– MLB – Box Score – Brewers at Braves

They should have brought in Kolb.

John Smoltz was tremendous tonight. After allowing a first-inning double, then a leadoff single in the second, he retired eighteen Brewers in a row. But the Braves couldn’t do much more than the Brewers, except for a solo homer from Andruw leading off the second. Eventually, Smoltz made a mistake, allowing a leadoff double in the eighth, then a single; after a popup, a long sac fly scored the tying run.

Finally, in the ninth, Marcus drew a leadoff walk against failed closer Derrick Turnbow, who is supposed to be behind Kolb in the bullpen. Bobby had Renteria try to bunt, the equivalent of hanging a “Walk Me” sign on Andruw, but (a) Edgar couldn’t get the bunt down, and (b) Andruw drew a walk anyway. Francoeur then hit a ball off the wall to end it. (The play-by-play calls it a double but it should be scored a single.)

Smoltz finished the CG with eight strikeouts, no walks, and 99 pitches. Francoeur had two hits, forty percent of the Braves’ total. The others were by McCann (.352) and LaRoche off lefthanded starter Capuano. Yeah, the platooning thing makes a lot of sense… Aybar left the game in the sixth with, I guess, an injury. L’il Tony Pena took his place, with expected results, then Orr wound up finishing the game after Thorman pinch-hit for Pena.