– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Brewers

Why can’t the Braves get over .500? It’s frustrating. Marcus was back in the lineup, tripling and walking, and Kyle Davies gave the team another good start, but it wasn’t enough.

I normally don’t pick on Bobby here, but his behavior in the eighth was really inexplicable. With the bases loaded and nobody out, trailing by two and facing a righthanded reliever, he let Matt Diaz hit rather than use one of the three lefthanded regulars — Langerhans, LaRoche, and McCann — he had on his bench to pinch-hit. Diaz hit into a DP to cut it to one, and Andruw grounded out, which basically (with Derrick Turnbow in wait) ended the game. LaRoche and McCann got in pinch-hitting appearances in the ninth, and Langerhans might as well have stayed at home.

The Braves had only four hits all night, Marcus’ triple the only extra-base hit. Francoeur is now something like 0-14 and down to .187. Andruw broke a slide with an early single but didn’t look good the rest of the way.

Davies allowed only one run through six, that being on a double-steal where Betemit botched the cut-off and the runner should have been dead at the plate. But in the seventh, after the dreaded 100-pitch mark, he allowed a two-run homer to lose the game. Villareal looked awful in the eighth but managed to allow only one hit. He does it with mirrors and this will not last.

Hudson faces Tomo Ohka tomorrow. Chipper is widely expected to be activated and Renteria is apparently agitating to play as well.