Game Thread: May 4, Braves at Phillies

Phun Phillies Slur: Ryan Howard wasn’t kept in the minors because they thought he couldn’t play, but had to live in Scranton as part of the terms of his probation.

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  1. What is the estimated date of arrival for:

    1. Travis Smith
    2. Chad Paronto
    3. Phil Stockman
    4. Will Startup

    all have pretty good numbers so far this year!

  2. I don’t understand why we bring Moylan up instead of Paronto, or, I don’t know, ANY of the other guys in AAA. I saw Moylan pitch in Norfolk a couple weeks ago. Yuck…

  3. I would almost rather see Remlinger than Travis Smith. At least Remlinger had something in the tank at one time, unlike Smith

  4. I had to see over and over how Delgado hit that walkoff HR against the Pirates. What a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I would like to see Startup or Paronto. Travis Smith has always been a Bobby favorite so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the very near future.

  6. Being from TN, but now an Atlanta resident, I hear a lot of shit on the Vols. Fulmer is probably not the man for the job anymore…I’d much rather see Cutcliff take the team. However, I don’t think there’s a coach more passionate about SEC football. He’s just got the Johnny Majors syndrome.

  7. Delgado does seem to rise to the occassion against crap teams, we sure made him look good against us. What is he 0-??? w/ how many SO’s?

    As long as Sosa doesnt pitch to him, he’s helpless against us.

  8. Delgado has always killed us, actually, didn’t matter which uniform he was wearing.

    I think the longest homer I ever saw at The Ted was a Delgado shot he hit while playing for Toronto.

  9. Yeah I know, I just wanted to get Pedro fired up. He’s NYMETS twin brother!

  10. I’m so disappointed. I watched “The Exorcist” just now and I wasn’t scared at all. It was more of a continued series of “Yikes, well, that’s interesting!” moments. It was a great movie, don’t get me wrong, but I was expecting more. Maybe I’m just weird.

  11. i hope that we can pull out a win for johnny thomson today.

    27.1 IP, 1.32 ERA, 0-1 record

    C’MON braves.

  12. Re: The Excorcist

    Lemme tell you, when it came out…whew. To me, it was way scarier than any monster movie because, well, you know why. I was in the 5th Grade in Catholic School when I first saw it. I’d even get scared hearing the theme song on the radio.

    Kinda hard to get worked up about it now, especially with all the high-tech effects these days. Back then, movie makers could scare your pants off with just a big bowl of pea soup.

    I own the updated version of it & thought there was too much Father Karras mommy drama, but the extra possession scenes were kinda cool.

  13. I, for one, come here for Braves talk. Not, let’s review crappy old movies talk.

  14. The Braves are too depressing to talk about these days. I for one welcome our new Old Movie Overlords.

  15. Yeah, seriously, Landogarner, start your own website if you’re unhappy with this one. Nobody cares what you, for one, want.

  16. Well, Dix’s mother was in “Debbie Does Dallas,” so I guess that means everything’s fair game.

  17. I, for one, would rather watch the torture scene in Syriana than watch the Braves lose to the freaking Phillies again tonight. When I saw “W – Cormier” come up on the screen on ESPN last night, I almost thought we won, and then I realized, “Oh, Rheal Cormier. The good Cormier.” Then, realizing that I had just called Rheal Cormier “good,” I immediately jumped off the nearest cliff.

  18. No, get over YOURselves. If you want to babble on about your stupid opinions on movies GOTO a movie review forum.


  19. Well here’s the deal Landogarner. If you don’t like how this blog is run, make your own, and be sure to tell us the web address so that we all make sure never to stumble across it. However, this is not your blog, and since the person who runs this blog seems to think it’s OK, perhaps you should kiss all of our asses. If this site were more movie talk or college football talk or whatever else you have your panties in a wad over than Braves talk, then you might have a point. However, that is obviously not the case, so deal with it or piss off!

    (Sorry if this was considered feeding the trolls. Won’t do it again.)

