John Thomson Statistics –

Had a mediocre year and got hurt. His ERA was 4.47 (park-adjusted league ERA was 4.40) and threw only 98 2/3 innings after two years of workhorse duty. Most of his stats other than ERA were actually pretty close to his 2004 campaign (when he had a 3.74 ERA). He allowed hitters to hit .284/.332/.409 last year, .276/.326/.409 in 2004. His walk and strikeout numbers were about the same, his home runs allowed actually down. So the ERA is probably just bad luck. The injuries are more of a concern.

I thought that there was a good chance that the Braves would unload Thomson this offseaosn. Despite the injury problems last year he was coming off of several years of being a reliable mid-rotation starter and his salary is pretty reasonable compared to what some pitchers with similar histories are getting. Carl Pavano has similar career stats, though he’s a couple years younger, and he’s getting $9 million. At any event, the trade didn’t happen, and he should settle in for another year as the Braves’ third starter. If he’s healthy, he should be pretty good in that role.