– MLB – Box Score – Phillies at Braves

Every time I think we’ve reached a low point, someone digs a hole and we get even lower. Yuck.

When the history of the Braves dynasty is written, there is a good chance that the day it died will be December 16, 2004. Not that Juan Cruz, Charles Thomas, or Dan Meyer, any of them, are likely to amount to much, but the commitment to Tim Hudson has backfired and likely doomed the team to mediocrity throughout the remainder of his contract. Our only hope is that he gets hot sometime next year and we can flip him to the Yankees or Dodgers.

Hudson went five, allowing as many runs on nine hits, two homers, and four walks. He did strike out six, but right now he’s just too hittable even though his strikeout rate has been better in recent outings (and for the season is his best since 2003). His ERA will probably hit five in his next outing. He’s useless, he can’t even eat innings, and we’re on the hook for three more seasons of this.

McBride and Paronto, the goats of the first game, pitched okay in the middle innings, but Franklin and Devine combined to allow a couple of more runs to make it extra-ugly.

The Braves’ runs came on homers by LaRoche (in the first, briefly giving them the lead) and McCann, who combined for five of the team’s nine hits. Everybody else sucked, as has been the case most of the time the last two months. If not for McCann and LaRoche… Well, it’s not like it could have been much worse. But it would have been worse.