Johnny B. Game Thread: Braves at Cardinals, July 17

I added a couple of more discussion pages — college football and the Braves Journal glossary.

The Elias Bureau is Braves-crazy right now.

• The Braves, fresh off a three-game sweep against the Padres in which they scored 10+ runs in every game, hammered the Cardinals on Monday night, 15-3. They are the first team in major-league history to score 10-or-more runs in four consecutive games, each time against a team in sole possession of first place.

• The Braves have scored 59 runs over their last five games, their highest total over any five-game span in more than 100 years — since they scored 61 times in five games in September 1897.

Brian McCann got things started for Atlanta with a grand slam. It was the fourth slam that Jeff Weaver has allowed over the last two seasons (2005-06), the most given up by any pitcher in the major leagues over that period. Weaver did not allow a grand slam in his first six seasons in the big leagues (1999-2004).

Jorge Sosa capped the scoring for Atlanta with a home run, his third this season. Carlos Zambrano also has hit three homers in 2006. It’s the first time in 22 years that more than one major-league pitcher hit 3-plus homers in a season. Three hurlers did that in 1984 (Tim Lollar, Eric Show and Fernando Valenzuela).

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  1. I know that we generally frown on politics on this page, and I know that he won’t be eligible for another 13 years, but I would like to nominate Brian McCann for President of the United States of America.

    I’d vote for him, because I know he’d come through in the clutch.

  2. Just for comparison, the Braves’ previous Atlanta record for runs in 5 games was 53:

    April 12: Braves 8, at Philly 6.
    April 14: Braves 10, at Philly 4.
    April 17: Braves 4, at Colorado 5.
    April 18: Braves 20, at Colorado 5.
    April 19: Braves 11, at Dodgers 3.

    The 20th century record was 56, set in 1950:

    May 2: Braves 1, at Pirates 6.
    May 3: Braves 15, at Pirates 4.
    May 4: Braves 12, at Reds 6.
    May 5: Braves 13, at Reds 1.
    May 6: Braves 15, at Reds 11.

    Weird that all of these streaks were entirely on the road.

  3. Now all they have to do is score 10+ runs another 46+ times and just maybe they could make the playoffs.

  4. So much for the “this team just doesn’t care” people on this forum. Not that we had to go on a nice streak here to show it, b/c I always thought(even during June) that the team cared!

    But I think some APOLOGIES from those who said we’d given up are in order!

    Oh and another thing, our fans should take notes on how to be a fan from Cardinals fans. Not ONCE did you ever hear ANY boos last night even though their team was getting their ASS KICKED! They just simply don’t boo their team! If that happened to us at Turner Field, the booing would have broken the sound barrier!

    Oh yeah and their fans do something called showing up DRESSED IN THEIR TEAMS COLORS! That’s another note to take, show SOME DAMN PRIDE in being a Braves fan! If there’s anybody that seems to “not care” imo it’s our fanbase!

    — Bravesfan1

  5. In my book, dressing in team colors makes you a good candidate for the Marine Corps. If I wanted to conform or follow orders, I would’ve gone to military school. I don’t understand how wearing a 100%-polyester McCann jersey in the blazing sun makes me a better fan.

    Also, Cardinals fans don’t boo anything. Doesn’t make them better fans, doesn’t make them more fanatical or erudite or anything. Just means they don’t boo.

    I don’t have to prove my love of the Braves by wearing a Chipper jersey or a throwback cap or leather cowboy chaps covered with Buddy J. Soloman autographs.

    On that note: Anybody going to the games in Philly this weekend? I’ll be the one upstairs, wearing in the chaps…

  6. I think Lollar and Show were both Padre pitchers, and though I followed basebally pretty closely then (moreso than I do now–I restrict myself to following the Braves almost exclusively), I don’t remember the Padres pitchers being bashers (although, if memory serves, they were a strong team).

  7. Jeff M. – This is going back some years, but I seem to recall that Tim Lollar was a pretty good hitting pitcher who may have been used to pinch hit a couple of times. Eric Show, I remember, primarily for his days as the spokesman for the John Birch society.

  8. Hmmm. Looked it up. Lollar had two seasons with 3 homers and in his last year as a starter, drove in 15 runs in 31 games. Pretty good stick for a pitcher.

  9. Gawd, I’m bored. Lollar had a pinch hit single for the 1986 Red Sox and failed in another PH AB in 1985. He was 0 for 3 as a pinch hitter for the Padres during his time there.