  20. I have been coming here for a long time and I have noticed, just since this past off season, a growing tendancy towards more non-Braves or non-Baseball discussion. It bothers me a little but I generally just scan past those comments which are not related to the obvious intended topic of this site (Braves baseball). Here lately the on-topic comments seem to be more of a minority and it is becoming harder to cull the gems from the fluff. I will continue to come here and read the great comments but it does sadden me to see the site wandering. Not trying to offend anyone but just thought I would add my $0.02. There are probably a few lurkers like me who remember the good old days….

  21. Well, we have to like the way this game has started. If we get another quality start from Thomson, we can regain some confidence heading to Shea.

    OK, when LaRoche does something productive, you REALLY have to feel good!

  22. Wasn’t all the movie talk before the game started? Mac opens these threads sometimes hours before games. Chill, people.

  23. 1 hit a game divided by 4 at bats is a .250 average. So don’t look for much else from laroche. (couldn’t resist)

  24. that was funny… they were like… “LaRoche needs to get a good lead… he doesn’t run that well!” LMAO

  25. Jeff seems to have gotten better with his ABs… until he goes to strikeout on that ball in the dirt still!

  26. It seems like Jeff isn’t making as good contact as he did last year; that second strike looked like a fastball he would’ve crushed.

  27. hey jeff, at no point was that pitch ever a strike. Not when it left his hand, not when it moved towards the plate, and certainly not when it landed behind home plate, 2 feet outside. So maybe lay off those, huh?

  28. Ok, just read the previous posts.

    I second the majority on this one. One of the ways we have all gotten to know one another in here as Regula posters on Bravesjournal is occassionally touching on a variety of topics.

    The Braves are always the central focus, of course, but there’s nothing wrong with any of us veering off to movies, other sports, what’s on TV (can you guys believe “Lost” last night, by the way?) or even what we like to eat!

    Again, if yuo don’t like it, find another blog but totally fine with me if people get caught up in other subjects here or there. This isn’t a communist blog–free & open market.

  29. I know how you feel, alex, but chase utley is my all time least favorite player.

  30. Maybe this is one of those nights where we win 10-8. I hope so. We are due and it’s a hitters park.

  31. so this isn’t a good start… hopefully we get it out of our system now though…

  32. LOL you guys sound like a bunch of little school girls. “If you don’t like it go somewhere else” LMAO.

    This blog should be men only so we don’t have to listen to you little girls gossip all day.

    2-1 AWESOME

  33. If I see us hang one more 0-2 pitch I’m gonna throw something at somebody’s head. Honestly, it’s not a hard concept. Waste a f- pitch!!!

  34. Brad, yes, but the irony is both Utley and Pat Burrell are on my Fantasy teams.

    Still, against the Braves, my rule of thumb is I am cool with an 0-4 night when facing the Braves!

  35. Nothing sounds more like a little girl than using ‘lol’ and ‘lmao’…

  36. Wow I didn’t know LOL and LMAO were gender specific. So you have NEVER used either before, have you bradley? Yeah…..

  37. Dammit LaRoche.

    I should have KNOWN that a good thing in the top of the first would turn into a Laroche bonhead play in the bottom.

    Yes, let the ADAM LAROCHE bashing begin. Jerk.

  38. So, yeah, “Field of Dreams” is a great movie. Obviously the best baseball movie of all time. Best movie I’ve seen this year is probably “V for Vendetta,” with “Thank You For Smoking” a close second.

    I dunno my favorite movie of all time. Changes depending on my mood.

    There’s some of that LaRoche defense that makes him really valuable.

  39. I’m already tired of the philles, laroche, and whoever landogarner is. See y’all later.

  40. what just happened?

    Burrell fell asleep and frankly, so did ANDRUW…had Burrell not f—-d up, the Phillies would have had an easy 3rd run.

    That was boneheaded sleepiness by Andruw and Burrell.

  41. LaRoach can not do something good offensively without making sure he makes up for it defensively.

  42. The best thing about that play was watching Andruw not set up for the big throw home because he knew Burrell was screwed.

  43. what the f–k???!?!?!?!?!

