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Kolb is just a guy. The lesson of his last 16 months isn’t that he’s special, but that good relievers often come from the waiver wire, or the independent leagues, or the failure of an infield prospect to hit. The Brewers did well to deal Kolb at the peak of his value, allowing him to beomce Paul Quantrill on someone else’s dime.

The Braves will be sending a PTBNL to the Brewers as well. Now, I heard conflicting reports, but if it’s the name most often mentioned, left-handed Dan Meyer, Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin will have gone a long way to beefing up a woefully thin pitching staff.

If the Braves send Meyer up there too, I’ll throw up. It probably isn’t. They may have gotten him confused with a lesser prospect, Zach Miner.