203 thoughts on “Game Thread of Independence: Cardinals at Braves, July 4, 2006”

  1. Mets beat the Pirates 7-6. Lots of ex-Braves involved in this one- Glavine started for the Mets and got lit up (5 IP, 11 H, 5 R, 3 ER, error). But the Mets came back, scoring the winning runs off of losing pitcher Roberto Hernandez.

  2. I think it’s safe to say that with Pedro’s potential injury problems not going away, if the Mets don’t bring in another starter they could completely collapse in the 2nd half.

  3. Problem is…the Mets could collapse a little & still win the division. But if the Cards or the Mets represent the NL in the WS (perish the thought!), that would indicate a sad state of affairs for the league.

  4. By the way, something else I have an opinion on:

    I wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a happy & safe 4th of July.

    Is that Ok? :-)

  5. ububba,

    I agree with you completely on that stament. It’s sad that there maybe 4 NL Playoff teams with between 80-88 wins. Maybe the Mets break 90 but I am not sold. Any ‘survivor’ of the NL Playoffs will likely get swept (it would seem) by the eventual AL winner.

    By the way, I don’t know if you saw my post on the previous thread, but I am you & your gfriend liked the Al Gore movie. Good stuff! You will like Superman too. I promise.

    Also, the pancake thing, VERY COOL. Did this take place while I was at UGA? (93-97)

  6. You’re not kidding, Alex. I can’t believe we’re losing to a team that’s dug Jose Lima out of mothballs.

  7. Happy 4th everyone! I believe in global cooling, but the Bravos are about to get hot! Yesterday ‘s win was sweet, the cards are not the team they once were. So a sweep is not out of the question. If thomson can give us a good outing, Carpenter can be lit up.
    Go braves

  8. I agree with Alex 100%. Let’s all lay off the personal attacks. There is no doubt that he has as much passion as anybody else on here about our Braves. He just gets frustrated as we all do sometimes. I’m wondering the same thing Alex. What did you ever do to Justin?

  9. Mac & Cory, thanks…I am honestly very startled about this right now. And considering how overly sensitive I know I can be (definitely something I personally have tried to work on), I am trying to not let this ruin my 4th.

    Again, let me say a very happy and safe 4th of July to all. Go Braves?

  10. Just to remind everyone what’s possible- the National League standings as of July 4, 1914:

    Team Name G W L T PCT GB RS RA
    New York Giants 64 40 24 0 .625 – 303 249
    Chicago Cubs 73 39 32 2 .549 4.5 310 295
    St. Louis Cardinals 74 37 35 2 .514 7.0 274 261
    Cincinnati Reds 71 34 36 1 .486 9.0 266 265
    Brooklyn Robins 64 31 33 0 .484 9.0 256 270
    Pittsburgh Pirates 67 31 34 2 .477 9.5 216 223
    Philadelphia Phillies 64 30 34 0 .469 10.0 284 301
    Boston Braves 67 26 40 1 .394 15.0 238 283

    Today in 1914: Lost doubleheader at home to Brooklyn, 7-5 and 4-3.

  11. I have never actually heard of the Brooklyn Robins…was nthat really a team? wow…I thought Brooklyn only had the Dodgers!

  12. Same team. Teams apparently changed their names a lot back then, as evident from the Boston Beaneaters/Bees/Braves.

  13. I believe (from scanning BBRef) that the Houston Colt .45s to Astros was the last nickname switch without the team relocating, which illustrates how the practice has dwindled.

  14. For a long time, nicknames weren’t actually official; the Brooklyn team was known as the “Robins” after manager Wilbert Robinson. The Robins and Dodgers names were used pretty interchangeably.

    Most sources claim that the Braves were known as the “Red Caps” in the early days of the NL, but I’m actually pretty sure that they were continued to be called the Red Stockings and the Red Caps name was used afterward to avoid confusion.

  15. The Mets are unquestionably struggling despite today’s one-run win with Glavine pitching against the worst team in the NL.

    I hope we win tonight, but Thomson vs. Pujols looks bad.

