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EMMoore asked about sources for the Braves’ early history. This isn’t a definitive list of books, but it’s a start…

There is a history of the Milwaukee Braves:

Milwaukee Braves: A Baseball Eulogy

There are a number of good books about Hank Aaron, starting with his autobiography with Lonnie Wheeler:

I Had a Hammer : The Hank Aaron Story

There doesn’t seem to be an in-print adult general history of the Boston Braves. There is one book focusing on the years 1923-35:

Judge Fuchs and the Boston Braves, 1923-1935

There is a chapter on the 1935 club in On a Clear Day They Could See Seventh Place: Baseball’s Worst Teams, which is out of print but I have in my home library somewhere.

There is a biography of Harry Wright, which now I’m going to have to buy:

Harry Wright: The Father of Professional Base Ball

Pete Van Wieren did a general history of the club with Bob Klapisch in 1995; I haven’t read it and it’s out of print:

The Braves: An Illustrated History of America’s Team

And there’s the Braves Encyclopedia:

The Braves Encyclopedia (Baseball Encyclopedias of North America)

I’m sure Michael has done research about this and would know more than I.

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  1. Sorry but I get pissed off by the fact that I wrote a book called “Dem Braves A Brooklyn Boy’s Odyssey With His Chosen Team” which recounts the history of the team since the year I became their fan, 1957. Reviews by those who have read it or pieces of it are overwhelmingly positive but I can’t seem to get it published. How sad.

  2. Mac, Have you read “None but the Braves: A Pitcher, a Team, a Champion” by Tom Glavine? I personally haven’t read it, but kinda want to. First I wanted to find out if it was just a Glavine bio or his experiences with the team.

  3. Mac,

    Thanks for the list, now I’ll have to add these titles to my wish list. I look forward to reading them.

    Michael, when you get your book published, I’ll also add it to my wish list. Good luck.

  4. Pete Van Wieren (along with Bob Klapisch) wrote “The Braves: An Illustrated History” a pretty nice coffee table book.

  5. I swear, I’ve got to work on my reading comprehension skills. I missed Mac already mentioning the Van Wieren book. Anyway, its available at for about $10 and is well worth that much.

  6. Yeah, but it you order it through that Amazon link I get a cut. (I am shameless.) Some of the other editions linked in that entry are really cheap, so that cut is really small.

  7. Mac,

    If you linked to Barnes & Noble would you get a cut from them also?

    I only ask because my wife works for them and we try not to order from their competition (the “A” word, not generally spoken in our home). If not, I will probably order one of the books from the company named after a South American river simply because, as far as I’m concerned, you’re entitled to some compensation for all you do for us on Braves Journal.

  8. The cuts are really small (for used books, usually they pay out pennies) and if you want to order from B&N go ahead. I’ve never set up a B&N account. I could set one up tomorrow, I suppose, one at Powell’s too if people are more comfortable with them.

  9. I usually order from Everything I order, if in stock, arrives in two business days using normal shipping. (They ship from Muscle Shoals.)

  10. Sure, Mota “failed his physical” which he passed 2 months ago when he came to Boston. Right! Nice try to get Manny Delcarmen or Kelly Shoppach, Mr. Shapiro. Very nice.

  11. There’s a hilarious book by an organizaton guy named Bob Hope (really) called “We Could’ve Finished Last Without You!”
    It a great history of the club in the years right before the big success streak. Highly recommended.

  12. Glavine’s “None But the Braves” should be subtitled “A Tribute to Devastatingly Poignant Irony.”

  13. By the way, anyone who is in Portland, Oregon, for any reason should stop by Powell’s; it’s an amazing place. Best to make a plan before going in.

  14. Conan just burned the Mets like none other.

    “The Mets anounced that they are launching their own tv channel. No news yet on what they will air during October.”

  15. In honor of Mike Clay, who I think has disappeared off this blog but who I just talked to tonight, I’ll respond to that with his favorite line:

    “Haha owned!”

  16. I got the Bob Hope book as a gift about 10 years ago & it’s really funny. The guy was the Braves’ director during the early/mid 1970s.

    It details all the goofy promotions the Braves had to pull in order to draw anyone during the Marty Perez/Maximino Leon era: Karl Walenda walking across the top of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium; weddings at home plate; ostrich races; motorized bathtub races; Blind Date Night, etc.

    It also give readers a good idea of just how crazy the early Ted Turner Era was. It’s also instructive to those who have gotten a little too accustomed to winning. It wasn’t always that way.

  17. Mazzone’s Tales from the Braves Mound is an interesting read. It’s basically a collection of stories, in which Leo candidly covers his history as pitching coach. He talks about shouting matches with Glavine and other players, as well as other people in the organization. He also talks about how he learned tricks from his pitchers and other coaches.

  18. Mazzone’s “Tales from the Mound” has gotten an update and revision. It’s due out March 1st, this year.

  19. What I meant by that, is I love this site. And also, I asked a question and the next day it was on the front page all written up nice-like. I mean, that’s some customer service (fan service?). Other sites need to take notice. Of course, it does help that the community here (which I like to think I’m of) is able to ask good questions and spark discussions. And I would like to note that I am pretty awesome. I mean, objectively and by all manner of scientific measurement.

    Seriously, I don’t post that often, but I’m here every day and this site is probably as good as it gets in the blogosphere.

    And thanks for taking the time to list some suggestions. That was very cool.

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