  10. Lollar was prominently involved in the ’82 division chase — the Pads were every bit as surprising as the Braves that summer. Maybe moreso, as they’d gone 41-69 in the abortion that was the ’81 season. Lollar hadn’t done much prior to ’82, but all of a sudden was having one of the best years of anyone — on July 11, he beat the Mets to improve to 10-2, 2.71, and the Padres were a gaudy 50-36. He was just as impressive with the bat — he was hitting over .300 well into August. Comparisons to Valenzuela were (briefly) made.

    Lollar and the Padres soon began to struggle, but were still 53-43 and 5 games back of the Braves going into a 4-game series at Fulton County Stadium. In game one, Lollar didn’t get out of the third inning, losing to Bob Walk 9-2, presaging a 4-game Bravo sweep and the piercing of the Padre gonfalon bubble. They ended the year at .500, and Lollar fell off to 16-9, 3.13 with a batting line of .247/.289/.388. He would hit as well again, but was a below average pitcher for the remainder of his career.

  11. I saw Tim Lollar hit a HR off Niekro in an early 1982 game. I think it was right after the 13-game winning streak was snapped.

    But what I remember more from that game was this drunk guy sitting behind me in the upper deck. In the midst of a Braves rally, he tried to hi-five someone & had a fairly spectacular mishap.

    He missed the guy’s hand & his wobbly momentum hurled him forward & he ended up tumbling into the aisle for about 10 rows. When he finally made it back to his seat, he was all scraped up & bleeding, but he got a big round of applause for his effort.

  12. Atlanta:
    W. Betemit 2b
    E. Renteria ss
    C. Jones 3b
    A. Jones cf
    B. McCann c
    J. Francoeur rf
    A. LaRoche 1b
    S. Thorman lf
    T. Hudson p

    D. Eckstein ss
    C. Duncan rf
    A. Pujols 1b
    S. Rolen 3b
    J. Edmonds cf
    S. Spiezio lf
    A. Miles 2b
    G. Bennett c
    J. Marquis p

  13. Sweet…our cable company down here has opened all of the baseball channels, and for the coming days/week I get every game on tv withour having to pay for the package…

  14. FSN asked the question last night:

    Tony LaRussa: jerk or genius?

    And that should have been a hit. McCann is slower than molasses.

  15. kc, I agree – he is finally getting back to his Cardinals all star form, but part of it is that our memories of Furcal are fading. Furcal had abnormal range and that gun hanging off of his shoulder, weapons that no other ss has today…Renteria may even be a better all around player than Furcal. We are finally getting used to Renteria’s style of play, and he is finally getting back to his all star form from 2 and 3 years ago.

  16. tggrschult, one big difference I see from Renteria is the strength of his throw. Earlier this season, there is no way he could throw out the runners at first when he is fielding groundballs to his right. It seems like he has more confidence in his throw.

    Huddy is a terrible bunter.

  17. kc – I think that is due to him fully getting his confidence back and finally being comfortable again at ss.
    Boston pretty much got in his head…similar to but not as bad as New York did to Knoblauch, and more recently, Arod.

  18. Damn, Adam is hot! Of course, so are Chipper, Andruw, Edgar, McCann, Frenchy…..difficult to come up with someone slumping right now………….

  19. Of course, Marquis has been better to the Braves as a Cardinal than he was as a Brave.

  20. Ok..tell me what you think.
    I am watching the MLB Extra Innings broadcast, which tonight is the Joe Buck/Cardinals broadcast. The guy with Joe said that he expects Glavine to be back with the Braves next year after his mutual buyout (escape clause) kicks in after this season. He said that he expects Tommy to get #300 as a Brave.
    Possible? Something you think will happen? Think JS will go for that?

  21. nogbog – I think the grocery must’ve been out of the sugar free……so he’s making it with RedBull right now. :)

  22. tggrschult, I heard that but I am not writing anything because Glavine has always been a sensitive topic on this board. However, I don’t believe Glavine is coming back. As of now, there are already too many starters in next year’s rotation from Hudson, Smoltz, Hampton, HoRam, James, and Davies. There is no way to fit Glavine into the rotation, and I have not even started talking about the money issue.

  23. The rumor’s been floating for a while now, tggr, but we’re going to be up to our ears in starters in 2007 as it is. I don’t think it will happen unless we trade at least one starter away.

    Thirty pitches, 22 strikes for Hudson in 3 innings. Wow. If the bullpen can cooperate, we’re ready for a serious run.

  24. Marquis is having a pretty good sliders going. Frenchy, Adam, and Betemit were all swinging at them.

  25. Question:

    Would a Reds or a Mets win be preferred?

    3-2 Mets, 2nd & 3rd, 2 Outs, Top 7

  26. So is it just me, or are there fewer of us around this board when we are winning? It seems to get really crowded in here when we are struggling, but there’s very few of us here tonight. What’s up with that?

