Miserable Braves Loss Type 4.3(e): “Horrible Starting Pitcher Blows Early Lead, Gives Up Homer To Fall Way Behind, Team Rallies, But Horrible Reliever Kills Them While Good Relievers Sit On Their Asses In The Bullpen Because It’s Not A Save Situation.”

Tyler Yates’ middle name is Kali.

Tyler Yates is in the Doghouse, and he's a Met!Her appearance is fearsome: baleful eyes, a protruding tongue, and four arms. In her upper left hand she wields a bloody sword and in her lower left hand she holds the severed head of a demon. With her upper right hand she makes the gesture of fearlessness, while the lower right hand confers benefits. Draped around her is a chain of severed human heads and she wears a belt made of dismembered arms. As the Divine Mother she is often represented dancing or in sexual union with Shiva.

All of which is still less frightening than watching Tyler Yates pitch the eighth inning of a close game for your favorite ballclub.

Jason Shiell isn’t any good, but we knew that. After McCann, yet again, had put the team up with a homer, a three-run shot in the first, Shiell immediately gave it back with a double and a homer in the bottom of the inning. He didn’t retire anyone in the fourth, allowing a three-run homer to make it 6-3.

The Braves rallied while McBride, Paronto, and the Vulture kept the Reds off the scoreboard. (In four innings, they walked three collectively but didn’t allow a hit.) LaRoche hit a solo homer in the sixth, then Marcus hit a two-run homer to tie it in the same inning. But after Andruw and McCann reached to lead off the sixth, they were stranded, as was Diaz who pinch-singled and was bunted to second in the eighth.

Enter Yates, even though Baez hadn’t pitched in a couple of days and Yates sucks. After a foulout, it was homer, walk, double, and the Braves trailed 8-6. Horrible. McCann went 4-4 with a walk; Marcus had three hits and is up to .269.

The Braves try to salvage something of this series and two winnable games they lost tomorrow. I am not optimistic.