Braves 8, Mets 5 – MLB – Box Score – Mets at Braves

So, maybe I should go with “Pendleton and McDowell both suck”?

Jeff Francoeur had a big day, going 4-5 and missing 5-5 when a double fell foul, drove in five runs and hit a homer that took about one second to leave the park in the sixth. The three singles he hit earlier were ropes. Maybe he’s recognizing the ball better, or maybe the Mets just screwed up, but it can’t be a bad sign. And in the ninth, he ended the game with a diving catch of a pop fly ball into nomansland behind first to bail out Reitsma.

All the Braves regulars had hits except for Chipper, who did walk and score. The Braves drew eight walks total, three by Andruw (who also doubled). Renteria was 2-3 with two walks, McCann 2-3 with one and threw out Reyes trying to steal.

Kyle Davies didn’t really pitch that badly, except in the second when he allowed three runs to tie the game, including a two-run homer to Beltran. He struck out six and walked four in only five innings, needing 101 pitches. It resembled some of his more effective outings from last year — except for the homer.

Cormier allowed a homer in the sixth, Ray pitched a perfect seventh, but Villareal stunk up the joint in the eighth, loading the bases with two outs then walking one in, and Reitsma had to bail him out. Reitsma didn’t have his fastball at all and walked the leadoff man in the ninth, then settled down by throwing his change and curve the rest of the way. He is completely untrustworthy.

Macay McBride was activated and L’il Tony Pena sent down… The Rockies come to town starting tomorrow for only two games. Or the Bizarro Rockies, who are 14-10 and leading the majors in road OPS (.318/.388/.555 away from Coors Field). I don’t have any explanation.

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  1. Not all of Francouer’s singles were ropes, but they all fell in. One of them was a bloop that would have been caught had the infield not been in; another was a seeing-eye single that found its way between the third baseman and the shortstop. But he hit a couple other balls extremely hard, played a phenomenal game defensively, and the breaks started to go his way today. Let’s see if he can build on it.

  2. good game, Trax was in trouble the whole game but still a fun game to watch. I was pulling for the sweep, maybe next time :) Im curious to see how the next series plays out at shea. See yall later


  3. The battle for Salty’s services is on.

    Dunno if this made the forum yet, but according to this story, Salty’s agent is accusing Scott Boras of attempting to “steal his client.”

  4. Francoeur had a good game… it was great to see his smile after that diving play at the end… he looked like the old Jeff.. hope it continues to go as well as today went for him!

    although I am worried that he’s gonna think it’s all in that new hair cut which is horribly bad! lol… I’m glad his hair grows fast, but I guess if it (for some odd reason) does make him perform this well, I’ll just have to live with it! ..he also needs to shave

    McCann had a great game too… I absolutely love Brian!! I like salty but I LOVE McCann… I don’t want him going ANYWHERE! lol

    I’m glad we got the offense going today hopefully that’ll carry over and we can turn things around!

  5. I’m curious to see how the Metros hold up without Pedro or Tommy G on the bump. If I’m not mistaken, they’ll both pitch earlier in the week and we’ll see their depth starters like Zambrano, Trachsel, and I don’t even know with Bannister out.

  6. I was there in person and it was a blast. It was especially nice to sit behind a group of Mets fans who brought their posters and brooms, were obnoxious for the first half of the game, and then left with 1 out in the ninth. What fans!

    A good win. Francoeur looked great, and that homer was an absolute bomb.

  7. And because I have nothing better to do with my time, a couple of comments on the last thread:

    1) Alex, I found something else we agree on! I, too, would enjoy the Skip-Joe combination for all 162 games. They’re the best, and they’re the best together.

    2) Raoul, that Hampton game last year was 16-0. A small detail, but I was there and I remember it vividly. (That win completed a 4-game sweep of the Astros, by the way.)

  8. Stu, I’m proud of you for agreeing with Alex. See what winning does? It makes us all get along!

  9. I can’t say that I’m happy to see Francoeur is a fan of the movie Rudy, but it is nice to see him hopefully get out of his slump.

  10. Joe and Skip, in tandem, are hilarious – at one point today Skip was absolutely sick of how long Trachsel was taking to pitch.

    Skip: “Does MLB really expect fans to pay to go watch this guy rub up baseballs that have already been rubbed up, scratch himself, walk around, yawn, and finally pitch again .. and a chant of Dey-O breaks out at the ballpark for no apparent reason”

    Joe: “Yep, by the time this game ends, we might even have you chanting Dey-O”

    Skip: “More like Night-O. Speaking of which, how come we have the Dey-O chant at night games?”

