87 thoughts on “Late Game Thread: September 4, Reds at Braves”

  1. If the Mets & Nats hang on & we can score our normal 7 or 9 runs against this bunch, this has a chance to be a pretty fruitful day.

    And I guess I’m a little shocked Ortiz is even still pitching.

  2. And that last at bat by LaRoche resulted in something absolutely no one would’ve expected.

    (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.)

  3. Getting Kyle Farnsworth for a 25-year old and a marginal prospect was the steal of the trading deadline.

  4. It probably wasn’t a “steal”. Colon is entering the rotation this week for the Tigers. Farnsworth wouldn’t have resigned with them. That was probably one of those win-win deals.

  5. True, but virtually every team in baseball wants a closer or to firm up their bullpen. A half-year rental of Farnsworth is better than any deal that any other team made.

  6. By the way, the Phillies are losing 6-1. Good Lord, they suck.
    Thank goodness we get to be in the NL East instead of the AL East or AL West.

  7. This is a question: why wouldn’t you just intentionally walk Andruw Jones every time Adam LaRoche was behind him in the order?

  8. Wild Pitch on an intentional walk!

    If LaRoche hits into a double play here, he should retire.


  9. I Laroche hits into a double play here, he should change his uniform number to 463 so that the scoring is easier to remember.

  10. Adam LaRoche reminds me a bit of Rafael Belliard at the plate, except he’s not quite as good in the clutch.

  11. Langerhans needs to walk here.

    Hell, I’d be tempted to put in KJ right now, just because he has a better eye and a walk wins it.

  12. That inning was horrible. The Braves Rally Killers lived up to their billing. Even righty-lefty couldn’t save them.

  13. I love how, after Kolb gives up a hit or walk, TBS cuts to Leo & Bobby bitching to each other.

    This is now officially scary.

    Of course, Kolb probably thinks that should’ve been a DP.

  14. I disagree with Alex R. on this. Kolb shouldn’t even be starting innings. He should only be pitching when the team is down by 7 or more.

    He is a bad pitcher. Period.

  15. Three foreseeable events: Adam LaRoche blows a chance to score a run, Dan Kolb gives up the go-ahead run, and Griffey gets injured.

  16. Kolb is like bad karma. We’re being punished for something. This guy is like Pigpen in the Peanuts comics. Every time he shows up, everywhere he goes, the situation immediately gets worse.

  17. I wonder who’s coming in for Griffey.

    Whoever it is, hit the ball RIGHT at him.

    Of course, if the score is 9-3 before Kolb’s finished, the point could be moot.

  18. Good call, ububba.
    So what’s the over/under on Kolb walking home a run, Kenny Rogers-style?

  19. At least there’s absolutely no way Bobby will be tempted to have Kolb on the postseason roster. The Griffey ball was good enough to be a double play without the shift, but other than that, Kolb just stunk. Argh.

  20. somehow i throw all the blame on LaRoche. . somehow.

    that and the fact that Kolb needs to shave.

  21. The silver lining (well, maybe the tin lining) is that maybe, just maybe, this is the final nail in the Kolb coffin as far as appearing in meaningful situations.

  22. LaRoche sucks, but the idea of replacing him with Hollandsworth doesn’t really excite me. He hasn’t shown much since he’s gotten here, other than the LaRoche-esque ability to strike out on fastballs down the middle of the plate. Defensively, LaRoche is certainly better. We need to just play Julio until he collapses, at which point we stick in Betemit or Marte.

  23. We could play Hampton at first base. That way, he wouldn’t get injured. (Or even if he did, it wouldn’t matter.)

  24. I still can’t believe the Reds, after expanded rosters, are playing a catcher in the outfield.

    Why aren’t they calling up some people?

  25. Tough stuff today.

    Upsides: Phils & Fish lost. Kolb’s performance may render him radioactive for the playoff roster. We get the Mets tomorrow, which usually means good things.

    Time to go mow the lawn.

  26. I just … I just don’t know what to say about the Kolb fiasco.

    It’s not like he earned some breathing room. He should have been on a short leash from pitch one. After two men got on, he should have been pulled.

  27. Well, I’m sure he’ll be traded in the offseason or released, thank God.

    And Mac, I can’t wait to hear your post-game comments

  28. To all,

    Stu & I have spoken and we have come to a truce. All’s well that ends well.

    No more cussing, that’s fine. But I am not the only one so I suppose if it makes some people happy we should all do it. But no more personal attacks from anyone on any other bloggers is also an agreeable point.

    That said, we shouild all be sitting here making personal attacks on ADAM LAROCHE.

    mac and I just sat on the phone the last ten minutes and I was about to blow a gasket on Adam LaRoche.

    Bobby Cox cost us todays game. the Braves should have won this game in the bottom of the 11th and as far as I am concerned, Jerry Narron is a GENIUS for pitching around Andruw and Frenchy with LaRoche sandwiched in there. I knew when Giles stole second the inning was lost.

    Though I would love to drop 20 f-bombs on Adam LaRoche right now and Cox, I won’t. I am not even mad at Kolbb. Kolbb did what kolbb does. I am just profoundly depressed right now abnout Cox batting LaRoche fifth. I am bordering on obssession of anger directed at Cox for not moving Frenchy uip to 5ht in the order.

    The bottom line is you can’t have an MVP canidates batting 4th and a black hole hitting 5th. Then you get innings like the bottom of the 11th.

    And how great would 6 games up on the Phillies be over 5 games? This loss really hurts because if the batting order had been done right in the first place, they may still pitch around Andruw, but then Frenchy comes up and ends it with even a fly ball.

    Alex R.

  29. Well, that was a disappointing finish. At least the other eastern teams all split, so on the weekend we gained ground on the Phillies and Mets, stayed even with the Marlins and Nationals. Three more days are off the calendar. After Kolb gave up the lead run, Bobby left him in the game instead of pulling him. Either he didn’t want to burn another reliever just then, or he wanted to see how Kolb would finish the inning as a datapoint for deciding what his role will be going forward. I’m going to go with the latter.

  30. It doesn’t have to get personal to attack a player. Ya know… I don’t have to say he’s a loser in life to say that, yes, at least now he do indeed suck.

  31. I too am frustrated that LaRoche is still batting 5th. It really takes a long time to get in Bobby’s doghouse.

  32. I’m so sorry everyone!
    OFF TOPIC: dooky, you must read…
    You live in Atlanta but Dodgers? I don’t wanna talk with you. LOL.
    undelivered letter-_-;; I’m dummed out. Here’s the deal. Let’s post on your cy.
    No, I wouldn’t. I’m surprised… Thank you all.You guys dandy! I’m really going to miss you guys, too.
    This is it’s a bad news. My shoulders are stiff. I feel a sharp pain in the right arm over and over. No sign of recovery.-_-;; The Doc. strongly recommends that Iīd better have some rest.

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