– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Marlins

So, what have we learned?

1. Given bad enough pitching, it is possible to be blown out by possibly the worst National League team since the 1962-65 Mets.

2. Chris Reitsma is turning into Dan Kolb.

3. There is a very good reason why Joe DiMaggio’s hit streak has never been seriously challenged.

Anyway, Kyle Davies didn’t have it tonight, allowing four runs and two homers in four innings. He did strike out five, but considering the eight hits it didn’t really matter.

However, he was no worse than the third-worst pitcher of the night for the Braves. After McBride had his most promising outing of the season (two innings, no strikeouts but no baserunners, 11 strikes in 17 pitches, a double play to get a runner inherited from Davies) Moylan came in and stunk up the joint, allowing five straight hits to let the game get completely out of hand. Then Reitsma came in and made Moylan look like Goose Gossage. Four runs later, it’s 11-1. I guess it didn’t really matter.

The Braves got only one run before the ninth, to get a 1-0 lead in the second, an unearned run with McCann driven in by Langerhans. LaRoche doubled in McCann and Francoeur in the ninth after it really didn’t matter.

Renteria was hitless, stopping his streak at 22. Giles was out of the lineup; Orr was 1-4 in his place. The Braves had seven hits, Francoeur the only one with two.