Game Thread of the Plague Year: June 26, Braves at Yankees

Something I noted a couple of days ago…  The AP made a deal about the Yankees scouting the Braves in Tampa, insinuating they were interested in trading for Smoltz.  I can’t say one way or another except that I’d hope that the Yankees were scouting the team they were about to play.  Sheesh.

98 thoughts on “Game Thread of the Plague Year: June 26, Braves at Yankees”

  1. Speaking of plagues, here are the lineups.

    M. Giles 2b
    E. Renteria ss
    C. Jones dh
    A. Jones cf
    J. Francoeur rf
    M. Diaz lf
    W. Betemit 3b
    A. LaRoche 1b
    T. Pratt c

    J. Damon cf
    M. Cairo 2b
    D. Jeter ss
    J. Giambi dh
    A. Rodriguez 3b
    J. Posada c
    A. Phillips 1b
    B. Crosby rf
    M. Cabrera lf

    And those who said that McCann wouldn’t play against Randy Johnson get two points and two aspirin.

  2. If the kid’s going to sit, this is the guy to sit against. Of course, any pinch-hitting assignment is likely as not going to be against Rivera, so that’s no prize either.

  3. I would like to say thank you Mac and the other Braves fans for keepin me updated. My X took the computer and i live in Indy so its hard to stay up to date w/ my phone. My X is also a (damn) Yankees fan…i should have known better..oh well, live and learn

  4. If we can go into the All Star break w/ a little momentum i think JS will try and go out and get a SP and a bonafide leadoff hitter (prefer LF) to make a run, at least at the WC. Move Thomson to the pen w/ Sosa and Ray,and were back in it.

  5. Giles leads off, Braves continue to struggle offensively. What else is new?

    I feel like taking a sledge hammer to my head right now, Bobby is so beyond aggravating and STUBBORN.

    Move Giles down, Bobby…try it…please….for the love of G-d!!!!

    But alas, I miss the festivities tonight taking my wife out for her birthday dinner tonight.

    A win would be incredibly nice. Unlikely, but nice. I mean, that might really get the guys going, as if booting Mary Remlinger’s a– wasnt enough!!!!

  6. Ah, the wonder of interleague play, between the Major Leagues’ New York Yankees and whatever league the Braves are in now.

  7. I am not convinced starting pitcher or ‘acquiring’ a starting pitcher at this pojnt is necessary. More relief help? YES. More offense? YES. Better infield defense? YES.

    Regarding the conversation on a previous thread about Chuckie James and hisa flyballs, again, as long as it’s only an occasional homer run and his stuff is good enough to keep them pop ups, I like what someone posted yesterday…I sure trust the Andruw, Frenchy, Langy and Diaz defensive group far more then the Chipper, Edgar, LaRoche, Giles and Betemit group.

    But honestly…2 things that can make a huge difference offensively. A power hitting first baseman who can take a pitch, and a speedy outfielder who can lead off.

    The key again, is searching teams that are out of it.

    But again, these options are not worth exploring if we continue to lose heading to the All Star Game. If we can get any kind of traction and momentum and are still theoretically in the WC race, and the players are there (say Carl Crawford and some power hitter for first), then go for it.

  8. Hmmm…i was thinkin like Crawford or, dare i say his name, Juan Pierre and move him to LF.

  9. The sight of Johnny Damon makes me want to throw up. What a shallow, self-centered, wife-cheating waste of a person.

    This hatred runs deep, folks. And yes, I hated him before he went to NYY, the exception being game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. I just hate him more now.

  10. Not Juan Pierre. He’s hit 248/294/313 this year with the Cubs and wasn’t much better in Florida last year. There’s no reason to believe he’d be any better as a leadoff man than Giles.

  11. My X just texted me and said its Jeters freakin bday…gawd i hate him! Sorry got a bit excited…deep breaths

  12. jenny…

    well the site of Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, and Curt Schilling makes me want to throw up…

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE RED SOX with every once of my body…their “fans” are the most obnoxious people in professional sports, maybe they’ll milk that championship another 80 years, b/c that’s how ling it’ll be until they get another one.

  13. Well, at least now we’re back on track after winning a series this weekend.

  14. Now that we’ve got the bullpen in some order, time for the rotation to collapse.

  15. Alex called; he thinks that Susan St. James is doing color commentator on the Yankees broadcast. I of course can’t watch the Yankees broadcast, nor do I desire to.

  16. First pitch popups never go out of style for Jeff Francoeur. But hey, Diaz singles past Jeter because Jeter has the range of a street sign. There’s something.

  17. Hudson’s collapsing as you speak…2-0 Yanks.
    And Shawn, if you can find a good SP, I’m sure there are many major league GMs that would like to hear who they are. No offense, but 10 other clubs are looking for pitching. You make it sound like it’s an easy task. Don’t think so.

  18. And thank you so f***ing much, ESPN, for showing us the ’96 and ’99 World Series. Again.

  19. I think it should be pointed out that Alex’s wife shares a birthday with Derek Jeter.

  20. Fifty-eight pitches and nothing’s on. McDowell’s called the bullpen and Kevin Barry is warming up. Jebus.

  21. Horrible, horrible throw on a horrible jump. I want McCann.

    And WTF were those pitches to Giambi? The same thing twice. Those are right in his wheelhouse!