  11. Best Skip line so far this year –

    Skip: “..and an international object has gotten into the eye of the home plate umpire Chuck Meriwether”

    Joe: “Uhm, international?”

    Skip: “Yeah, not sure what it is that got in there, Piazza checking on him .. but yeah, the flagship station won’t let me say the word ‘foreign’ anymore during broadcasts”

  12. I’m not sure I believe this right now, but I’ll try anyway:

    Y’know, as bad as things have gone, this could turn out to be a significant win. Fact of the matter is, the Braves have never lost a game to the Mets since…oh, 1969…that the Braves needed more than the Mets. So, you could argue that this was a must-win for the Braves and they won it.

    Of course, how we regarded the Friday & Saturday games are up for interpretation.

    It was a lousy month for many reasons. We started hot-hitting & ended hot-pitching, but the wins didn’t add up. (We also endured two very disheartening late-inning bullpen gag-o-ramas.)

    Strangely, I’m not on the bridge about the starters or the lineup right now. I believe in this organization & I believe that we can get both in sync.

    The closer situation is an issue and, I believe, will continue to be an issue. We have a guy who gives up too many hits & just doesn’t strike out people–that’s why Reitsma can be “unlucky.” If you can put the ball in play against him bad things can happen.

    But I also believe that if we get some offense, we’ll start winning some series.

  13. Rudy’s great. I’m not an Irish fan, but Rudy’s great and so is the play like a champion today sign above the lockeroom exit.

  14. Thanks ubbuba for the link about Boras and Salty–even if it gives us a snapshot of the snakepit…

  15. I’ll be willing to put money that Devin Aromashodu, drafted in the 7th round by the Dolphins today (WR – Auburn) has a better pro career than Bennie Brazell (WR-LSU) that was taken earlier in the round.

    Aromashodu has better stats, better combine times, is bigger, stronger .. I don’t understand.

    Also, Stanley McClover (ask Mac who he is) taken in the 7th round by the Panthers. If he matures, can you imagine defensive ends of McClover and Julius Peppers? Wow.

  16. Put me in the “Rudy” fan club. I love that movie. It’s so wonderfully cheesy. Sort of like “Love Actually,” but I don’t suppose anybody on here likes that chick flick…

  17. Also, this has been bugging me. ESPN kept saying that Mario Williams was the first ever #1 pick from the ACC. Wasn’t Peppers taken first by the Panthers a few years back?

  18. Also its pissing me off how people are taking it as agiven that Bush will be an HOFer and (moreso) that Bush is OBVIOUSLY better than Williams despite them not having seen Williams play.

  19. Is there any particular reason McClover went out early? Surely he could’ve been taken higher after next year. It just seems kind of ludicrious to me that someone would leave to be taken in the seventh round. He can’t wait one year?

  20. While we’re piling on Reitsma…Has there ever been a less intimidating-looking closer? I swear, with that hangdog, Napoleon Dynamite-like deameanor, he looks like he fully expects to get pounded every time out. I hate how he heaves those big-ass “Well…here goes nothing” sighs before he goes into his delivery.

    He needs Don Corleone to slap him and tell him to act like a man.

  21. There are certain things I don’t understand about the draft, and Mario Williams is part of it. If NC State really had that many good defensive players, why weren’t they as good or better on defense as Alabama or FSU?

    I am really annoyed by the scouts deciding that DeMeco Ryans wasn’t a first-round-caliber player. Apparently he wasn’t big enough (even though he’s not actually small) or fast enough (though he’s not actually slow) to be, when all he did for three years was make play after play.

    I understand that there are great college players who don’t have NFL ability because of size or speed issues, or quarterbacks who lack the arm strength. But when a guy does have the ability, why punish him for not being ideal?

  22. Great win today.

    This should be a reminder that we have a long way to go and nothing is decided, yet.

    I share the pessimism about our closer, though. And it seems like two of the most likely candidates for replacing Retisma in the role, Boyer and Devine, are out of the picture.

    There are a couple of guys in the minors that may join the Atlanta pen this season:

    Check out Phil Stockman’s line from AA and AAA:
    16.2 IP, 0 R, 3H, 10 BB, 25 Ks.

    I think he is the other guy we got from the Australia WBC team. If so, we may have called up the wrong Aussie earlier in the year.

