Game Thread: Mets (ugh) at Braves, Sept. 27

Can we please end this?

Special bonus video:

Only to ask — it’s not my imagination, Elton really does look like the lead in “Capote! The Musical” in this video, right?

59 thoughts on “Game Thread: Mets (ugh) at Braves, Sept. 27”

  1. 1914 Update:

    Boston Braves 86-56 (MN 3)
    NY Giants 78-65 (8.5 GB)
    z-St. Louis Cardinals 77-68 (10.5)
    z-Chicago Cubs 75-71 (13)
    z-Philadelphia Phillies 72-74 (16)
    z-Brooklyn Robins 70-75 (17.5)
    z-Pittsburgh Pirates 63-80 (23.5)
    z-Cincinnati Reds 57-89 (31)

    No game today, for anyone in the NL. Sunday is when we get our sleep in, cuz on Monday we be at it again. Holla.

    In the AL, the A’s beat the Browns while the Red Sox split a doubleheader with the White Sox, reducing Philly’s magic number to 2.

  2. My four games in four stadiums in 8 days continues tomorrow as I’ll be at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC for Auburn @ South Carolina. ESPN is televising, but it’s running opposite Grey’s Anatomy, so I still stand by my claim that ESPN wants to screw us over.

    I am not paranoid, but it is obvious that everyone in the media is out to get Auburn. Well, perhaps not everyone, I’m sure the Eufaula Tribune, Golf Digest, and that Opelika middle school kid are still on our side, but everyone else hates us.

  3. csg,
    Imagine how cubbies fans feel. Or, if you are a bit older, this just reminds you of how it used to be a Braves fans in the late 70s and through most of the 80s. Still as someone on the last thread posted, we really were Wickman and perhaps another decent reliever from a wild card season this year. If Wickman is able to convert around 85% of his save opportunities next year and if the starters can be more consistent 1-5, this team ought to not just compete for the wild card, it ought to compete for the East. I think we’ll need a major pitching acquisition or a huge breakout year from somebody like Davies or Lerew to get deep into the playoffs though. Hudson becoming an ace for the first time since he was in Oakland would work, too.

  4. What else do I have to pay attention to besides waiting for Georgia Tech games on Saturday? *shrugs* Go Braves. :)

  5. Suspicious: – NCAA – Graduation rates increase slightly for Division I schools

    Among The Associated Press’ Top 25 football teams, five schools met or exceeded the national average with Notre Dame leading the way at 95 percent. The others were Nebraska at 88 percent, Florida at 80 percent, TCU at 78 percent and Clemson at 77. Florida had the biggest improvement from the federal number nearly doubling its 42 percent rate.

    That’s a really big improvement. Did they add a directed readings program?

  6. *raises an eyebrow* I thought Georgia Tech would be above the national average. Oh well. Shows how much I know.

  7. Mac, I think they just started enrolling these guys in Auburn’s sociology classes. They just transfer the grades over so they never have to attend any classes. That’s a sure bet to getting the grad. rates higher!

  8. I dont know if I like this or not…

    “Trade talk doesn’t affect the way I play. I am here to play baseball — it’s my job. A long time ago, I said this is a business … if they want to keep me here, they can. This team will always be my first choice. Sometimes the team thinks they can upgrade without you. I want to stay with the Atlanta Braves for the rest of my career, if that’s possible.

    Next year, I will be here. I don’t have to worry about that, because I’m under contract. They can’t trade me without my approval. If they came to me with a trade, and it was during the season, I would say, “No.” If they ask me, I will tell them, “No, I want to play out my contract.”

    If it’s in the offseason and it’s a benefit to help the team, we would take it into consideration. I’m looking forward to a new season to prove people wrong about the Atlanta Braves.

    I won’t negotiate my next contract without my agent (Scott Boras). I negotiated my previous contract (that runs through 2007) with the Braves (only with the help of his father, Henry) because I wanted to be here. I wanted to be an Atlanta Brave, and I wanted to build my family here.

    My agent knows what I want, and he works for me. He doesn’t take the decision (to sign or not) away from me. He’s not going to throw a contract in my face and say, “Sign it.” I’m the one who has the decision and who will make the last call.”

    any thoughts

  9. sounds like a reasonable position from andy. i hope he stays a brave, but not at a salary we can’t afford. if someone wants to give him 5/13 or so, well, more power to them.

  10. Sam, this UGA grad iisn’t one bit surprised at GT’s low ranking.

    As for Andruw, I’d open with a bid like CSG’s, but maybe for three years. I’d accept that he’d likely want four, and don’t think a 5/ $65M contract would be outlandish, depending on how the salary is distributed. Remember, Andruw will be 34 in 2011, and is unlikely to have seen his offense completely crash (although he’s also unlikely to be a competent CF by then).