    They are counting that run?

    Now it’s a boneheaded play by Andruw. dammit dammit dammit dammit.

  44. Eddie (or do we like Renty? what does Bobby call him?) saved us there.

    I’m not exactly sure how that run counts, but I’ve never seen that play happen before

  45. We start with two runs and give them right up.

    I cannot believe that. When can we catch a break!?

  46. Awwww don’t go bradley! Poor wittle bradwey :(

    This reminds me of Julius Ceaser from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian.” Ahh that makes me crack up.

    I’m not the Messiah!

    Only the true Messiah would deny His devinity, he is the messiah!

    Fine, fine then I am the Messiah!

    He is the Messiah!

  47. I liked “V” as well, even though I had to be dragged to it.I also gotta say, it is so nice to have the TBS crew back. Everything about the production is waaaay better than the TS/Fox crew.

  48. Dan,

    I would like to speak for the majority of BravesJournal and clear something up–LaRoche was never, has never, nor will EVER be loved.

    He was tolerated for a half inning. Thats about it.

  49. We’ll catch some breaks as soon as we get rid of LaRoach. Why does Bobby keep giving him chances to screw up, is what I would like to know.

  50. I’m not sure if Andruw is paying attention that we get that out before Abreu scores anyway.

  51. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but Peter Moylan is one weird lookin’ dude.

  52. MAN I missed having Skip for TV games.

    Alright fellas lets see if we can get a run or two across here for big John

  53. I know several guys from back home in Alabama that have that same kind of kidney bean face.

  54. That was not Andruw’s fault. No way he gets the ball back to first before Abreu scores.

    Also, despite what Skip and Joe said, he did not forget how many outs there were. He simply knew that there wouldn’t be a play at the plate, so he wasn’t going to rush a throw.

  55. I guess that makes sense. I’m from Alabama and I didn’t think he looked all that goofy…

  56. Skip – “That would be your basic E2”

    And Moylan is no Mickey Morandini

  57. Just when it couldn’t get any weirder, Andruw shatters his bat and hits to to the track. This is gonna be an interesting night…

  58. Awwwww crap Trachsel again on Friday. Might as well block away 7 hours for THAT game…

  59. Funny how Renteria not hustling actually got us a run. If he runs, he gets to second and Utley doesn’t retardly go for the double play, putting Renteria on third with two out and Andruw’s fly out gets them out of the inning. Renteria hasn’t been able to do anything wrong even when he does screws up. I’m surprised he didn’t discover a way to fit a big-name closer into our budget and show Schuerholz how to do it during his two weeks off with the injury.

  60. Yikes…looks like we might be seeing our dear friend Chuck James in this one.

  61. Anyway, here’s a simple rule: talk about whatever you want, though during the game you should probably focus on that. The only rules:

    1. No Politics
    2. No Religion
    3. Keep it clean

    And I may at any time get rid of anyone I think is annoying.

  62. LOL…oh man, Skip Caray is hilarious. Talking about Stan Kasten becoming the new president of the Nats: “Well, I wonder how long it’ll take Bob Carpenter and Tom Paciorek (obviously the Nationals announcers) to get thrown off the team charter.”

    On a side note, the Nats now have Tom Paciorek? Hope they enjoy that.

  63. The umpire screws us big time tonight.Was it just me or sure seem like in the B3 the philles was giveing 4out to play with.The Braves got a Out at 2nd .Then JohnT got a strike out and that was the 2nd out.And then the ball that the ball that andrew catch should have been out number 3 so how in the world did the philles got a run on out number 3

  64. It’s kinda dead in here tonight, huh? Maybe something’s wrong on my side, cause I find hard to believe no one has posted since David15 at 7:52.

  65. What is the over/under on the AB at which frenchie draws his first walk? I say 147. I wonder if he is approaching an MLB record, for AB’s starting the season without a walk?

  66. Been a while since Langerhans did anything.

    I’m just not feeling this team this year. I think it may finally be the end of the run.

