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The Cub Reporter: Sunday and Monday at the Winter Meetings

I’m kind of wired, as you might expect, so lots of updates, I guess. Anyway, Alex Ciepley says that if the Cubs don’t trade Kyle Farnsworth they might non-tender him. Fear the wrath of Dusty! Anyway, there’s been a lot of Farnsworth-to-the-Braves talk. I can tell you that if he is non-tendered, there will be roughly 25 teams interested in signing him.

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  1. Holy Cow! What a great day to be a Braves fan. Schueholz strikes again! I have my doubts that the Braves will sign Hudson to a long term contract before the season starts. Thanks to the numb skull Mets the price of pitching at that level has become too expensive. But the trade is still terrific. CT, God love you but you had 4th or 5th outfielder written all over you, Dan Meyer I would have liked to have seen but as we all know TNSTAAPP, Cruz for all intents is a TNSTAAPP too, electric stuff but erratic. The Marrero deal has me wondering. I could see an Eli/Langerhans platoon but now with him gone I wonder if the Andy Marte era starts in 2005.
    I hate the Sosa rumors but if part of the bargain is losing Hampton’s teradactyl of a contract then ok I’ll take a guy that hits ‘only’ 35 homers a year.
    We’ve seen it already this off season. Schuerholz is going to leverage the best farm system in baseball into at least one more major league championship quality player.

  2. FWIW, Farnsworth is the most dolled-up pitcher I can think of. He always wears the two-sizes-too-small pants, and he has a different hairstyle each year (perm in 2003, spiked in 04).

    But he’s a bull, and I’d love to see him as a Brave.

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