  27. True. Well, enough torture watching the Mets… back to some good, fun baseball. Bless Charter Comm’s free MLB coverage.

  28. I still don’t understand how could Reitsma allowed a grand slam to Eckstein last year…

  29. Heck, I am hit and miss on being here myself, but it has more to do with my boys and what I’ve got going on in the real world…has nothing to do with how the Braves are performing.

  30. I would like for you guys to check out the first post on the first San Diego game thread, in which I suggested the Braves would go undefeated during the second half of the season.

  31. Okay, so by my count, the Braves are now tied with the Mets (who are currently up 7-3 on the Reds) for most runs scored so far this year by a National League team (501 … count ’em). Neat.

  32. Okay … never mind what I just said. Thanks to Chipper, we’re now in sole possession of the NL team runs lead.

  33. Marquis must absolutely hate facing the Braves again. He is simply throwing gas up there right now.

  34. I feel like those idiot fans at the ball games that yell on every pop-fly for the first three innings: every fly ball for us looks like it’s gone now.

  35. Absurdly wonderful.. We finally found all of the runs we were supposed to score in June – so we are now applying them to our July total. Hope it don’t burn out too soon…(knock on wood)

  36. Wow. What makes this even more impressive is that we have not put up a really crooked number in any inning. We haven’t taken advantage of a pitcher meltdown or a string of errors to have one really big inning. We have scored in every inning, 3 runs (in the 2nd and 6th) being the most per inning. Thats consistency. And that bodes well for our short term future. Very well.

  37. McCanns value extends far beyond being at the plate… he is probably more valuable behind it.

  38. Our MAJOR meltdown started when he was on the DL, during the Cubs series at Wrigley, Memorial Day weekend. We won the series, but that was the game that Reitsma gave up a 5 run lead in the bottom of the ninth. We won that game, but our slide began the next day.

  39. The Braves just had a disastrous inning and still have an eight run lead.

    Loving it.

  40. Of course, Alex, as soon as you say that the Braves are retired in order for the first time all night!

  41. yeah, as soon as I got in the car and turned on the annoying Cardinal radio announcers on XM, the Cards then ran Hudson off for 3 runs; sorry if I am being some bad luck, but I feel good with an 8 run lead.

  42. Yeah, Alex, it should be better, but Todd Pratt came in for McCann and allowed four runs immediately.

  43. Okay, forget what I said about this being a good time to put Pratt in… it is NEVER good to put Pratt in…

  44. What exactly did Pratt do to let those runs in? I’m “watching” via GameDay,and saw no plays that immediately implicated Pratt.

  45. Brian – it is the way he calls the game as opposed to how McCann calls it. Brian handles the staff much much much better than Pratt, even better than Johnny did…thats whay Johnny is now in Arizona.

  46. Today a Met fan in my office asked my why “all of a sudden” the Braves are scoring runs. I told him that the lineup is doing its best to keep the games bullpen-proof.

    And I think we’re gonna need all 13 runs tonight.

  47. Rob – nope.. Nothing beyond looking at the schedule results next to Brian’s DL stint, and listening to people like Smoltz (who made McCann his personal catcher when we still had Johnny) who said he was really great at how he called a game and handled a staff.

  48. But if you’d like to do a statistical analysis, I am sure we’d all appreciate it. I know I’d like to see my theory/ideas validated. :)

  49. If we could somehow get the upset sweep tomorrow night, it would be a SWEET payback for that crap laRussa pulled last night against Chipper with Isringhausen. LaRussa is a jacka–.

  50. I have very simple analogy..

    McCann = Braves winning
    Pratt = Miserable Braves loss while I cry myself to sleep…

    Yup..that’s it basically…

  51. Well, Alex, LaRussa is using Wainwright and Looper, their seventh and eighth inning arm, tonight. So, I doubt it’s really about Chipper’s streak.

  52. Here’s something:

    The Braves are winning 14-5, yet the biggest inning of the game belongs to the Cardinals, who scored four in the bottom of the sixth.

  53. kc–it was obvious last night it was…he wanted to stop Chipper’s streak because we all know he has a major hard on for Bobby, he always has. dont know why…Bobby is such a mellow guy to everyone.

  54. The 20th century record for runs scored in 6 consecutive games appears to be 93 by the Boston Red Sox:

    June 3, 1950: at Boston 11, Cleveland 9.
    June 4: at Boston 17, White Sox 7.
    June 5: at Boston 12, White Sox 0.
    June 6: at Boston 4, White Sox 8.
    June 7: at Boston 20, St. Louis Browns 4.
    June 8: at Boston 29, St. Louis Browns 4. (This is the 20th Century single-game record.)