    Of course, there is also Will Startup at Mississippi.
    14.2 IP (only 2 at Myrtle Beach), 8H, 3 BB, 21 Ks.

  23. If you need any more proof that the NFL Draft is a less-than-exact science, here is Exhibit A, Ryan Leaf, a high first rounder. And Exhibit B, Hines Ward, third round.

    And for what it’s worth, I think Leonard Pope (3rd Round, Arizona) will be a good NFL TE.

  24. Leaf was bad, but look at all the guys who never did anything in college — Akili Smith, Jeff George, etc. I’m not saying that college star QBs don’t wind up busts (Andre Ware, anyone?), but I can’t recall anyone of late who wasn’t good in college who became a good QB.

  25. Gosh Adam LaRoche is just like his name says.

    A-Dumb LaRoche.

    Love his glove though.

    Posted by: Grawrst at April 30, 2006 08:19 PM

    that might be the saddest joke i ever heard in my life, what are you, six?

    on a side note, we DO need some hitting out of the first baseman slot. adam hits bombs when he makes contact, but thats about 1 out of every 6 times. it’s getting hard to take, watching his ridiculous stride and overswing every game

  26. I thought Leonard Pope was the best tight end that I could ever remember in the SEC – thought he was better than LSU’s Andre LaFleur from the early 90’s, who held the honor since then.

  27. Mac, “Pendleton and McDowell both suck” will work perfectly!

    Adam and Chris both suck, I don’t think it can get more obvious. Adam’s swing is too long, and Chris can’t locate his fastballs. With both Remlinger and James in the bullpen, I certainly wish Bobby consider using McBride as closer if McBride starts off his season strong.

  28. Pope is certainly the most impressive-looking TE UGA has produced — he’s the biggest downfield target I (or maybe anyone) have ever seen. But Randy McMichael had a bigger impact on games.

  29. I didn’t get to watch the whole game, but to me it looked like Davies was struggling… The announcers said he doesn’t walk very many batters, and he only three 54 strikes out of 101 pitches. Great win! McCann is probably one of my favorites, and hey I also catch and wear number 16 :)

  30. I think Pope has great tools (huge, athletic, good hands) & I kinda wished UGA used him more during the past 2 years. I’m not gonna compare him to Ozzie Newsome or anyone else (believe me, I remember Newsome), but I think he’ll be damn-good.

    Also, I think that next weekend’s Mets series will be Davies, Hudson & Sosa. We miss Pedro; they miss Smoltz.

  31. I don’t know Stu, Pope is really good. I am a Tennessee fan, and the Vols can’t tackle, but Pope lit up Tennessee this past season. They had no answers for him

    Witten was really good too, but he came to Tennessee as a DE. He was converted to TE his soph. season. In the game against FLorida that was pushed back until the end of the season (2001 I think) he droped like four passes and fumbled a few more. He is good in the NFL, but he was never as dominate in college like Pope was. Don’t get me wrong, I think Whitten is the man, but I really think Pope is going to be great.

  32. Ask Lloyd Carr and the Michigan defense how good Witten is. Pope is bigger, for sure, but Witten is much faster and a much better blocker. Pope may have had slightly better hands in college, but I’d still take college Witten over college Pope any day of the week.

  33. francouer’s 4-5 looked weak to me today.. The bloop to the outfield was a very high pop fly but the infield were to far in and the outfield was playing him jeff deep. Tha couldo of just as easily, and with a bit better positioning, or players even in the outfield it oculd of been an out – it wasn’t so thats a good point, but coudl of gone either way. Same with the litle seeing eye single he had.

    You also look at the hit where there was a change of pitcher right before him, the new pitcher (forget who it was, julio? wasn’t keeping score today) just threw a fastball strike and francouer hit it a mistake for sure.

    Jeff to me just seems more comfertable at home he comes in and juist hits, away he seems to over think things.. and seems to guess in his favor all the time (he seems to assume 3-1 = fastball strike). Until he hits away from home and really at home consistantly I won’t really take any of his hitting to the bank.

    Whil I agree reitsma is not the closer – bobby’s use of the closer was spot on today.. bringing in his closer (though it shouldn’t be reitsma) when it really mattered in the 8th. There are plenty of managers who won’t bring in their closer in a non-save situation, especially in hte 8th inning. That makes me feel good about bobby’s use of hte closer .. while it really should be probably ray at this point. He is so confident and dominating when he comes in.. reitsma is hardly ever either.