  67. I hate that the Mets play the Pirates and Nationals every series, while we have to play Major League teams.

  68. Be careful Stu, when I say things like that people jump all over me.
    FWIW, I agree with you. This isn’t a world series team. This may not be a playoff team, and certainly doesn’t intimidate anyone.

  69. So lemme just throw this out there, although it’s not at all game related, right now you may need a distraction.

    I’m about to order Drive-by Truckers – “A Blessing and a Curse” based solely upon the recommendations of people on this site and having never knowingly heard one of their songs. My question is what is their best album for a novice?

  70. marcus giles, 0 for last 9. could be be the streakiest team in the history of baseball?

  71. man on 3rd, zero outs and 2 strikes and Giles swings like he is trying to hit the low outside pitch into New York somewhere. WTF

  72. This just isn’t a great team this year. I hate being so negative, but geez…

  73. It’s not even a good team. Look at the batting averages in this line-up. Somebody needs to call a team meeting and chew some people out.

  74. That’s the problem, Stu–no one gets fired up. We rarely have team meetings, no rah rah…they just calmly go about their business and “don’t panic”. Makes me really angry.

  75. Brad and Stu,

    You are both right…and I agreed with Sheffield when he made this criticism of the Braves.

    Where is Chipper in all this? I know it’s not Andruw’s personality but maybe he should step up for once in the locker room.

  76. What’s the most frustrating is that the Mets find a different way to win every night, while we keep coming up with new ways to lose. If it’s not the hitting, it’s the pitching. Or the bullpen. Or Cox. I keep running out of people to blame, this is such a flawed team.

  77. It is all fine and good (not really) to have no clue on situational hitting when you have great pitching backing you up. Now with a poor/middle of road staff the braves are simply being exposed. This isn’t even a .500 club.

  78. Uh guys, just one point I wanna make. When was the last time we didn’t suck in April and May? Its a marathon, not a sprint. If this stuff is still happening in July, I might start to get worried. I’m still pretty damn sure Bobby has forgotten more about baseball than any of us will ever know.

  79. You may be right, Jm, but this isn’t all Bobby. I see trends that worry me no matter what month it is, mainly that I’m afraid an expectation of losing may be setting in with these guys. They were beaten by Ben Sheets before they stepped on the field, and seem to be placing too much focus on the Mets.
    But you can’t argue with trends. This is a team with a subpar bullpen, no closer, no first baseman, left and right fielders who could just as easily go 4-4 as 0-44, and we still have jorge sosa.
    So I’m just a tad worried.

  80. what made last year hopful was that 2 hitting positions were manned by two horrible players that we could find replacements for (Mondesi and Jordan, and we had 3 guys in the minors for those 2).

    This year, we have 2 horrible hitters in hitting positions (1B and RF), but the solution just doesn’t seem that apparant (no KJ tearing up the minors), and because these guys are young, you worry that Bobby is going to let the team ride them into a 4th place finish.

    The frenchie thing really stuns me; he is too talented, physically, to let the complete lack of strike zone judgment kill his career, but bobby and Terry P. seem resolute to let that happen. I don’t care how well he hits every other Sunday or how cute and excited he looks when he hits a home run, a .600 OBP from the right-field position will kill your team. And no one, I repeat no one, in the history of modern MLB has succeeded with the walk rate that frenchie has. he is a unique talent, but not that unique. They need to fix him by sending him down somewhere, and getting him some strike zone judgment.

  81. We are now into May and the Braves look pathetic as a team.

    I am starting to really think that our continued desire to play terrible regulars (LaRoche) or have cheap relivers will finally come back to haunt us.

  82. Say hello to 7.0 games out of first and 2.0 games out of second. Makes me sick.

    At least we face the worst part of the Mets’ rotation. But we could easily be in our furthest distance from the lead with a bad Davies outing tomorrow.

    I don’t care who you are, when you have a running on third and no outs and don’t score, you deserve to lose.

  83. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but Sal Fasano is one weird lookin’ dude.

