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  1. The following is the magic of the WBC tiebreaking rules:

    Mexico can advances IF AND ONLY IF it defeats the U.S., 3-0, in 13 innings. So, the Mexico team are not allowed to score any run until the 13th inning, which is when they have to score three runs in their half of their inning…which means it has to be a three-run homerun if Mexico is the home team. Life is “easier” for the Mexico team if they are the road team though!!!

  2. The whole WBC tiebreaker thing feels like they’re pulling scenarios out of a hat.

    Now I’m just rooting for Korea to win the next two games, finish undefeated & take the title home. I know Mr. Park at my corner deli will be thrilled.

  3. Hey, nobody knows a place on the internet to listen to the games do they? I know CBS has a thing where you can watch them, but it’s too busy. I’ll settle for radio. Tennessee plays at 2:50 and I gotta have something.

  4. ermoore,

    Does Tennessee have a free radio feed from their athletic site?

    Check & see. UGA used to have one–now they make you pay.

    Also, check & see their network of Tennessee affiliates which carry the Vols. You might find a station in Nashville or K-Town that streams it live.

  5. Thanks guys, I ended up going through UT’s sports dept and I believe that is run through Yahoo. For whoever else may be interested they have all the games audio available.

  6. If this transaction occurred today (no matter which party), how long would it take for that group to become official? I remember the Hawks/Thrashers sale taking months.

  7. Anybody who wants to use the free CBS video feed should get in line now, it’s pretty empty (guess people are going home from work) and it only took me a few minutes to get through a line of 500 people. I’m watching Tennessee-Winthrop right now and hoping that I can just keep the window open for the next 6 hours so I can watch the Duke game (yes, I am a Duke fan; so sue me!). Quality’s not fantastic, but it’s good enough, and it’s free, so why am I complaining?

    And someone needs to make Bruce Pearl wear a black suit. Dark grey isn’t dark enough.

  8. Wow, jenny — Duke _and_ the Red Sox? Do you also root for the Lakers, the Cowboys, Manchester United, the All Blacks, the IRS, IBM, Microsoft, and republicans?

    Just kidding. If you cheer for the Braves, that’s good enough for me. Besides, my mother went to Duke :)

  9. No to all of those, Kyle, but you forgot the Patriots :-)

    I’m a definite minority in my house, though. My brother puts up with me rooting for Duke and New England, but I think rooting for Manchester United would push him over the edge. I don’t want to try my luck.

  10. Mac, if it’s 0-0 in the bottom of the 9th or later, and the bases are loaded, the US should absolutely intentionally walk the guy to end the game.

    Heck, if it’s 0-0 in the bottom of the 9th or later with one person or more on base, the U.S. should intentionally walk guys until a runner scores just to avoid the 2-run HR that could knock us out of the tournament.

    Of course, this assumes Mexico hits in the bottom of the inning. I assume they do, as they won the first round pool, and I would guess the pool winner gets “home” advantage.

  11. If they intentionally swing at anything, they get out, which is fine. Balking is an option, too.

    When it gets to 0-0 bottom of the 9th, all you want to do is avoid multi-run HRs. Anything else is golden.

  12. Oh, I think I get it. The fear is that in the top of the 10th, the U.S. scores, then Mexico scores again in the bottom of the 10th.

    Yeah, Mac’s right. If it’s 0-0 in the bottom of the ninth, the best strategy is to peg a guy to get him on base, then balk him in for a run.

  13. from primer:

    For Mexico, even a 4-0 win in nine innings eliminates them. They need to keep the game scoreless until the bottom of the 13th, and then try for a 3-run homer or grand slam.

    So at 0-0 in the ninth, the US needs to intentionally give up a run. Four intentional walks? Well, Mexico should swing at the pitches and strike out. Hit the batters? Well, Mexico can swing at those, too, and if they get hit, they’re strikes. They can get four automatic balls by refusing to pitch to the first batter and then balk him home, or throw the ball into the stands, but the runner could abandon the basepaths and be called out. But either way, it’s in the interests of the USA to give up 1 run so they don’t give up 2, and that’s from the ninth inning on.

    For Mexico, the farce starts earlier: at the first pitch. They’ll be trying to shut down the US, but on offense they need to not score—the first run they score before the 13th inning eliminates them from the tournament.

    Yes you read that right, if they score, they’re eliminated.

    If it gets to the 13th scoreless, it’s not enough to score, they need to hit a three run homer. So if the bases are loaded and the batter gets a base hit, a Mexican runner has to pass another runner on the basepaths so they won’t score fewer than three runs.

    I’m sure that both teams will try to win—but neither should. While the US just needs to win to get in, the first run they score will eliminate Mexico which will make them try to win which could eliminate the US. So the US should try to not score, either. Mexico should be trying to keep the game scoreless until the 13th, when they should not score on anything but a 3-run homer or Grand Slam.