    Also- Braves have decided not to pass out All Star ballots till the next homestand. They recieved them yesterday but for some reason aren’t putting them out. I really don’t understand this as it only seems to hurt our own players since we have so few home games to start the season as it is? Do es online voting start ealier than in stadium voiting or something? The people I talked to made it sound like an in house decision not to distribute ballots this homestand.

  34. At the risk of messing with our new found offense thanks to Mac’s newest addition to the Braves Journal title, I would suggest we forget about making a trade for a slugging first baseman, and just get Mac to put (Trade LaRoche!) up there. We were pretty down on Furcal last year and he really turned it around and kept it up, so maybe it would work for Adam.

    (Trade Reitsma!) would work too, if you’re feeling really lucky…

    Of course, I’m in the extreme minority right now in that I think I’ll wait another month before forming any serious opinions about those two. I’d actually like to see Reitsma in a starting role because he has some decent pitches (like that changeup), but I don’t think that will ever happen. I’m also really hoping LaRoche will warm up with the weather. I know, that is one of the most overused clichés ever, but I couldn’t think of a better way of putting it. I promise I’ll avoid clichés like the plague from now on.

  35. Also, slight quibble with the recap. It was the third inning Davies allowed those runs, not the second.

  36. Question… anyone know the record for scoreless innings without a win for starting pitchers? Surely thomson is getting up there ;)

    Love renteria that kid is great.

    Was thinking about puting up a La Roche K Meter at Turner Field but figured that was just too negative.. and making one that can fit 4 digits is way too dificult.

  37. The online ballots have already started. The only time I’ve seen Ray pitch was against the Padres, which was 3 hits 3 runs.

  38. yes i know the online ballots have started.. My question is do in stadium balloting start at a specified time after online starts.. i.e are the braves abiding by some MLB rule by not passing out ballots… or did they give up votes form 150k+ fans for whatever weird reason themeslves.

  39. ‘Rissa, I will never have the patience that you have! We have watched Adam and Chris played for more than two years already, I think enough is enough.

  40. I think Reitsma still may have some trade value, if we can flip him back to Jim Bowden.

  41. Reitsma is not someone who needs to be dealt. He just needs to be in the role he was traded for, starting or setup. I like Reitsma a lot, but he may not be a closer. I’m willng to give him a lot more time though…

  42. Plus, remember who we got Reitsma for. Wasn’t it Bubba Nelson and Jung Bong?

  43. Ya know, looking back at that week that we traded for Reitsma, that was actually a really good week for Schuerholz. We got Reitsma for Nelson and Bung, and we also got Juan Cruz for Andy Pratt and some other guy. Everyone was mad about dealing Pratt, but he ended up doing nothing, and we used Cruz, a prospect who’s yet to do anything, and Chuckie T to get Tim Hudson.

    Funny story about Andy Pratt: Sometime last year I was in a restaurant and I met his mother. We were talking about all the friends he had in the Atlanta system and how Atlanta was going to regret trading Andy. Andy hasn’t pitched in the majors since an inning and 2/3 in ’04.

  44. Dont hate on Randy McMichael, clutch God and had a generally underrated college career….but Leonard “you hos just got BAPTIZED” Pope is definately the most physically impressive TE ive seen in the conference.

    Troupe,btw, couldnt even hold Jevaris Johnsons jock

  45. For my money, my favorite Georgia Tigh End was Randy McMichael. We’ve put a lot of good tight ends in the NFL and Pope will continue that tradition. Personally, he was listed far too low at 72 but Arizona got a steal…and if Matt Leinart is legit for the pros, plus those stud wideouts they have in Boldin & Fitzgerald, plus Edge James and now Pope at tight end…the Arizona Cardinals will have possibly one of the scariest offenses around. That’s a LOT of talent, folks.

    I do think Pope will be as good if not better then Witten. I think Jason Witten has been a very good NFL tight end but Pope is a monster.

    There was a moment in the South Carolina game (some Georgia fans may recall this) where two S.C. defensive backs were hanging onto giant Leonard Pope’s ankles as he dragged each of them 10 yards into the end zone. It was the most jaw droppig thing I had seen…that’s how big & strong Pope is and the talent…he’s going to be a stud. I think he has 1st round level ability.

  46. Chris Reitsma is not a closer and never has been. The bottom line is if Bobby Cox handed the ball to Jeff Francouer in the 9th inning to get the save, theoretically, we’d be calling him the “closer”. Right? Anyone can be called a closer…pitchers like Huston Street, Mariano Rivera & Brad Lidge actually are closers. Chris Reitsma is a mediocre pitcher who would not be consistent in an 8th inning role, either.

