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Had a mediocre year and got hurt. His ERA was 4.47 (park-adjusted league ERA was 4.40) and threw only 98 2/3 innings after two years of workhorse duty. Most of his stats other than ERA were actually pretty close to his 2004 campaign (when he had a 3.74 ERA). He allowed hitters to hit .284/.332/.409 last year, .276/.326/.409 in 2004. His walk and strikeout numbers were about the same, his home runs allowed actually down. So the ERA is probably just bad luck. The injuries are more of a concern.

I thought that there was a good chance that the Braves would unload Thomson this offseaosn. Despite the injury problems last year he was coming off of several years of being a reliable mid-rotation starter and his salary is pretty reasonable compared to what some pitchers with similar histories are getting. Carl Pavano has similar career stats, though he’s a couple years younger, and he’s getting $9 million. At any event, the trade didn’t happen, and he should settle in for another year as the Braves’ third starter. If he’s healthy, he should be pretty good in that role.

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  1. I agree, Thomson needs to have the year he was supposed to have last year. Hopefully he can stay healthy and be a reliable third starter.

  2. I hope Glavine gets to end his career in Atlanta, even if he gets a bit more money than he’ll actually be worth by then. I think “the fans” would have no reason to boo him and treat him so badly if he were to come back for one last year. He deserves to retire as a Brave, especially after the bitter pill he and his Mets are going to choke down this season.

  3. Some things I picked up from the Braves mail bag:
    1) The answer to a question we all have wondered about, the Braves have about $6 million to play with. It looks like they will stay where they are and try to stay in the race unatil the trade dead line and see where their needs are and make a deal.
    2) It looks like the tomato uni’s are coming back next year,ugh. There may also be some additional changes.

  4. It would be a great story for Glavine to get #300 in Atlanta, but I only want him if he stays effective. His ERA was 2.22 during the second half last year so he hasn’t lost it yet.

  5. I would LOVE to see Tom Terrific get #300 wearing a cap with an A on the front.
    But no matter what happens, it’ll be alright. Because his plaque in Cooperstown will have him in the only cap that matters.

  6. Not a lot to say about the guy, really. When healthy, he’s a good value. Gets hit a little bit, but seems to keep the ball down.

    I always envisioned John Thomson pitching Game 4 of a 7-game series & having him go up against some freaked-out rookie.

    Of course, these days it would be nice to actually make a 7-game series.

  7. Sorry to break into a good thread here … but I’ve been searching for an update on Hampton … I know he is out for the year, but … what is the progress … does anyone know.

  8. Good article today in local paper (Western Mass) about new signing
    “Baker is just days away from flying to Atlanta, where he will introduce himself to his new Braves teammates. The organization should be just as excited to have their new free-agent acquisition, as he is to be in camp and on the team’s 40-man big-league roster; Baker led the Triple-A Pacific Coast League last season with 27 saves on a team that won only 70 games.

    “The Braves had the best opportunity for me. They have a bullpen where they have no idea who’s going to be in certain positions — about six or seven positions,” he explained. “Where most teams were offering one or two (positions), some teams offered Triple A, the Braves came out and said ‘You have an opportunity to make this team. You’re the top reliever on our list.’ They wanted to know exactly what I wanted.”

    And why shouldn’t Baker take advantage of such a situation. “Baseball America” listed the hard-throwing righty as the Padres’ No. 9 prospect last season, and after spending yet another season on the farm, the sixth-year free-agent narrowed down his seemingly limitless future to three teams: the Sox, the Braves and the — gulp — Yankees.

  9. Completely off-topic, but I hadn’t realized just how much I missed Mike Remlinger until I saw a picture of him in a Braves uniform on the AJC website. I’ll add my voice to those hoping he makes a good comeback.

  10. “I picked up a football one day [in December] and started throwing it,” he said, “and thought, ‘My arm feels great.’ … The chance to play for [manager] Bobby [Cox] and his staff is a great opportunity, to go where I feel comfortable and really feel driven.”

    They did tell him that Leo’s gone, right?

  11. I got the off of

    “Someone told me that a Griffey to the Braves rumor was floating around last week. I’m not sure where it originated, but it would be a nice fit in my opinion. Plus, the Braves would have the ammo to get it done.”

  12. Ofcourse we hear that every year. Maybe if he played left it wouldn’t be a taxing for him and if the Reds picked up some of his contract. He may not be what he used to be, but I think Griffey would be an upgrade over the KJ/Langerhans duo. Just imagine that bat wiggle in a Braves uniform (not the ugle red ones.) Does it get you pumped? Thought so.

  13. Can’t Griffey play 1B, he is a lefty and it would be easier on those rubber band hamstrings? Just a thought.

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