136 thoughts on “Game Thread: DBacks at Braves, June 1”

  1. Com’on Mac, the heat builds character : )

    Here’s hoping Horacio pulls together another good outing. Thank God Webb pitched yesterday!

  2. What bothers me about the Faux article is that they want to replace our worst reliever with our second-worst reliever (Yates doesn’t count) as closer.

  3. Horacio is pitching much more aggresively than he used to. He used to be scared to death to trust his stuff and nibbled more than any pitcher I’ve ever seen.

  4. Tonight will be a very short night if the Braves keep swinging the bat like they just did…

  5. I really think Adam LaRoche could be a great (yeah, I said it: great) hitter if he would just shorten up his swing. He wouldn’t lose any power, and he’ll become much tougher to strike out.

  6. Mac,

    Horacio looks like an alien inhabited his body. Totally different. Not afraid to throw strikes. Hitting 92 with ease.

  7. Simplied the delivery, take that “cutter” away from him, and give him a new pitching coach…boy, the kid needs a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, I really like what I see from HoRam as well.

  8. It’s not Adam’s fault the lineup stinks and he has to hit 5th. I say you put Francouer 5th for now.

  9. Well, kc, long swing or not, he benefits the team as a power hitting 7th or 8th hitter. It’s not his fault we don’t have an adequate 5 hole hitter or a manager that isn’t adament about having a lefty-righty switch-off in the batting order.

  10. It’s been about 94 innings since ‘Zona have scored a run.. they must be hoping that Reitsma gets in at some point

  11. I’m not saying he’s a great hitter now who should be batting 5th, but he’s 4th on the team in OPS, 3rd in homers, and tied for 3rd on the team in walks. He’s not killing the team by any stretch of the imagination. Now, Francouer, Giles, and Langerhans on the other hand…

  12. Huh? It’s a platoon advantage. If Francoeur played against just lefties, he’d have a .952 OPS.

  13. How many times do we face lefties? Platoon advantage or not, he’s still 5th on the team in ABs and Jordan’s only had 33 ABs against lefties.

  14. And Francouer has that .952 OPS in 49 ABs against lefties. Two words: sample size.

  15. Isn’t it funny how every time we have a chance to score, LaRoche comes to bat? It’s almost like he’s hitting behind our best hitters or something.

  16. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying LaRoche should be hitting where he’s hitting right now, but it’s not his fauly he’s there and he’s not killing the team offensively.

  17. Cruz really reminds me of a mini-Pedro. Did you see him pump his fist when Francouer flied out?

  18. We were 1/8th of an inch twice from having Francoeur and Chipper go yard. Both of them just missed

  19. …I was wondering how my day could possibly get any worse…and now Kelly Johnson gets Tommy John’s…

  20. A hard hit ball went off Ramirez’s glove, Giles knocked it down, flipped it to Renteria whose body was carrying him towards right field, he spins and fires to first and gets the double play.

  21. Ramirez is at 100 pitches. Let’ see how this goes…

    Lead-off walk, uh oh..

  22. Great decision Bobby. You are the only one on earth who thinks HoRam can pitch another inning.

  23. This is where Bobby & I differ. Stick with your BETTER pitcher, McBride. Paronto is a mistake. I hope I am wrong but my feeling is that I am not.

  24. Wouldn’t it be smarter to bring in Ray, rather than Paronto, with bases loaded and 1 out? I know Paronto is a decent strikeout pitcher, but still, in a very high-leverage situation, I’d like to see our best reliever out there…

  25. Bobby is Bobby, he can’t resist the oppurtunity to use Gryboski in this situation…oh wait…that person is Paronto now…the “groundball specialist”…

  26. Giles has now saved our pitchers hides, TWICE tonight. But that showed right there why Paronto was a mistake.

    It’s better to be lucky then any good, I guess.

  27. What are the chances that 3 Braves relievers can get the job done in one inning? Lets hope for the best….

  28. Well, Alex, it’s the infield positioning which get this out. So, Bobby is making up his mistake in another area.

  29. Is Bobby really setting the infield, KC?

    There’s no luxury, Sutton, in having Remlinger…let’s just all hold our breaths..

