So who from this year’s Braves team will be part of next year’s hopefully relevant Braves team? I’ll just look at the 13 roster spots for hitters for now. We’ll start with the franchise:

1. C Brian McCann

Barring injury, the Braves’ all-star catcher isn’t going anywhere. Two veteran infielders with big contracts are givens:

2. 3B Chipper Jones
3. SS Edgar Renteria

Again, barring injury. Heading into arbitration:

4. 1B Adam LaRoche

How much money has he made for himself in the second half? Two million? I think these are the only givens, or should be. I guess there’s a fifth:

5. RF Jeff Francoeur

Even though he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The real question about Jeff now isn’t “Is he stupid?” but “Why is he still popular?”

Discuss the other eight spots among yourselves. Diaz everyday? Andruw, Marcus, both, or neither? KJ or Langerhans? Will the Braves let Pena have a chance as the backup catcher? What does Brian Jordan have to do for the team to give up on him? Die? Is Aybar the answer if Marcus goes? Is Pete Orr the Canadian Lockhart or the Canadian Womack? Why do fools fall in love (with rightfielders who hit like backup catchers)?

See you later; I’ll be out until around 8 my time, so behave in my absence.