  11. YEs, anyone could have saved his life, but a good PR person would have covered it up better. Maybe I should send TO my resume, we did go to the same school

  12. I see nothiing much has changed with the Braves. McCann can still hammer the ball, for his 90th RBI- not bad for a catcher who won’t qualify for the batting title. Frenchy can still pop-up by swinging wildly at the first pitch.

  13. I swear… McCann goes deep with VIDEO DIFFICULTIES!!!! UGH…

    FSN… we better get some highlights of that later!

  14. Thanks again to FOX for the shoestring operation…

    Anyone know how McCann’s plate appearances are shaping up?

  15. How many drooling articles are we now going to see written about how Frenchy is a “great young hitter” because of that home run and his 100th RBI?

    McCann had 475 PA coming into tonight’s game, 27 short of qualifying for the batting title. Frenchy, by comparison, had an appropriate (to me, anyway) 666.

  16. We may not be able to win this year, but dammit, we can still stomp on any pretensions that the Mets are a great team.

  17. Thanks, Brian. Guess it doesn’t matter anyway — Freddy Sanchez also has 2 hits and is up to .348.

  18. At 4 PAs per game for the rest of the season, including tonight, McCann would finish 7 PAs short of qualifying. So an 0-7 would be added to McCann’s batting average to determine if he would win.

    Counting his 2-2 tonight, McCann is now 143-427 for the season. Sanchez was hitting .346 entering tonight. Assuming Sanchez stays at that level, McCann would need to go 14-18 in his last 4 1/2 games to win the batting title.

  19. Too bad we had all those doubleheaders a couple of weeks ago — McCann might have gotten those 7 PAs. Especially since he’s unlikely to overtake Sanchez — now he won’t be listed on the leaderboard at all.

  20. Anyone else think Pena swung at that ball in the dirt on purpose? It looked like he was running to first before the ball bounced. Maybe we’ve found the key to his offensive contributions — anticipating third-strike wild pitches!

  21. this is terrible… the picture is so fuzzy… I can’t even read their numbers anymore!

    is it all over or just in my area?

  22. I know the Mets aren’t trying, but losing two straight games by 12 runs has got to be frustrating. Especially since their regulars are starting.

    I’m rooting for another 12 run victory tomorrow. Let’s get ’em guys!

  23. Hey, I’m just glad that it looks like Pedro isn’t going to be able to pitch for crap come the playoffs. I’d like to see a strong finish, crushing the Mets and dashing any hopes the ‘Stros might have for playoff contention.

    Common, guys. Being the spoiler can be fun, too. :-)

  24. I don’t think you’re gonna see Pedro again. His effort was plain sad. He was slinging the ball with nothing on it.

    Not that it means much, but it feels good to put a whipping on them. I’ll certainly take it.

  25. Bobby finally wised up (way the hell too late) and did not play McBride, Yates or Ray. Wow what a concept to not put in a pitcher that will not give up a million runs! I should be happy about destroying the Mets, but the Mets could care less and I am mad as hell about missing the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. I love Bobby, but he really blew it this year. One word – Sosa

  26. One last thing that occurred to me during my insomnia…

    The Braves are perilously close to playing themselves out of a draft pick.

    As you probably know, teams lose draft picks, starting with the first-round pich, when they sign free agents (and gain them when losing free agents, along with sandwich picks). The top 15 picks, however, are protected: they cannot be lost in this fashion.

    Current draft order, based on standings as of tonight.

    1 Kansas City Royals 59-99
    2 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 61-97
    3 Chicago Cubs 65-94
    4 Pittsburgh Pirates 65-93
    5 Baltimore Orioles 68-90
    6 Washington Nationals 70-88
    7 Milwaukee Brewers 73-85
    8/ 9 Colorado Rockies/ Cleveland Indians 74-84 (don’t know interleague tiebreaker if teams don’t play each other)
    10 Arizona Diamondbacks 75-83
    11 Seattle Mariners 76-83
    12 San Francisco Giants 76-82
    13 Florida Marlins 77-81 (lost season series 11-8 to…)
    14 Atlanta Braves 77-81
    15 Cincinnati Reds 78-80
    16 Texas Rangers 79-80
    17 Houston Astros 80-78

    So if we intend to sign free agents to clean up the toxic waste dump that is the Turner Field bullpen or our starting rotation, we may not want to be too keen on winning these last few games.

  27. We don’t know if draft pick compensation will survive the new Basic Agreement. Sure, it seems only fair to at least maintain it for the next draft, but fairness rarely has a place in labor negotiations.

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