100 thoughts on “Late Game Thread: April 15, Padres at Braves”

  1. At least it was just time you lost track of. I lost track of my bank account balance! Thank goodness for overdraft protection and parents who still rush around to bail you out, huh?

    Poll: Which is uglier, the ’66 throwback unis the Braves were wearing earlier in the week or the Padres road uniforms?

  2. Jenny, the answer to any question that starts “What’s uglier…” is always Otis Nixon.

  3. Padres announcer: “As a contact lenses wearer, I can tell you it’s pretty annoying when they go back behind your eyeball.”


  4. Few unis are worse than the Padres’ mid-’70s getups. They were owned by McDonalds & they looked like they worked there, too.

  5. Joe Simpson: “You can tell by the boos who is walking up to the plate now–it’s Mike Piazza.”

  6. Don’t look now, guys, but it’s a bona fide pitchers’ duel. A purists’ dream, and fortunately, I’m a purist.

  7. Not to be pessimistic but he is getting hit pretty hard, fortunately those balls are getting caught.

  8. By the way, I wouldn’t say everything is back to normal… don’t forget that right now Adam LaRoche is the difference in the ballgame.

  9. Lemme tell you, MLB.tv was worth buying if just for this game. I’m at home at the ‘rents for the weekend, southwestern Virginia. The games not on TBS, but I’m sitting on the deck, overlooking our town, it’s a beautiful day, and the Braves are winning! Life is good!

  10. I hear you, ermoore. It’s sunset and 70 degrees outside (yes, it does get that warm up here! It’s been paradise all week), and I’ve got MLB.TV going, music blasting, a big hoagie and a drink, and it just doesn’t get much better than this.

  11. This is very very bad. And L’il Jonny just called his travel agent. If Chipper comes back soon at least we’ll only have a week of L’il Tony playing every day.

  12. Oh God. Tony Pena… instead of Edgar Renteria… I think my brain just died.

  13. The idea being that we knew Chipper would miss time, and we expected that Renteria would miss time, we just didn’t want them both out at once because we have one great backup and a bunch of lousy ones. At least Orr can put the ball in play and run.

  14. I’d move Marcus to 3B, Betemit to SS, and Orr at 2B while Renteria and Chipper are gone.

    I hope Edgar isn’t out for too long, it’d be a big blow.

  15. We have seen Orr playing 3B before, and that’s not a pretty sight. Perhaps Bobby may play Marcus at third base. Bobby has said before that Marcus is a very good third baseman.

  16. Okay, hang on. Gameday just said Adam LaRoche got an infield single. I call shenanigans.

    What really happened?

  17. When Frenchy goes to an airport, does his face set off the metal detector? I’ve always wondered this.

    I’d like to leave Marcus at 2B, but we may not be able to. Let’s hope Renteria’s injury isn’t too bad.

  18. Jenny, please, I gotta know this. How the hell did LaRoche get an infield single?

  19. He hit the ball hard into the gap between 1B and 2B and the second baseman dove and stopped it and threw to first but took just a little too long because of the difficulty and the range required. He WAS almost out, being LaRoche.

  20. Does anybody else think Cox should have pinch-hit for Smoltz in that spot? I wish he would have.

  21. Adam spotted one right between the first and the second baseman. Barfield stopped the grounder on a dive but couldn’t cleanly field the grounder.

  22. But it’s still technically an infield hit, since the play was the infielder’s to make.

  23. Just dialed in, obviously good things happening tonite. Can someone tell me why Renteria is not at SS?

  24. Yeah, I know. But 1) I’m all for minimizing the wear and tear on his arm, 2) we had a chance to break the game open, and 3) I trust Ray and Reitsma. Smoltz has not been that sharp tonight. Only 2 Ks, and Andruw’s saved him a couple runs.

  25. Renteria apparently pulled a muscle swinging the bat. Hopefully it is minor and we will be saved a L’il Jonny appearance but I’m not optimistic.

  26. All I know about Renteria is what Stu posted a little while ago:
    Pulled a muscle swinging, headed right to the clubhouse with Jeff Porter.

  27. Forgive me if someone has already pointed this out, but ESPN Gamecast shows Pena as “T Jr.” That kills me. I imagine this little guy with a mohawk and a lot of gold chains.

  28. Shake hands, everybody, that’s a wrap!

    That’s one of the best games anyone has pitched in an Atlanta uniform in a LONG, long time, as well as being the best game of the young season.

    9 innings, 4 hits, 2 walks, and that’s all you get. Good night and good luck.

  29. well i admit, okay so…david wright and piazza did get caught in the showers last year playing hide the weenie…but you have to look over that. we will win…we have joolieo franco and hes like…our best player…

  30. Man, didn’t think it would take mid-April for a starter to get a win, but I’ll take it.

    Another favorite drink:

    Scotch on the rocks

    4 oz single malt scotch
    3 ice cubes

    Turn on Braves games and enjoy the pitching!

  31. As Ice Cube once said, it was a good day.

    Smoltz back on track. A rested bullpen. We found a way to squeeze out a win against a top-notch pitcher. Hopefully, Edgar won’t be out too long.

    A little sweep action tomorrow? And on TBS, no less.

  32. I just wanna say that was the icing-on-the-cake of a perfect day. I tell you what, it’s almost enough to make a man move back home. Great game! Great day!

    And the Mets lost, which isn’t a surprise b/c someone other than Glavine or Pedro started.

    Yall all have a Happy Easter/Passover!

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