  84. You’re right, Dan. It’s a general attitude of ‘what else can go wrong?’ that’s set in with this team. They need a shake-up, badly. And we don’t have the luxury of waiting our customary 2 months to decide what’s wrong with the team–we’ll be 10+ games out at that point.

  85. LaRoche OBP .758 (which will go up after this game)
    Frenchie OBP .572 (which will go down after this game).

    and we fuss at LaRoche? Laroche is hitting like a bottom 1/3 of the league 1B. Frenchie is hitting like a bad SS.

  86. What a way to end the night.

    And I just love how our announcers pretended we still had a chance before that run.

  87. Someone help me here…what’s the logic behind bringing up a pitcher who couldn’t even get guys out in the minors? Is there some mystical belief that putting on a Braves uniform makes you suddenly good? And where’s the guy who argued with me the other night about how great our bullpen is?

  88. Can someone explain to me that WHY in a close game that this turkey Moylan came in and we didnt leave in more reliable relievers like McBride or Ray?

    why, Bobby, why?

  89. That tells you the state of this team, alex, that our ‘reliable’ guys are mcbride and ken ray. Sickening.

  90. Where is Gordon?

    They are saving him for an important game against a good team.

  91. Maybe–just maybe–Bobby’s showcasing these guys to trade.
    I’m trying to think of anything positive…

  92. Maybe Schuerholz should write a 2nd book about all the shi- he’s placed on this once great team that used to have real talent and stars.

  93. “Maybe Schuerholz should write a 2nd book about all the shi- he’s placed on this once great team that used to have real talent and stars.”

    Built to lose: how my refusal to improve the Braves’ biggest weakness, the bullpen, led to the end of the greatest streak in all of professional American sports.

  94. The reason the streak will end this year isn’t because of any one thing–it will be because JS and Cox sat around ‘not panicking’ until they woke up and realized sometime in mid-june they were 18 games out.

  95. Agreed, Brad. Agreed.

    I think it’s time, for God’s sake, for Cox to step down at year’s end and call it a career.

    I mean, we are able to point out at least 3-4 really horrible decisions he makes a night.

    I think fresh blood would not be the worst thing in the world.

    Open the check book for the Brewers MGR.

  96. Man that’s gonna get you blasted around here. But I’ve been saying that for years. Cox will never win another world series. And I genuinely like him–I ran into him once on a flight from ATL to the Bahamas. He’s a good guy, good baseball man, but his time has passed. Let’s get a good young guy (like ozzie guillen/ned yost)to come in and spark things up again.

  97. That may be going to far, Alex.

    It’s not Bobby’s fault the only real trade/free agent signing he got for his bullpen for Mike Remlinger.

    No manager could have won today’s game. Thomson was the only one who had any control over it, and he decided with that control would be a 0-2 fastball down the middle.

  98. There’s a blog on that’s in meltdown over Cox and the bullpen, so it’s not just us…

  99. I’m going to try to not think about this and just hope and pray to God that we win tomorrow. If we don’t it will be my personal time to panic.

  100. If we can’t beat the Mets with the upcoming pitching matchups, it’s all over. Yes, even in May. Kinda glad I have an exam and will have to miss the game tomorrow…

  101. I’m off to the other thread now, but I will say what I said there: I don’t EXPECT Davies to beat the Mets again. Pitchers almost always fare badly when going against the same team with no-one in-between. The only thing working for us is Trachsel again without anyone in-between.

  102. Brad,

    Mac will confirm…I have been complaining about Cox for over 20 years.

    People can talk about the division titles but believe we’d have a few extra championships if not for Cox. I can point to examples of his inane post season managing.

    And like you Brad, met him and he’s a nice guy. But his time has passed and it’s my opinion…we are all entitled.

    And Schuerholz needs to take a ton of blame for not getting better relievers…something you can do very cheaply then wasting time with dogsh– like Remlinger and Moylan.

  103. The bullpen has been bad and it has cost the Braves some games. That said, the Braves have repeatedly failed to get big hits.

    Whether it is Cox’s fault, I leave for debate, but clearly the inability to score runs–particularly when the opportunities arise has been an equally big problem.

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