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  1. Agreed.

    The fact that TBS is airing a Monday 1 pm game against the PIRATES further goes to show that TBS executives absolutely DO NOT CARE AT ALL ABOUT WHEN THE BRAVES AIR.

    I mean, how do you have a game like this on TV but only 1 of the upcoming 3 games with the BEST TEAM IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE, THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS is only on TV–ONCE?

    The only explanation is the fact that Time Warner execs are evil, evil evil.

    Why the hell can’t we get a REAL owner already?

  2. I just want to join the club in complaining about tbs. I live in southern indiana and my only hope of watching braves on cable in tbs. The braves fanbase is spread out throughout this country and most of the reason for this is due to tbs being national. Why would they cut the potential audience down in favor of turner south? To top it off, a majority of tbs broadcast are during the day when most of america is at work keeping the economy going. I don’t get it.

  3. Josh,

    it’s because Time Warner execs don’t give a RAT’S ASS about Braves fans or Braves baseball. They look at us as a 90 game “obligation” they have to fulfill and feel it’s cheaper to air “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Sex & the City” 25 times a day and still get the SAME rating…gee, it actually requires Time Warner to have extra folks on the payroll to air TBS games–GOD FORBID (cheap bastards).

    So, they have pretty much wittled the Braves down to a science. Let’s show stacks of games in April & September and who cares how much we air in the middle of the season! Oh, and even if the Mets had 20 wins right now, that’s the ONE team they will always show all games SUPPOSEDLY because of the vaunted rivalry (even though we beat them every year) but it’s because of the New York market…why do you think almost all Dodger games get aired or we get simulcast of WGN games with the Cubs….they want the MARKET SHARE.

    Doesn’t matter to them that St. Louis is the best team in the NL and we should be seeing all 3 of those games nationally on TV…St. Louis is a median market and therefore has less “interest” to the evil suits then say a mediocre Mets or Cubs team does. Just stupid, stupid, stupid.

    They should be airing the BEST 90 games possible on TBS at all times and have an “adjustable” schedule so that when you do end up with Smoltz vs. Maddux or Smoltz vs. Glavine, those games don’t freaking end up on Turner South which five people get.

    I mean, a 1 pm Monday (non holiday) game vs. PITTSBURGH? That’s one of the 90 best possible games you could air when all of us are at work and now I am going to be forced to keep CBS Sportsline up and be distracted from work for 3 hours? It’s just evil and wrong.

    But again, those fucking suits don’t CARE about the average Braves fans. As long as they can air the Dodgers, Mets and Cubs, they’ve “done their job” in their small minds.

  4. Todays Lineup:


    I’m actually glad Langerhans is in the lineup. Some might disagree w/ me but KJ should be our 4th outfielder. Anyways, the Braves have a tough pitcher to face today hopefully the bats will stay hot…

  5. I’ll third the sentiment. I discovered the Braves as a 12 year old in 1985 after my family moved from Detroit to West Virginia. I couldn’t see the Tigers anymore, but the Braves were always on. Over the course of two seasons, they grew on me, and by the time 1987 rolled around I was ready to argue with anyone who suggested that Andres Thomas was anything less than the greatest young shortstop in the game (if that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is). The entire basis of my love for the Braves was the fact that I got to see them almost every night.

    My Braves fandom has been unwavering since then, but it is truly being tested now. I’m in Ohio, and I can only see them on TBS. While the schedule has been getting reduced steadily for some time, the insane front loading, back loading, and odd timing (like today’s) makes it really hard to see my team. I suppose four Friends reruns a night is a better financial gamble for Time Warner, but it’s certainly shortsighted.

  6. Alex R., you should get together about a million or so Braves fans, get them to pitch in few hundred dollars a piece, and make an offer to Time Warner.

    No sweat, right?

    The Braves will never get a “real” owner until Time Warner assumes so much debt they have to liquidate assets to pay it. Until then, they’ll overprice the team, as the value to them, in establishing Turner South and keeping TBS on systems, is greater than it would be to any outside interest.