  14. Right, Kyle. See, if it gets to be 0-0 in the bottom of the ninth, we’ll see a real life version of that South Park episode where neither team wants to score.

  15. Oooh, primer went all second degree with their game theory at the end.

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only person talking this crazy talk.

  16. That thread is hilarious. I’ve been chuckling here at work for the past 10 minutes. And that episode of South Park is one of my favorites.

    I agree that the US should try to just score as many runs as possible. There’s no way to force Mexico to score just one run if they don’t want to do so (their runners could just pass each other, or tag themselves out by running into the ball when it was in someone’s hand, or leave the bases, or interfere with a fielder, etc… man, that would be awesome to see).

  17. The U.S. also advances on a tie, right? Aren’t there ties after 15 innings?

    Anyway, I’m not sure why the refuse-to-pitch, balk, balk, balk won’t work at 0-0 in the bottom of the ninth.

  18. 1) The U.S. should try to score as much as possible through the top of the eighth because we can’t trust Mexico to be smart enough to not score runs.

    2) If it’s 0-0 going into the ninth, the U.S. should swing at everything and get themselves out however possible in every at bat from then on.

    3) The U.S. should try to score a single Mexico run. If Mexico finds a way to get themselves out instead, that’s fine, because the U.S. advances on a tie.

  19. The runner could just walk into the dugout after getting balked, right? You can’t force him to physically round the bases.

  20. True, Kyle. The tie is the ace in the hole. It still exists in the second round, right?

  21. I fear that our talk about the possible scenarios for tonite’s WBC game may prove to be more entertaining than the game itself.
    Leave it to Bud Selig to be part of something this confusing…I wouldn’t be surprised if the game ends in a tie and Bud says that only the Korean team will advance to the semifinals.

  22. Mac just compared Alabama basketball players to Nazis.

    joshg, under a tie, the U.S. advances. Our 1-1-1 beats Japan’s 1-2-0.

  23. There for a minute I was preparing to dig up the old Alabama rosters and see if Mike Hessman played for them.

  24. I love how Jon Miller actually has the scenerios right. It is shocking to me that a guy in the booth actually has something of reasonable complexity correct. Even one as respected as Miller.

  25. It’s funny that the Mexico team just scored a run, but that has just eliminated themselves out of the tournament.

  26. If it stays 0-1 until the top of the ninth, the U.S. has to avoid scoring a run any way they can in that half inning.

  27. Boy. Chipper is awesome, but I always pray he doesn’t get hurt running the bases!!!

    I am also having a chance to watch HoRo pitched a little bit thanks to MLB.tv. No matter how I look at his performance, the conclusion is still the same…he sucks despite only giving up only one run in four inning…

  28. Francoeur and Chipper are carrying this team. Where would the U.S. be without the Braves?

  29. Nice second half from LSU. Iona couldn’t handle that big fella at all. Now the SEC is 4-0.

    Tomorrow, I guess I’ll be rooting for Arkansas and, gulp, Kentucky.

  30. Buck Martinez is a moron. You don’t run with Damon, you hit him for Wells. Or has he never heard of platoon advantages? Or that you need a hit and not a homer in that situation?

  31. Damon has shoulder tendonitis, Mac. He wasn’t available tonight.

    We just got eliminated. I don’t even know what to say. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  32. Utley would have been a good bat off the bench instead of Wells . . . Buck is a moron.

    At least Villareal looked good.

  33. Of course, here’s another question: if you’re going to use a pinch runner, why do you sub him for ARod instead of Chipper? ARod runs fine. Chipper doesn’t. I guess to stay out of the DP, but that’s unlikely anyway and the tying run was on 2B, not 1B.

    So aside from the minor nitpick with Damon, I do agree that Buck Martinez is a moron.

  34. I was hoping Chipper would let the grounder hit him.

    Martinez didn’t lose the game. The players did. Wells swung at the first pitch & he hit it lousy.

  35. Congrats to Mexico. By the way, their pitching was pretty durn good. Loazia/Perez/Lopez are all solid up front, plus Big Oscar, Luis Ayala (I hope he’s okay for the Nats’ sake), Jorge IUsedToBeASoxProspectlaRosa, and that Colorado kid in the pen… not bad at all.

  36. METs WIN….METS WIN!!!! Now that your braves had to actually play against big league players look what happened. Got beat, just like you will the rest of the season. I absolutely cannot wait until opening day so we can beat the crap out of the braves..

  37. Congrats NYMets. Good thing your “big league players” can beat a Braves team with only 2 of our regular season starters.