  16. Thompson vs Carpenter… good game to skip to watch fireworks or whatever. Happy 4th of July, fellow Braves fans!

  17. Alex,

    We really dug the Al Gore movie & I’m a real documentary freak anyway, so that was right up my alley. For Superman, we’ve decided to catch the Imax version of it at Lincoln Center later this week. On this one, I kinda don’t care about the mediocre reviews, I just want the thrill-ride.

    The UGA pancake-eating contest took place at the IHOP on Baxter in the spring of 1984, I think. The whole thing was an accident. It was a Friday, I was done with classes for the day & I went to old The Red & Black offices at 123 N. Jackson Street to pick up my paycheck (I was entertainment editor). It was something the ad people at the paper mentioned to me as I was getting paid. I hopped in the car with a friend & somehow I won the thing. I was as surprised as anyone.

    The contest I lost took place at the IHOP on Peachtree Street in ATL. Like I said, I don’t eat pancakes too much anymore. That second contest scarred me.

  18. Does anyone else get a message saying “Get your own avatar by visiting [site here]”? It’s VERY irritating to try and read boards through the text.

  19. Lineups:

    St. Louis
    D. Eckstein ss
    C. Duncan lf
    A. Pujols 1b
    S. Rolen 3b
    J. Edmonds cf
    J. Encarnacion rf
    Y. Molina c
    A. Miles 2b
    C. Carpenter p

    M. Giles 2b
    E. Renteria ss
    W. Betemit 3b
    A. Jones cf
    B. McCann c
    J. Francoeur rf
    A. LaRoche 1b
    R. Langerhans lf
    J. Thomson p

    Let’s see if Yahoo’s telling us stories again.

  20. A note from Metland Radio: Listening to Mets fans complain right now is proof that they handle success no better than they handle failure. Either way, they are collectively annoying.

    Let’s stomp the Cardinals tonight. Outside of the Mets, this is the one NL team I love beating.

  21. I kind of admire the Cardinals, really. Theyve got history like no other NL team, and they don’t bruise our ears with whining about being a small market even though St. Louis isn’t all that large a city anymore. They’ve built a team that’s been one of the best in the National League this decade- five trips to the playoffs, four division titles, one (lost) World Series.

    Of course, their manager’s a dickhead, their farm system is crap, and they can’t find any starting pitchers this year, so that admiration has clear limits.

  22. The FSN broadcasters are saying that the cardinal pitchers would never throw at hitters intentionally. Yea OK!!!

  23. I was going to ask whether the 0-1 to Renteria looked as high and tight as Gamday said. Mac answered that question.

    For God’s sake, Bobby. None of these guys can steal bases.

  24. I’m about sick and tired of this steal crap. This is like the fifth or sixth time in a row we looked to have a big inning and some retarded steal attempt killed it. I don’t know if it’s Cox, the first base coach or the player, but stop it already!

  25. “Our hitters are getting brushed back at will and our pitchers won’t do anything about it.”

    Why give away free bases? That’s a great way to lose.

  26. Not to mention Betemit isn’t exactly what you would call a good contact hitter. Todd Pratt is the only hitter with a worse K/PA ratio.

  27. I know many of these steal attempts have been hit-and-run plays. The problem is that for all their various virtues, the Braves hitters are generally poor-to-very poor at making contact, and none of them are speed burners. That play needs to disappear from Cox’s playbook immediately.

  28. You’re giving away a lot of bases the other way when your hitters are surrendering the inside part of the plate. Marcus in particular claims that he’s being constantly jammed.

  29. I still just don’t think it wise to hit a Cardinal player the way Thomson is pitching. Maybe tomorrow, or if the game becomes a blow-out.

  30. Adam was caught in a small pickle but Albert made a low throw to second and then Eckstein’s throw was late home.

  31. Six baserunners and three runs in the first two innings is not pitching well. Like Diogenes, we must take lantern in hand to search for one starting pitcher.

  32. Bobby, pinch-hit for Thomson here, please. I know your on your lap-top in the dugout reading this.

  33. Somehow, the thought of Bobby sitting in the dug-out with his laptop and reading this thread is amusing me very much.

  34. In order to read this thread on a laptop, he would first have to figure out how to turn the computer on.

  35. Not at all, Brian. There have been a few seeing eye hits, but for the most part he’s getting hit hard. He isn’t throwing his off speed stuff for strikes and his fastball/sinker is up in the zone.