    I would love to see a break-even Braves where all profits go back into the team, but it just won’t happen until Time Warner gets a way over-market offer or it’s forced to sell the team.

  7. Baseball is slowly going the way of boxing. Eventually Superstations will no longer have the rights to show games and it will all become Pay-per-view. Just like boxing, fewer and fewer people will pay to watch games of a sport that is pesudo tainted (roids) like boxing.

    As of now we gets some Cubs and Sox games (WGN) Braves (TBS) Yanks and Red Sox (ESPN) and a Fox game of the week St.Louis, Mets, Red Sox, Yankees

    Soon it will be free baseball on Wed nights (FoxSS, the Red Sox or Yankees on ESPN) and Sunday’s (Yankees and Red Sox on ESPN again, unless they can get another AL East team.)

    That will be the end of baseball in America

  8. I think I’d probably watch more if it were pay-per-view and reasonably priced. The package deals are a little too much for me to swallow at once, but if it were, say, less than $10 per game, I’d be watching several (and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up spending as much or more than I would on a package deal). The thing about boxing is that it is so damn expensive. With so few truly attractive fights and so much money involved in each, I think it’s different enough that the model doesn’t really apply to baseball. That may be more optimism than analysis, but it doesn’t worry me that much. I don’t blame mlb for looking to make as much as they can on truly national broadcasts, assuming that the regions are sufficiently covered. It’s a reasonable form of revenue sharing, in my mind.

  9. Well, that wasn’t very well thought-out. It didn’t take me long to realize how quickly $10/game would add up over a season. But, still, the general idea doesn’t bother me too much assuming it’s something close to affordable.

  10. the extra innings package isn’t too bad a deal actually, and atleast with my cable provider, allows monthly payments. It has been worth every penny.

  11. Palmeiro tested positive for steroids. I’m in shock. I can’t believe this. I feel like I did when Furcal was arrested last year. This hurts.

  12. This is much, much bigger than any DUI story. I predict that he’ll go the way of Pete Rose and be a HOF wannabe for the rest of his life.

  13. What a liar that Palmeiro is. Too bad he won’t be convicted of perjury, he deserves it. His whole case for the hall was based on being a steady productive hitter, never great but always good. well now we know why. LIAR

  14. He was telling more truth than people have ever given him credit for, I’m sure. The big problem, aside from his personality, was that his book was littered with easily disproven lies.

  15. I’m totally crushed. Last year when Furcal was arrested I felt sick to my stomach. This is kind of the same feeling. It hurts so much when someone you like and respect does something so stupid. I feel cheated and deceived. Why did he do this? How could he do something so stupid? I felt worse about the DUI because it meant that Furcal was a criminal who could have killed someone, but now everything Palmeiro has ever done means nothing. I’m devastated.

  16. Perhaps the worst thing about the Palmeiro news is that it confirms something that Jose Canseco claimed… that Palmeiro is a juicer. Eeew. Back when Canseco was Mr. Mighty 40-40, I bet my buddy $50 (an unimaginably large sum to me at the time) that he would not make the Hall of Fame within 5 years of retiring. My friend denies it ever took place.

    I also traded him my Canseco rookie card for his Bo Jackson rookie card. LOL.

  17. V1agra isn’t a steroid, but you might use V1agra after you’ve used anabolic steroids to excess, as impotence is a known side effect of steroid abuse.

  18. I hate the way that Time Warner and TBS handle the Braves schedule as much as anyone. But before you go and wish for a ‘real’ owner Alex R. and Joey T. please consider the alternative. I live in Reds/Indians country. The Reds truly have the worst ownership this side of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They have a new tax payer subsidized stadium that I understand is beautiful, a solid and loyal fan base, and a solid core of talent but they suck and will continue to suck forever or until Carl Linder and his cronies sell out.
    I know that the Schuerholz/Cox/Mazzone triumvirate gets a lot of credit for the Braves long run of excellence but Time Warner for all of their warts is still allowing the team to run a first class baseball operation that is the envy of the industry.
    Craig Calcaterra, man, thats loyalty. Andres Thomas. I remember the Braves wouldn’t trade him to the Yankees straight up for Roberto Kelley. Or did they try and the Yankess wisely turn them down? Geez old age.