  38. I did not mean as in we are playing you on opening day buddy, I just want the season to start so we can face the braves.(April 17 for those that want to know) I honestly can’t wait. I wish the braves were our opening day team to play. It would be an ease win for us and would boost team morale. Boy oh Boy floyd looks hurt hu? Hes “done” for the season didn’t some of you tell me, actualy boasting about it. When he hits 2.80 with 37 hr this year I will laugh at your expense, not to mention when he hits them long against the braves this year.

  39. And chill: we had 4 starters. your team had two. so what not much of difference there. Last game we played you your starters far out weighed ours

  40. NY METS, you promised that we wouldn’t hear from you until the season started.

    Is it possible that you’re becoming less literate the more you write? While that would make no sense, neither do your arguments, so I guess it’d be par for the course.

    2 final thoughts:

    1) One can’t “hit 2.80.”

    2) What does it say about your team that you’re this excited over a spring training victory? As I go to bed tonight, “Thank you for not making me a Mets fan” will certainly be included among my prayers.

  41. O.K. I don’t get it. Did I miss the memo? Have the Mets suddenly become a successful franchise? Have they been WS contenders every year for decades? According to NYMETS, the Mets we Braves fans know and laugh at are really an absolute lock for continued greatness. You would think he was talking about the other NY team. As much as I hate them too, at least they have a history and plenty to brag about. Sometimes I feel as if I am in the Twilight Zone.

  42. I thought it meant “royal city,” but I’m no Spanish expert, either.

    Next we’re going to hear about how Pedro is going to pitch with an ERA of .214 this season. Unlike hitting 2.80, I guess that is actually possible. Might I suggest, however, that .214 is the proportion of the season Pedro will actually play, and that I hope his ERA is 21.4.

    Fun with numbers!

  43. At the rate we’re going, we’ll need to invent a sport for Americans to dominate, get disinterested in, and embarrass themselves on the world stage with every couple years. My next pick is losing to Germany in the quarters of the (American) football World Bowl.

  44. I bet no country will beat Dick Cheaney in human hunting…wait, is that an American sport?

  45. How is it possible to pitch 5 innings in spring training and not strike out a batter? Only HoRam knows.

  46. does anyone else notice that NY METS finally shuts up when he gets put in his place? i vote that we only give permission to our most fiesty to go after him. stu, looks like a job you can tackle with ease. and yes, villareal looks incredible, joey devine looks great, boyer’s coming around. if we could just ship ramirez and move davies/james into the rotation we would be in good shape. maybe everything will be in place by opening day.

  47. “Working on something” sounds about right. That’s the phrase that is especially appropriate to parents of children in diapers.

  48. This thread just produced more posts making fun of and responding to this Mets joker than anything related to the actual topic–the sale of the team–or anything even Braves related, for that matter. It was all college hoops and wacky WBC elimination scenarios. Ridiculous. There are dozens of WBC and NCAA blogs out there, but that talk usually ends up finding its way in here. If this is supposedly the most dedicated and hardcore group of Braves fans that represents the whole, it’s no wonder we get pounded on in the media for being so apathetic.

    Nothing against anyone personally, but it’s really frustrating to try and get a relevant conversation started to no avail.

  49. There’s nothing going on, HW. The most relevant thing of the last couple of days was the WBC game last night in which Villareal, Chipper, and the kid looked good. None of the cuts was particularly surprising, and the current Braves story on the AJC (which I didn’t bother to link) is about Remlinger, trying to convince us that he’s doing well.

  50. my personal opinion the braves should put together a package to oakland for zito and jay witasik. then the rotation would be without a doubt the best in the east if not the n.l. then witasik would give us a good experienced pitcher out of the pen. what do yall think? and what kind of package do yall think we could put together?

  51. to me, zito is not going to make strides until he improves his control. his curveball is still great but everyone sits on it and he just doesn’t get the strikeouts that he did up through 2002. if he cuts his walk rate by 30%, maybe we can talk. witasick is alright but i would rather go with cheaper options; ‘name’ bullpen guys outside of the very upper tier tend to go up in smoke.

  52. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    Totally off topic: I’m so psyched about tonight because I’m going to see Shane MacGowan and The Pogues in Times Square. First time in NYC in 15 years.

    “I am going, I am going, where streams of whiskey are flowing…”

  53. So some jerk is trading off the name of the lovely Erin Andrews to spew apocalyptic rhetoric. See here:


    I am particularly stressed with point 15, “How to avoid the mark of the beast.”

    Now I’m just a normal guy. Sure, I believe that Yog-Sothoth is the gate and that Cthluhu will one day spawn from the seas and envelop us with his death-tentacles, but I have to draw the line somewhere. “Mark of the Beast”????? Give me a break.

    BTW, what are the early reports re: the chemistry between McDowell and the pitching staff? Any hot foots been perpetrated yet?


  54. So when this NEW WORLD ORDER takes hold & us heathens are drowning in a lake of fire, will Erin Andrews be the sideline reporter?

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