3 thoughts on “I really don’t like this sale”

  1. I would rather a family or Blank buy the Braves. I am sure Liberty will sell in a year or so.

    I have a possilbe closer for us that I think we can get on the cheap. Kerry Wood.
    I know he is hurt, but I think we could pull a smoltz with him. He wants out of Chicago and they aren’t going to resign him. What could it hurt if we only had to give up a mid level prospect?

  2. What is the depreciation period? Something like six years, right? A team can right off a large portion of the player salaries as a depreciable asset for only a certain number of years after a sale. Its a tax loophole that isn’t limited to sports teams, but since Bill Veeck, has been increasingly used. Look around and see how few clubs are in the same ownership group for more than 7-10 years. I bet the team is resold less than one year after that tax break ends.

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