That’s fair Page 2 : Dear Diary, Game 1 stunk

Bill Simmons:

Hubie just mentioned that Tayshaun Prince can get his shot any time he wants. Agreed. But isn’t that the case every game? If Prince was a baseball player, he would be Andruw Jones very good, extremely valuable, but someone who should be two to three times better and ultimately leaves you disappointed for some weird reason.

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  1. Since someone else has brought the subject up again, I have to admit that Alex’s latest nickname for Andruw, “clutch smiley”, really is pretty funny.

  2. Thanks creynolds…after I wrote, I kind of got smiley too! Of course, if I had all the money he did to spend nightly at the Gold Club, I would be smiley too! Wouldn’t you?

  3. It’s not Tayshaun, it’s Larry Brown’s offense. My suspicion is that Brown’s scheme sucks, but I don’t understand it well enough to judge. Neither does Bill Simmons.

  4. Alex – Andruw didn’t spend any money at the Gold Club. He got everything for free in exchange for letting some creepy fat guy watch. It’s really not a pleasant thing to think about.

  5. Tayshaun Prince is anything but a disappointment. Prince has made tremendous contributions while never being the team’s top or even second option. He’s not even their 3rd best offensive option right now. Great defender.

    Andruw is relied on more heavily by his team than Prince. And there’s only 12 guys on a hoops team.

    That’s a cheap comment. Not true in fact or metaphor.

    Interesting though, thanks for posting.

  6. Ok, the Braves announcers talking about “Moneyball” is making my yell at my TV. Simpson(paraphrase): “The Moneyball philosophy isn’t about home runs its all about OBP, where are their guys with speed?” Argh. I’m almost positive none of the announcers have read the book, so shouldn’t they not talk about it? Its a rhetorical question.

    On another note: I just saw Colon in the Bullpen which has made me yell at my TV for a different reason.

    &$(*% Jordan’s arm. Why isn’t Langerhans in RF?

  7. Can we finally send Colon back to Richmond? Why aren’t Sosa pitching? Jordan…why is he still playing?

  8. Why isn’t Langerhans in RF?

    My sentiments exactly. I don’t like it, but I accept that Cox is going to play Jordan — he’s on the roster, so what are you gonna do? But anyone with two eyes can see that Langerhans is faster, more fundamentally sound, and has a stronger AND more accurate arm. WTF?

  9. Somebody must be convinced that there’s a way for Colon to get some movement on that fastball. He could certainly sacrifice some velocity to get it. If he’s got the ability to do it, he’s not showing it in games. You don’t see too many fastballs in the majors as straight as the one he fed Chavez. This really has to be the end of the line… doesn’t it? maybe? can’t it be? please?

  10. I mean, really, who does Andruw have to let watch him get it on with two strippers to get this guy sent back to Richmond to work on that?!

  11. I’ll say this about T. Prince, though. He was the only player to stay on the bench during that ridiculous “basketbrawl” with the Pistons. Tubby Smith (who should still be at UGA) taught him well.

  12. I suspect Bobby and the team likes Brian Jordan for the mental attitude that he brings. He is probably a good role model for the rookies to be around for this reason.

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