See you tomorrow

There’s a thunderstorm here and I want to shut down my computer. I think I write better in the late night recaps, but I grow too old for this.

Ooh, Eric Gregg abuse! Hooray for the SportsSouth guys!

7 thoughts on “See you tomorrow”

  1. Another bloodletting. Fortunately, the Braves are the ones administering it. Is there anyone who would have thought the Braves could be in 1st place before the All-Star Break? A sweep of the Phillies would accomplish that. They will be only 1-1/2 out after tonight and in 3rd place ahead of the soon to be out of the race Marlins. Just goes to show you that maybe it was Pudge who took that team to the promised land, not Trader Jack.

  2. Wasn’t it a series sweep in PR last year that seemed to get the Braves going? I know it was the series that Javy hit a granny in and never looked back from there. Not comparing the two teams or suggesting a correlation, just something that came to mind as I was watching the last few innings of tonight’s little blowout.

  3. I feel the need to remind folks that I’m a night owl, so when I’m on duty at BravesBuzz (games M-Th), I always post my recap before I hit the sack. In case you can’t wait till morning :-).

  4. A sweep at Philly is going to be tough. We’re putting Hampton out there for one of the games (or is he being skipped over?) and it looks like we’ll miss Millwood.

  5. There was a very good article in the AJC this morning. It basically told Philly that the end is near. It reminded them of last year, when Philly was 8 games up at the end of May and in second place by then end of June. Philly was playing decent baseball, or so it seemed, against Montreal and Baltimore. Granted, the Braves swept the Expos, but they beat 2 other decent teams 5 out of 7.

  6. I don’t need a sweep of Philly, just as long as we don’t get swept by them to kill the current streak. And yeah, with a Hampton game in the mix, a sweep will be hard. But the recent streak has been a boost to a team that was 6.5 out and falling just a few weeks ago.

  7. Seems kind of unlikely, but is there any possibility Horacio would take over Hampton’s spot in the rotation when he gets back?

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