    The bottom line is if we are going to get OUR division again, we are going to have to upgrade 2 positions…1st Base and closer.

    We can all spend all day arguing the merits vs. the weaknesses of Adam LaRoche and Chris Reitsma. I have stated my opinions on these two players ad nauseum and I don’t like them. The bottom line is, enough Braves fans (like myself) have seen how bad these 2 players are over a 3 year period and there’s no way around it: they cannot be counted on for a team to have a chance to make the Playoffs or go further.

    What the Braves will have to do (if possible) is look around at teams with veteran closers with good ERA’s and strikeouts that are out of it. They can also look at teams with incredibly deep bullpens or good set up men.

    As for first base, a veteran who can consistently produce is needed. Again, a matteer of looking at teams that are out of it or with depth.

    If the price was right and both guys were healthy, one team the Braves could look at is the Royals with both Mike Sweeney and Mike McDougal. McDougal is pretty darn good closer when healthy but the Royals have now discovered a new pitcher,Ambiorix Burgos and it’s made McDougal expendable.

    When Sweeney is healthy, he’s a .300 hitter with power. If he’s healthy, he’s entering the last 1-2 years of his contract and if those a–hole suits care a lick about the Braves winning, you make a move for guys like this and spend a few bucks on Sweeney.

    There are other teams with deep penes like the White Sox and A’s–I do think a good possible deal would be to swap Kelly Johnson to Oakland (a big on base guy and no room at the Inn here) for Justin Duscherer.

    Duscherer is a STUD…great strikeouts, ERA & WHIP and blows people away…as a set up man. Plus, Oakland has about 4 other guys who could close if Steet gets hurt again. Also, Oakland is having problems on offense and you know Billy Beane would love and appreciate a guy like KJ with his OBP abilities.

    it’s a natural trade option.

  47. I’ve been on the Mike Sweeney bandwagon for a long time. The Braves should go after him.

  48. Oakland is loaded at the corner OF positions. And Diaz hasn’t really shown that he should be counted on as the 4th OF.

  49. “There was a moment in the South Carolina game (some Georgia fans may recall this) where two S.C. defensive backs were hanging onto giant Leonard Pope’s ankles as he dragged each of them 10 yards into the end zone.”

    It was Missippi State. After the play you could see ripped up grass from where the defenders feet were ripped off the ground

  50. I was at that game in Starkville. That play was the highlight of a rainy, miserable night. Those MSU DBs looked like Jeff Van Gundy hanging on Alonzo Mourning’s ankle way back when. Good times.

  51. I am not sure if the Braves want Sweeney. Yes, he is a great talent…as long as he is healthy…which is as possible as Jordan staying healthy through this season.

    To be honest, I think the urgency at first base is not as great as the need for a better closer. McDougal?! I have my doubt regarding his control, and I don’t trust any pitchers developed by the Royals. Duscherer is a very good option though.

  52. Sounds like MSU has a tackling problem. Lock up, boys!

    But yeah, Alex, Pope’s ’05 MSU game & his ’04 Florida game had moments that that made me sit up and think of John Mackie.

    Pope went to NFL hell in Phoenix, but the Cards do seem to have an impressive offensive nucleus. And when they get that new stadium open, he’ll be playing on a fast track.

  53. Freddie Roach apparently bombed the combine, both physically and mentally (he had one of the lowest Wonderlic scores). The Patriots signed him as a free agent. Considering that they need linebackers and didn’t draft any, and that they’re the Patriots, that’s very interesting. Freddie played both inside and outside and has pretty good size — seems a good fit.

  54. Pope–sorry for my confusion…I thought of little people so my mind went to Lou Holtz and thought USC and not MSU! But at least all Georgia fans remember that awesome visual of Pope dragging 2 littler defenders.

    Freddie Roach–Mac, same with our chat saturday about Demeco Ryans, Roach has gone to a great situation with great defensive vet leaders in New England…they will help his ‘football IQ’. It’s a great situation for a kid like Roach.

    As for Sweeney, he’s not Delgado, I am not folling myself. But even 120 games a year from a player like Sweeney is far superior to anything that LaRoche gives us.