  30. F-ng Cox…always has to tinker. And Green KILLS US.

    Dammit I hate Remlinger. This just completely, completely sucks and would be an awful game to lose now.

    F-ng Remlinger.


    Why not leave McBride in to finish the inning? He struck out the first batter for fricks sake.

  32. Oh, noowwwwwwwwww he gets an out.

    And yes…REVERSE splits.

    Just further proof to everyone on BravesJournal that Bobby NEVER EVER reads a friggin stat sheet.

  33. After watching the same shit for the past 15 years, I still hate the f*cking way Bobby uses the bullpen.

  34. The only criticism I have of Bobby is that he never seems to go on his ‘gut’, IOW, he never just says, ‘He got the first two, I’ll stick with him. He’s almost too platoony and situational. I think that’s why we win alot of games over the long haul, because if you only manage by the ‘book’ you’ll win a lot of games, but in a case by case basis, sometimes it doesn’t warrant it.

  35. Remlinger should come with a warning label: “To Be Used As Right Handed Pitcher Only”

  36. It is all very impressive–we use 4 pitchers, Arizona gets 1 hit and 2 runs.

  37. Forget that Joey, just take Remmy out of Bobby’s hand. Otherwise, history will repeat itself again and again.

  38. we need to get our guys some needles…. how many balls to the warning track today?

  39. this loss is on bobby.

    horacio gets a lucky double play to get out of the 7th.. bobby inexpilcably brings him out for the 8th. leaves him in after he walks the leadoff guy. brings in remlinger to get out a lefty even though remlinger doesn’t get out lefties.

    goddamn pathetic.

  40. There’s an idea… what warning labels should our other pitchers carry?

    Paronto- Do not subject to heat or pressure
    Villareal- Contents highly unstable
    Cormier- (nod to Gregg Easterbrook) May contain baseball-like substance
    Reitsma- Toxic waste

  41. Tip your hat to Green, who hit the ball to the opposite field and beat the defense. Horacio wouldn’t have put himself in a position to lose the game if he hadn’t panicked and thrown the ball away.

  42. Maybe, I dunno… the offense deserves some blame in this one so far? 0 runs is tough to win with.

  43. Remy, Bobby shouldn’t keep HoRam in the game. That’s the whole problem. He got lucky to get out of the seventh, it was obvious that he was tired. Of course, Bobby has different idea.

  44. Oh, the whole offense has to be blamed of course, but I am just saying I think there is something wrong with Chipper.

  45. The danger here is that Reitsma will pitch will enough to allow Bobby to believe that he is `about to turn the corner’, thereby encouraging Cox to use him in a Save situation.

  46. FWIW, I agree HoRam should have been taken out, but it’s not like he got hit hard there. So Bobby and HoRam deserve blame too, as much blame as remains after not scoring a run in 8 innings.

  47. Chipper looks really ‘old’ lately. His skills seem to be eroding to a poor defensive singles hitter. Seems to have lost alot of power, hopefully because of nagging injuries. Emphasis on hopefully.

  48. HoRam is hardly to blame. Arizona comes in flat (after a 13 inning game in which they did not score) and the Braves cannot score–despite several solid opportunities. Losing tonight will be a team effort…

  49. A double and a HR in two games for Chipper, so the results aren’t so bad; that said, I haven’t paid much attention to the swing, so it may be bad.

    Offense needs to show up right here. It’s not Juan Cruz anymore…

  50. Really, I don’t have the heart to blame HoRam tonight. He is a star for the Braves tonight.

  51. I agree, kc, Ramirez was probably out of gas. Bobby left him in a little too long.

    They can touch Julio. Let’s go, Braves!

  52. That would be the best way to win–and Reitsma would be the winning pitcher!

  53. HoRam is blamed in a “yeah, but” sort of manner. Of course, he pitched more than well enough to win, even with the 8th, but he Kolbed that bunt leading to the D’back runs.

  54. It sucks beyond belief. I am sufficiently depressed that we could not score all night of Juan FREAKING Cruz. How ridiculous.

  55. If Bobby leaves MCBRIDE in, we win 1-0. Yes, I will join, gladly, the “Blame Cox” bandwagon.

    He should have never gone to Paronto and Remlinger. It’s like he’s TRYING to friggin lose.

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