In case you were wondering

The site was down due to the efforts of spammers, who are scumbags. Hawk is working on it and everything should be okay now.

11 thoughts on “In case you were wondering”

  1. I was getting a bit nervous. My morning just was not the same. I had my coffee like usual, but no Braves Talk has thrown off my equilibrium.

  2. Unleash the Hawk…

    I always fail to understand the kick these people get out of this kind of spamming or sending out a malicious virus. It’s like turfing a lawn or keying a car.

    I’m not for fascism and I’m against capital punishment on principle…except when it comes to these people. If it were up to me, they’d all be starring in the last scene of “Braveheart.”

  3. Ahem…the last scene of Braveheart is a battle, not the disembowling scene with Jesus H. Gibson, which I believe, is what you are wishing on spammers, ububba.

    In other news, I enjoy the tribulations (a little schadenfreund) of the Cubs, especially since attending the playoff series of ’03 where I had to endure those Lincoln Park trixies mocking the chop. Needless to say, I had a spontaneous climax upon seeing the Cubs fold in game 6 of the NLCS. Oh, I tasted the tears of unfathomable Cubs sadness that night I can tell you.

    With that said, where do you place the Cubs in the Central this year? I see them at least third, maybe fourth. The litmus test will be their second series against the Cards. I hate Cub fans who remind us that the wild card comes out of the central. Pathetic. F-that, you will be playoff eliminated by late August. BTW, Miss Cleo predicts Prior won’t pitch again until ’07.


  4. I have the Cubs behind the Cards, neck-and-neck with the Astros and Brewers for the 2nd spot. I think it will fall out:




  5. Also, Mel Gibson didn’t get the full treatment W. Wallace got from the English. I would get behind the castration of spammers if they had anything to cut off.

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