  36. Bobby: “‘Press any key to continue.’ Roger, where’s the ‘any’ key?”

    Roger: “Just hit that big flat key.”

    Bobby: “Thanks. Shouldn’t you have someone warming up now?”

    Roger: “I though I did… oh, I see. I had McBride and Praonto warming up, but now Praonto’s rubbing his stomach and I don’t see McBride anywhere.”

    Terry: “Bobby, I think you need to sort that out. Can I take the laptop for a moment?”

    Bobby: “Sure.” Tosses laptop toward Terry.

    Jeff and Matt both swing at the laptop in the air: Matt connects, destroying it.

    Terry: “There’s our season for you.”

  37. He was supposed to see a foot specialist today…
    Hope it’s nothing that will land him on the D.L. again

  38. Yea it kills me when Chipper is injured, he’s been my favorite player since i started watching baseball.

  39. Rain delay on July 4th… Ok… What relief pitcher wants to play the role of Rick Camp tonight? I nominate Sosa.

  40. Why couldn’t this rain have come an inning ago? Oh well. It’ll give Bobby more time to find the “any” key on his laptop.

  41. Cruising the other games, Cleveland is bombing the Yankees 19-1, including six home runs.

  42. Hello All,

    Maybe Turner Field shouild add a retractable roof?

    Nahhhh…the Time Warner suits are too damned cheap.

  43. Sure, Alex. We’ll build that roof at the same time Atlanta holds another Olympics, without which we’d still be playing at AFCS.

  44. ububba,

    Thanks for the info and really cool story my friend. We were at UGA in different eras (you had the good fortune of the Dooley era and I had a combo of Goof and Donut, lucky me), but I too worked at the Red & Black (sports & entertainmetn). small world.

  45. But seriously…considering the amount of rain that’s normally in Georgia (and ever increasing, you know the whole global warming thing) a retractable roof wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

  46. ububba,

    I am sure it must have been a very cool time to see my all time hero (besides Dale Murphy) Herschel Walker walking around campus!

  47. Well I guess since the game is still in a delay, does anyone follow college football?

  48. Looking at the minors:

    Richmond beat Ottawa 1-0. Gregor Blanco singled in Bill McCarthy for the game’s only run. Dan Curtis pitched eight innings and allowed 3 hit and 2 walks for the win; Manny Acosta gave up one hit in the 9th but got the save.

    Mississippi leads Mobile 2-0 in the 5th and is also rain-delayed. Josh Arteaga homered for one run, and Brandon Jones tripled in Michael Rosamond for the other. Francisley Bueno is pitching for the M-Braves.

    Myrtle Beach is hammering Potomac 14-0 in the 8th. DH Mark Jurich has the Pelicnas’ only HR, and CF Matt Young and LF Steve Doetsch join Jurich with three hits each. Brett Nyquist has pitched seven shutout innings.

    Rome beat Savannah 3-0. (Wow, four shutouts.) The big blow was a 2-run HR by RFJamie Romak. Asher Demme got the win with 5 innings of no-hit relief.

  49. I am a little worried about our QBs. I miss Marcus Vick as a player not a person.

  50. Obviously Dawgs for me…QB decisions to be made….go with the big hearted legacy senior (Tereshinski), the stud frosh (Stafford), or two very solid in betweens (Joe Cox and Blake Barnes)?

  51. I think they will still do good, we still have 2 amazing linebackers and a good defense, but I don’t really know about the offense. What about the canes?

  52. Alex,

    UGA won the Nat’l Championship when I was a senior in HS. So when I was an incoming freshman, the Dogs were reigning champs. You can’t imagine what it was like.

    Also, before classes even started that year, Georgia opened with a resounding 44-0 win against Tennessee. We were No. 1 again & Herschel was like a rock star.

    So, of course, as I’m walking into my very first class on my very first day in college, guess who’s walking out of that classroom? Herschel Walker.