  55. It’s just disturbing how pitchers struggle with Pratt behind the plate. As Alex said, we will care a lot more when it matters.

  56. The score is 14-5. Who cares if the pitchers struggle now? Brian “Single Off the Wall” McCann can barely walk. Let him rest. This game is over.

  57. ububba, I want to make sure you understand nobody is complaining about resting McCann, we are just saying something which is becoming obvious about Pratt.

  58. no, ububba…we definitely agree with you. fine to play him now and not risk injury to McCann.

    But we won’t keep scoring 14 runs a night and when Bobby starts him in a 3-2 game and it’s late August and we are 2 games out of the WC and Pratt strikes out to end a game, that’s when it will kill.

  59. ububba, We all care if the pitchers struggle – even in a game that is as close to locked up as a mlb game can get. Remember – there’s no clock….they can score 15 runs with 2 out in the ninth and we loose.

  60. Nope, no six-hit game for Andruw tonight. Oh well, I will take five for five any night.

  61. Andruw is now on a pace for 150 RBI this season. Even given all that is said and true about RBI, that’s impressive.

  62. I for one like Pratt, just like I like Brian Jordan. So, with that in mind, I say put the veteran presence on the DL (for the rest of the year) and call up Pena… Can we put him there with an inability to call a game? Or perhaps we can put him there with an inability to hit?

  63. Jeff…thats hilarious. I was still laughing today about your Jordan “leadership on the DL” comment from yesterday…great stuff.

  64. That’s great Davey. Being put on DL for “inability to add value to the team”. That’s awesome!

  65. Davey,
    Works for me, although that might get me thinking about politics, too, and some of my more worthless friends and family :-).

  66. Baseball is a simple game, they say. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball.

    Or in our case, you hit the ball, you hit the ball, you hit the ball a little more.

  67. So, Alex, do you suppose transpositioning the Ulnar nerve will help Reitsma with that?

  68. That Cardinal announcer is getting on my nerves with his “You never know..the comeback could happen” talk…

    You’re down by 9…with 2 outs..
    I know it’s a possibilily…but it is as remote as Todd Pratt winning MVP in the same season Sosa wins the Cy Young..

  69. One line I can’t stand… “You can’t hit it any harder.”

    Yes you can, it’s called a home run.

  70. Alex, Reitsma’s actually hurt. Did you see his hand in that last outing of his? The guy is hurt and he’s gone for the year, and regardless of his performance, he doesn’t deserve his name to be dragged through the mud. That’s weak, dude.

  71. oh cmon, Rob. really? that upset you? Reitsma stunk for the Braves but I am the bad guy?

    we are all feeling good about the Braves so PLEASE just be nice in here. I dont think Reitsma will be offended and I am not the only person who has complained about him.

  72. I hate Reitsma and hope he never plays another game for the Braves again. Night all…

  73. While I don’t revel in his injury, I do understand that it was the best thing that could happen to Atlanta.

  74. To all the Pratt whiners, I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. Pitchers can shake off a sign. Saying that a veteran like Hudson got hit because Pratt came in really shows you have no clue what you’re talking about. He knows what pitch he wants to throw, he isn’t getting led around by the nose by his catcher, no matter who it is.

  75. Dude, you just don’t get it. These are real people with real issues. The guy’s hurt, and either has had surgery or is looking at surgery in the very near future. He sucked. Just drop it. And yes, you making fun of an injured player does make you the bad guy in this instance. The guy’s a Brave, and he deserves a little bit of dignity just because of that. Haha.

    Don’t get me wrong though. I am JUICED about the Braves great play. Of course, with my luck I’ve only caught 2 of these games, but it’s been great to come home to these scores. With that be said, I will stop defending Reitsma (or, in your terms, “be nice”… what a way of putting it) when you quit ragging on him. He’s injured. He’s gone. He’ll never play for the Braves again. Drop it.

  76. Rob,
    Reitsma does deserve a bit of hashing out in public. He pitched while hurt and didn’t tell anyone. While I admire the “warrior ethos” there, his performance as a result hurt this team, and hurt it badly. I don’t wish injury on anyone and I’m sure that Reitsma is a class act as a human. But, he isn’t an innocent victim here. He gets paid great money to produce. And like most big leaguers, he’s provided the opportunity to rest and heal when he’s hurt so long as he fesses up that he’s hurt. For fans to call him on this isn’t unfair…

  77. Right on, Grst. We’re acting like this is high school and the pitcher has no control over what pitch he throws. I don’t know what is going on with Hudson, but it’s not because Pratt is asking (because in the end, that’s all it is) to throw a fastball inside.