    Oh, wait. That was in “Moneyball.” We don’t like anything in that book. It must be wrong.

  22. Suzyn Waldman does the color on the Yankee radio broadcast on WCBS radio. John Sterling, who you all should know does the play by play.

  23. The NL is an AAA league. Even KC is holding their own in interleague play.

    I want a DH. Who gives a crap about the “wholesomeness” of baseball anyway? Watching the pitcher bat is boring as all getout and the NL is purposefully putting itself at a disadvantage.

  24. It has nothing to do with “wholesomeness.” It’s not that DH-less baseball is superior only because it’s traditional. There is so much more strategy in the NL. So many more subtleties to the game. If the NL adopted the DH, I would never watch baseball again.

  25. Twenty-five pitches so far for Randy Johnson. At this rate, ee could throw a complete game and not throw as many pitches as Hudson has already.

  26. LOL are you listening to these Yankees announcers? These tools need to take their heads out of their asses.

    And Giambi….. Wow, still juicing.

  27. Huddie is kind of hurting his trade value here, especially as it relates to AL contenders.

  28. Jenny, it wasn’t that long ago that the NL was completely dominant. Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, the NL won the All-Star Game virtually every year and most of the World Series. These things run in cycles.

    Lando, I have better things to do than listen to Yankee announcers, like get a root canal.

  29. jeff torborg once got hit in the head with a lightbulb while taking a bunch of kids to yankee stadium when he was 17.

    see? this is the kind of stuff you miss when you don’t get turner south.

  30. Some TV guy did say yesterday that when one league noticeably sucks more than the other, they tend to stockpile the best draft picks and then things shift for awhile. Not sure how much I believe that, but it’s something to think about.

    Y’all should switch to ESPN, it’s a much better game.

  31. I woudln’t believe it. Until 2003, the leagues drafted in alternating order, so that the worst NL team drafted #1, the AL’s worst #2, and so on. After 2003, when the Tigers lost 119 games but didn’t get the #1 pick, they changed it so that overall records determined the draft order. Either way, it shouldn’t have had much effect on overall talent level.

    It’d be much more effective in any event if Scott Boras and other agents hadn’t done so much to turn the draft into an auction.

  32. Bravenew…i know its not easy, i was tryin to be positive. Btw its not impossible either. But it wont matter if we cant win games, and we have some tough games before the break. Let me snap my fingers and make everything better *snap, snap* there we go!

  33. From

    “I’m surprised Braves hitters don’t swing at pickoff attempts.”


  34. So, am I going to Hell because my fantasy team, “Heel Turn,” features Randy Johnson, Giambi, and Jeter? (The other members are mostly Cubs and Red Sox, the other two loathsome teams in MLB.)

  35. Yes, Zachary, you are definitely going to Hell. You are going directly to Hell. You will not pass Go. You will not collect $200.

  36. Way to be, Kevin Barry! The future is in good hands. Or at least I choose to hope it is.

  37. It is nice to see Kevin Barry get a nice debut–he certainly had to wait long enough….

  38. Neither Paronto nor Ray are rookies, Jay. Paronto pitched for Baltimore in ’01 and Cleveland in ’02-03. Ray pitched for KC in ’99.

  39. I don’t know why he is still on the roster, I thought Brayan Pena was playing pretty well.

  40. Wow, we surely help Randy Johnson regaining his confidence!!!

    Jenny, when Randy starts throwing shutouts against the Red Sox, you really have to thank the Braves!!!

  41. Jay, because Bobby doesn’t like to have two young catchers, especially if the backup catcher (for this case Pena) has a reputation on being a poor defensive catcher. If Pena has the defensive skill of Eddie Perez, he would be on the team even if Pena hits like Pratt.

  42. Can Barry be this year’s Boyer?! I surely hope so. Then the Braves will have their own version of Killer Bs in their bullpen next season.

  43. At least he made a good impression in front of Bobby. This appearance will buy him another five appearances.

  44. KC,

    We would really have `Killer Bs” if Basner would develop and Bush comes up–and it would be nice to have Boyer back.

    That said, the combination of our hitters and Randy Johnson made `Windmill Night’ virtually inevitable…

  45. Well, at least we made ’em use Rivera.

    Moral victory. It seems like that’s what we’re reduced to these days. Vomit???

  46. Wow, no walk and eleven strikeouts…I don’t normally call out the hitting coach for player performance, but TP should take a long walk tonight at the Bronx or Queens to see what he can do with the hitters…

  47. And LaRoche does his finest statue imitation, and we lose to a sack of steroids.

  48. Leave it to LaRoche….I just hope that it does not hurt his trade value–whatever it might be…

  49. Yeah, KC, kinda like cereal box tops. We just have to collect more of him for a Bobby Cox Decoder Ring.

  50. Stephen, I could only imagine that team being the Royals…now that they have Dayton, I don’t think they are that stupid anymore.

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