– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Mets

As it turns out, the Mets haven’t won the division already, and another 150 or so games will in fact be played this season, a great disappointment to many media people who want to know why we can’t just skip to the World Series.

Kyle Davies was dominant, pitching his first career complete game, allowing just three hits (one a Chris Woodward homer), striking out six and walking one. He threw 106 pitches, 77 strikes.

Andruw and LaRoche did the heavy listing, driving in all the runs. LaRoche picked up Andruw in the first after a strikeout, driving in runners at second and third with a double. In the third, Andruw hit a monster two-run homer to center (one of the toughest places to hit a homer in the big leagues is center at Shea) followed by one by LaRoche. Andruw capped it with another two-run homer in the fifth.

Marcus had a hit and a walk before leaving the game in the middle innings, probably to avoid injury in a blowout. Tony Pena Jr. actually drew a walk in his place, but come on. Betemit, in the two-spot at last, had a hit and a walk.

Recap will be late tomorrow because it’s a day game and I have things to do. Hudson versus Glavine. The old guy is a lot less of a health risk right now, I’m afraid.