    Furthermore, it’s driving even LaRoche’s biggest supporters on here crazy that the lineup cancer is hitting 5th. It absolutely sickens me silly that Brian McCann and his extremely reliable hitting ability is not put behind Andruw or even Langerhans…who’s tailed a bit but still far, far more reliable a player then Adam.

    Pete Orr is as reliable as Adam..that’s just sad.

  55. AAR,

    Really not sure…but for once I would like to see those “suits” help the team out and eat a little cost for the sdake of helping this team compete.

  56. Not gonna happen, Alex. The “suits” are too busy trying to unload the team to eat any costs. And Liberty will be even worse.

  57. I’m not convinced that the sale will go through. I doubt that the MLB owners will rubber-stamp it; they don’t want absentee ownership or any more corporations that aren’t in the baseball business. You might have noticed that MLB has moved away from corporate ownership in recent years. They’d much prefer someone with a face own the team.

  58. The Braves should have spent the money and got Billy Wagner instead of New York getting him. I think the Braves would have won at least 3 more games with a closer like Wagner.

  59. Wagner at that price was never an issue for Atlanta. It was never going to happen, so it’s really not worth regretting.

  60. Mac, I hope you’re right. I’m really not liking the idea of Liberty owning the team; there was an article in the business page of the AJC that made it very clear that the only reason Liberty wants the Braves is to avoid paying capital gains taxes.

  61. 1. Alex, what is with your irrational LaRoche hatred? He hasn’t been Dan Kolb.

    2. Hasn’t Reitsma had more success as closer than Wagner has thus far? And when you factor in the costs, Wagner is not worth what he was paid.

  62. 2. Should we ever put the names Reitsma and Wagner in the same sentence. Please dont waste your time comparing these two guys. Reitsma, is terrible and that’s all that needs to be said.

  63. Like lots of closers, Wagner has had his shakey moments, but without even looking at the stats, I can tell you that Reitsma is not on the same planet as Wagner right now.

    I think Wagner has 2 blown saves & Reitsma has one, but Reitsma has given up a ton of hits & has a stupid-high ERA.

  64. I would have taken Wagner at a reasonable cost. But really, if you look around the majors, alot of big name closers are having a tough time so for this year. That being said, Reitsma is not a major league closer. He should be starting or setting up.

    As far as LaDouche goes, I think I said all I have to say about that on a thread from last week.

  65. Both LaRoche and Reitsma hatreds are irrational.

    First of all, these guys aren’t that bad, and in Reitsma’s case, we could find plenty of relievers who are struggling like he is right now. He’s out of his normal role, and he’s doing a pretty darn good job of doing what they’re telling him to do. Would you be screaming for McCann’s head if he was making errors at first? Same situation.

    Secondly, who else do you want in these positions? Should we get Betemit in 1st, where has no major league experience and would give a similar, if not identical, OPS but does strike out as much? Do we really want James Jurries or Scott Thorman? Absolutely not. And what about closer? I would say bring Devine back up, but I don’t think his neck has recovered from watching all of those grand slams hit off him. McBride? He had a 5.79 ERA last year and people are making him out to be the bullpen savior. He’s John Foster… calm down. Dan Kolb? Mark Wohlers? John Rocker? Who do we want out there?

  66. Rob, Macay McBride isn’t John Foster, because he strikes people out, which is something Foster couldn’t do and Reitsma can’t do. Reitsma sucks because he can’t shut the door: he has good stuff but no command, so he walks people, puts the ball in play, and bad things happen when you do that. When you have no command, losing has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with suck.

    LaRoche is infuriating not just because of the strikeouts, but because he looks absolutely lost at the plate most of the time. He’s not Adam Dunn, whom you can forgive the strikeouts because of a mammoth OBP; when he doesn’t strike out, he grounds out weakly, pops up, or watches a called strike three. Like Reitsma, he has no command of the strike zone. That is why he sucks.

  67. Its been a while but I’ll answer the McClover question. I think the problem with him is he was either tired of school or he wasn’t going to be academically eligible next year. He could have really improved his stock, but he’s got some great talent to learn in front of.

    Obviously I’m excited because in addition to being a lifelong Auburn fan (and current student), I became a Panthers fan when I moved up there during high school.

    Mixie is a great pickup for the Giants if they can use him properly. He’s a big target and runs very well. He’d be a great tight end if he’d ever learn how to block.

    Devin was the best out of the three that came out this year (the other two WR’s of the five we brought in that year redshirted, and Montae Pitts actually moved to CB). I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a very good receiver for the Dolphins if his game progresses. He’s VERY unpolished.

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