  53. I am also watching FSN and this guy is on there talking about the cardinals trying to get Andruw for Anthony Reyes and other prospects…

  54. It’s up to Kyle Wright I guess. From what I’ve been reading, they’re expecting good things from him this year.

  55. ububba…since the Braves got me a world series 11 yrs ago and my Spurs have won me 3 recent titles, the only ultimate joy I am missing is my Dawgs winning a National Title. Since I was 5 when they last won, I don’t remember it.

  56. The Braves got me a title.. my ‘Canes got me a title a few years ago..with THE best team college football ever saw. :) (cue the commentary)

    The Dolphins and Magic have yet to deliver for me… Ofcourse I did have the pleasure of seeing the Magic get swept by the Rockets in the Nba Finals, ironically the same year the Braves won the title.

  57. My NBA team is New Jersey. I am really looking forward to next year because they drafted Marcus Williams and Josh Boone from UCONN( my favorite college basketball team)

  58. As you can tell my teams are all over the place mostly because I grew up in Mississippi.(No pro teams and did like Ms teams.)

  59. Jay10-

    I think New Jersey had a good draft from the standpoint that Boone and Marcus Williams have been put into ideal situations as young players–I only hope Kidd can help Marcus Williams mature because he’s very immature.

    The NBA Draft was a non-sequitor for my Spurs…we just lost Nazr Mohammed to the Pistons vis free agency but if we can sign Portland’s Joel Pryzbilla, that will be an upgrade at the center position.

  60. Getting back to baseball, who do you all think should start the all-star game? My choices are Johan Santana and Tom Glavine.

  61. Down here in Curacao we have no pro teams either…

    But I have family in Florida and N.Y, and my father has a house in Orlando..so that’s why I follow teams in the South. (braves, magic, dolphins, ‘canes).

  62. I think I saw on SC that Joel Pryzbilla signed with Portland. I could be wrong though.

  63. Alex,

    Roger Ebert, a critic I respect a lot, was unimpressed by Superman. But it won’t deter me. I just wanna have a little escapist entertainment.

  64. Well, click the Yahoo article…thats the first mediocre review I have heard…I am honestly surprised. The only complaint I have was Bosworth who i felt stunk as Lois…not right at all.

    Plus, Bryan Singer’s track record now with the 2 X-Men films and Superman has become pretty flawless.

  65. Can’t beliebe my Spurs maybe shut out by all the potential centers if indeed Prysbilla stays in Portland. That’s Ok…Duncan should be playing center anyway.

  66. Jay, I stopped playing “seriously” in Little League as a hitless utility kid. I’ve played in college intramurals since then, most often at catcher, and a pretty good one as long as I’m not holding a bat. Kinda like Todd Pratt, in a way.

  67. I play mostly Third. I have played every position except CF. Not queite enough speed. I am very good defensively and I have some power.

  68. My first homerun was in little league. I broke my Dad’s windshield.He said he had mixed emotions. Lol

  69. speaking of Hurricanes, did one go through atlanta tonight? Awfully long rain delay.

    And Go DAWGS! My former high school teammate and opposite DE to me was Charles Johnson. He’s a man-child.

  70. I played until i was too old for little league, but now i crossed over.

    I’m now a sports reporter for our local newspaper for the summer. My first game is tommorrow: Little League playoffs.

    I’m also the sports editor for my college’s newspaper (which sports a DII team that is top 20 in the nation on an anual basis), so Im not sure if this is an upgrade or not.


  71. Okay, I am sorry. It would be cool if we came back and won. But on principle, restarting a game close to midnight after a 3-hour rain delay is utterly absurd and should not happen again. It was official already. Yeesh.

  72. A couple of days ago John Kruk said Chipper and Andruw said they would retire if they got traded, released or Bobby Cox was not the manager. They said this is the only manager they want to play for and the only team they want to play for. Kind of brought a tear to my eye. I understand they both are expensive but I don’t want to even think of them in a differant uniform.

  73. Kevin Barry a real bright spot tonight. He looks almost unhitable,to bad John Thomson wasn’t.

  74. Yates was good too, as was Villareal except for that one bad pitch to Molina. The bullpen has really improved dramatically of late. Too bad the starting pitching sucks now, and the offense is still inconsistent.

  75. Well, that’s both of the losses Smoltz said we could suffer and still have a chance. And that wasn’t worth waiting for.

    See you all tomorrow.

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