Play Ball!

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I would liveblog this but every time I try that the Braves lose and usually they get slaughtered. Lineups:

SS R Furcal
2B M Giles
3B C Jones
CF A Jones
1B A LaRoche
C J Estrada
RF R Mondesi
LF B Jordan
SP J Smoltz

CF J Pierre
2B L Castillo
LF M Cabrera
1B C Delgado
3B M Lowell
C P Lo Duca
RF J Encarnacion
SS A Gonzalez
SP J Beckett

28 thoughts on “Play Ball!”

  1. Glad to see Mondesi/Jordan buried at the bottom.

    I don’t think I’m the only one really excited at seeing Smoltz start again.

  2. Glad to see Bobby waited until the first game of the season to start BJ against a righty. At least he’s batting 8th.

  3. Bobby’s on the radio now, and the insinuation is that Jordan’s the regular. Of course, the first thing he mentioned was his defense.

  4. i was actually open to the idea of a platoon in LF, but you just knew this was coming . . . of course, Bobby has made me eat crow before, so hopefully he’ll do it again.

  5. I love LaRoche in the 5 hole. I was worred he would get pushed down because of the veterans.

    Lets hope Estrada has found his stroke.

  6. Well the top of the first sucked. Furcal & Giles walked, we score nada, and Giles ankle may be hurt.

  7. Well the bottom of the first is sucking even worse. 5-0 Fish on Encarnacion’s granny.

  8. Well, things have to get better-they can’t get much worse. This reminds me of the first game of all the playoff series. Didn’t we put Smoltz back in the rotation to win opening games?

  9. What happened to Giles? Hurt making a play, or what? Feel bad for Smoltz, not the kind of start any of us would have wanted.

  10. Chip and Joe on the radio said that Giles got spiked going into second on a force play and rolled his ankle. He’s back in the game, though, probably with a heavy-duty tape job.

  11. What happened to Giles? Hurt making a play, or what?

    Akward slide going from 1B to 2B on an infield forceout. Jammed ankle.

  12. Thanks bamadan, here at work and can’t really tell what’s happening, tryin to run the gamecast from ESPN.

  13. ugh. what happened? did he just not get cabrera, overthrow home, something else? this is the most painful yahoo gamecast i’ve ever watched, tee hee.

  14. Mondesi missed the cut-off man, allowing a run to score and Delgado to advance to second. Joe said Mondesi “airmailed” the throw from right.

  15. Well, not an ideal way to start a season (especially for Smoltz). But hey, it’s only one game, and we have a chance to see Sosa!

  16. Joe said Mondesi “airmailed” the throw from right.

    It wasn’t just an airmail … it was the Judy Garland special: somewhere over the rainbow. It nearly went past Estrada.

    Sosa struggled with location, but the stuff is indeed electric.

  17. I was so pumped to see Smoltz and he has about the worst possible start. He couldn’t overpower anyone. I really hope he was just off a little today and he finds himself. C’mon Smoltzie, we love you.

  18. Raoul, I can actually see Smoltzie’s stuff being pretty good. I think it’s more on the location and his insistent on pitching outside. Seems like the Marlins are sitting on the outside pitches. Don’t worry, I think he will be fine.

  19. Skip and Pete think Smoltz may have been “too hyped” I tend to agree. I also like the stat over tha last 40 years the Braves were something likke 16-24 on opening day and Smoltz was 0-2.

  20. Okay, I am not sure I know what overthrowing is, but it seemed to me smoltz was in a rut of overthrowing and trying to correct that. He would throw a few horribly outside, with good velocity and movement, and then come right back down the middle. Maybe he wasn’t overthrowing but just trying to get strikes on big pitches.

    Also he definately did not keep the ball down. He even got away with a few pitches.

    Also I kinda liked sosa, yes he has location problems, but he was very good on those back to back strikeouts. Then he just completely fell apart with the following walks. Trying to figure out if I’ll like him.

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