pinch-hitting upgrade over Pete Orr.

  137. I think if was going to be a two player deal, it would have been done already. I would bet that we are asking for more.

  138. That’s a fun little test…
    I must say that I’m surprised the test wasn’t something more along the lines of…
    What team won the World Series in 2004?
    What team dominated the nineties and spends lots of money?
    What rhymes with spankees and has a 3b who sunbathes in Central Park?
    What rhymes with bed pox and wanted a 3b who would sunbathe above the Green Monster but the players union wouldn’t let them?
    What players are the equivalent of the greek gods of ESPN? Hint the must come from blue states…

  139. Of all the questions together there were 50 something possible answers, I only missed 7!

    ESPN is looking for people in the only missed 5 range, but they said that may not happen and I was still very much alive for the job.

    If I had 5 more minuets, I would have only missed 3 I think. I didn’t have time to check it over. But I did the best I could, so we will jsut have to wait and see.

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