At his best, a useful player, but in his first two seasons he hasn’t managed to maintain his best work long enough. Last season, he alternated good months with bad ones. OPS by month: .689, .822, .734, .924, .571, .959. In the end, it worked out to a second straight year of Brognadom, .259/.320/.455. (Actually, he was worse than in 2004, but it was all singles; his other stats were flat.) August, his worst month, was also the month in which he came to the plate the most, 100 times even. He hit one homer and four doubles in that stretch… Is a better hitter when he walks less. Isolated OBP in the “bad” months averaged .084, in the “good” months .037. I don’t know what that means, exactly, just thought I’d point it out. Since September was his best month, and he played well in the Division Series, you can hope he’ll turn the corner, but he played well in the second half last year and that didn’t foreshadow any success.

Right now, LaRoche is the regular first baseman. The Braves don’t have anyone else who’s played first base on the major league level except Pratt (13 games between 1998 and 2003) and Renteria (once in 2001). Matt Diaz is pencilled in as the backup, but I don’t expect a platoon. If one of the outfielders is traded, the Braves might give a shot to James Jurries or Scott Thorman, who could platoon.

Not as good of a defensive player as advertised, but he did a good job with Furcal’s throws, helping push the shortstop to a should-have-won-the-Gold-Glove season. Renteria is steadier, so that’s not as much of a concern now. Probably slower than McCann, making him the slowest regular now that Estrada’s gone.

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