    Go Braves.

  78. Grst, pitchers keep shaking off sign means the catcher doesn’t know the pitcher well. There are lots of thing that can happen between a pitcher and a catcher. Do you just have to be so hostile? These are all casual conversation you know. Calm down man.

  79. The Braves just won and we should all be happy. Just end all these non-sense stuff ok? We are all real people with work during daytime, and sometimes it’s hard to stay politically correct the whole darm day. Can we be all a little easy on everyone?

  80. Rob,

    The point I made is that you personally go after me EVERY SINGLE TIME and make it personal…20 other people in here have said things about Reitsma but you complain about me. That’s so not right.

    At least be fair and make a general statement to the room that it personally bothers you. But you always aim at me. It really bugs me because I go out of my way to personally try and get along with everyone in the room. I continue and will continue to not saying anything personal towards you or abnout you that’s not with friendly intentions and we will leave it at that. Just think about the fact that you keep targeting with me when everyone has made Reitsma comments.

    it’s completely ridiculous and Mac has asked everyone in here to be nice to one another. Why is that too much to ask too?

  81. I’m not defending his silence of his injury. I’m not defending his performance. And check this out: it’s a good thing he’s no longer pitching. But bottom line is the dude’s injured, his career may very well be over, given his injury and his track record, so just lay off the guy.

    If you didn’t produce in your job, would it be right to use an internet forum to thrash your name? Blast his ERA, just don’t blast the injured person.

  82. Alex, I just addressed Jeff too. It wasn’t personal. You were just the first person I saw saying something. Cool your jets, Mr. Paranoia.

  83. Of course, Chipper hit .248 two years ago while being silent about an injury. Same thing with Glavine before him and Giles recently.

  84. Rob,

    No one, not me, not kc, not Jeff…not ANYONE wants a NICE GUY LIKE CHRIS REITSMA to be out for his career. No one roots for serious injuries. If you remember I thought it was disgusting when that one guy came on here and wished for Jose Reyes to have a career ending injury. So I have never spoken about INJURIES…I don’t want him in the Braves bullpen anymore, like everyone else, the same thing!!!! thats all!!!

    I just want the same things as all otherr Braves fans: a good bullpen, a long winning streak and a playoff berth.

    On a personal note again, I think reitsma is a good guy and if he bounces back in Tampa and is good–no one will be happier that he did that then me. Ok? That is 100% sincere because I really do like nice guys to do well.

  85. And name calling is also an unpleasant and immature way to end an argument…you want me to be nice to Reitsma, I am more then happy to respect your wishes. Thats 100%. But calling me mr. paranoia when you have aimed rude remarks at me, is not a respectful way to end an argument. Look at all my comments–I am trying my damndest to be respectful and diplomatic.

    Name calling is uncool.

    Thanks kc…you are a good guy. Much appreciated.

  86. Alex R.
    #204. July 18th, 2006, at 10:01 PM.

    I think transpositioning Reitsma to Tampa would help the Braves…that’s the best I got my friend!

    Seems pretty contradictory to your last post.

    Alex R.
    #199. July 18th, 2006, at 9:57 PM.

    I think Reitsma went on the DL for Davey’s reasoning!

    How about a torn nerve in his hand? Hmm…

    You know what? Forget this. Go Braves. Let Alex say what he wants, and then back track.

  87. We need to jump on Chris Carpenter early tomorrow, their bullpen is looking almost as bad as ours has. The reason why we are hitting so well and overall playing so well is we finally have confidence when we go out there. Confidence in your ability and your teams abilty is a very valuable thing to have.

  88. Dude, drop the righteous indignation. Cheer for the Braves and quit trying to bury Reitmsa. The End.

    Go Braves.

  89. Alex #221 was very well put.

    with that behind us, let’s celebrate another game closer to the playoffs.

  90. Rob,

    You are determined not to put your proverbial hand and agree to disagree and just have respect for one another. I made my statements; they were obviously sarcastic and I stand by not wantin Reitsma to be a Brave. I stand by hoping he lands wiht another team and is successful.

    You are basically determined to fight with me and its the last thing I want. I have sat here, refusing to go to bed to try and make peace. But I give up, Rob. I don’t know how to try any harder to be a nice guy to you and get along.

    I apologize if I have offended you. It was not my intention and I sincerely, sincerely hope Reitsma bounces back successful in another city. I have said that before and I say that again. But as a Brave, things were distraous, were they not?

    I give up but I have honestly tried really hard Rob to be nice.

  91. hey, not to look too far ahead, but what do you suppose this lineup is capable of in a 3 game set in Philly? 30 runs? 40?

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