EMMoore asked about sources for the Braves’ early history. This isn’t a definitive list of books, but it’s a start…

There is a history of the Milwaukee Braves:

Milwaukee Braves: A Baseball Eulogy

There are a number of good books about Hank Aaron, starting with his autobiography with Lonnie Wheeler:

I Had a Hammer : The Hank Aaron Story

There doesn’t seem to be an in-print adult general history of the Boston Braves. There is one book focusing on the years 1923-35:

Judge Fuchs and the Boston Braves, 1923-1935

There is a chapter on the 1935 club in On a Clear Day They Could See Seventh Place: Baseball’s Worst Teams, which is out of print but I have in my home library somewhere.

There is a biography of Harry Wright, which now I’m going to have to buy:

Harry Wright: The Father of Professional Base Ball

Pete Van Wieren did a general history of the club with Bob Klapisch in 1995; I haven’t read it and it’s out of print:

The Braves: An Illustrated History of America’s Team

And there’s the Braves Encyclopedia:

The Braves Encyclopedia (Baseball Encyclopedias of North America)

I’m sure Michael has done research about this and would know more than I.