  19. Geez. Just when I was jumping on the Raffy for the HOF bandwagon. I have been wondering when a bigname player would be caught. I know that I’m joining the conspiracy theory nuts out there but I wonder if Barry Bonds extended knee rehab has anything to do with him being possibly tested.

  20. This Palmeiro news is hilarious. 3000th hit, every broadcaster known to man saying he’s a “slam dunk” hall of famer.

    Nice throw by Estrada. Still rather have McCann in there, though.

  21. “I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period,” he said. “Ultimately, although I never intentionally put a banned substance into my body, the independent arbitrator ruled that I had to be suspended under the terms of the program.”

    Someone has been juicing his orange juice for the last 20 years!


  22. nice throw johnny, nice innning tim. let’s see Duke top that.

    Palmiero can rot for all i care.

    TBS rebranded last year with this ‘very funny’ gig, landing all the syndicated big fish: Friends, Seinfeld, Raymond. (pain in my a$$ as I work at a competing network.) Short answer, yes this is far more profitable than trashing your prime time/flagship lineup for a 3+ hour game.

    The Braves built TBS, and i believe the turner execs see an opportunity to build TurnerSouth. I wouldn’t be disappointed if it worked, but at the very least lets all be thankful that they’re not looking to start Braves-only net like YES or MSG. then NONE of us would see any games.

  23. Ooh! On TV, Joe is openly speculating that MLB put off the suspension until after the 3000th hit ceremony.

    If he were a player or manager, he’d be fined for that.

  24. Now it’s bigger than his batting average. I was hoping that he would have a sac fly before he got a walk (or HBP) so that his OBP would be lower than his average :)

  25. Hey I had to run home for to grab a bite for lunch, so I got to see braves baseball for 15 minutes while I was there. Thank you TBS, you’re my hero!!!
    Thank the good lord for the internet. At least I can listen to them even when I can’t watch.

  26. Sounds like Hudson is dealing today – 3 K’s and two broken bats through 3 innings.

  27. On Bonds – supposedly a player is still tested for steroids while on the DL, so he’s not staying out to avoid testing, if that was the insinuation. He’s legitimately hurt. The Giants must think he’s coming back/ in the race, given they were buyers rather than sellers at the deadline. I hope the Braves don’t end up facing Bonds and Schmidt in the 1st round.

  28. Now the Braves are paying for Oakland never ever sac bunting.

    I hate bunts. Let Timmy swing the bat!

  29. Those are really offensive comments, Mac. You should apologize to your Jewish and Clincally Depressed fan bases.

  30. I am one to hate anything associated with DUKE. But this duke kid pitching looks like the real deal.

  31. Palmeiro apparently learned of the oncoming suspension and appealed it through the Players Association, but the Major League Baseball Arbitration Panel denied his appeal. I don’t know when he was tested.

    On Barry Bonds; Another thing that helps is not hearing from Major League Baseball for two months since he submitted to an unannounced drug test.

    On May 25, Bonds was one of 10 Giants players who gave urine samples to a technician who showed up at SBC Park in San Francisco as part of baseball’s new random drug-testing policies. Other Giants screened that day included shortstop Omar Vizquel and pitchers Jason Christiansen, Kirk Rueter and Tyler Walker.

    Scientists run elaborate tests on the urine samples and typically take a week to several weeks to report results.

    Dozens of players, for example, submitted samples during spring training in March. The first positive result wasn’t announced until April 4, when slap-hitting outfielder Alex Sanchez became the first major league player suspended for 10 days.

    Because MLB announces only the players who test positive for banned substances, no news is good news. And there has been no news on Bonds for two months.

    Bonds clearly passed his drug test. And BALCO is behind him.
    I guess that remains to be seen.

  32. I atrribute this inning to Hudson’s goatee. He shaves it off, this “bases loaded with one out” thing never happens.

  33. I think that I am becoming situationally depressed with the way this inning is going. I guess that they just give you, what, gin for that?

  34. You know that place on your knee that you can hit to make your leg kick? He just fouled a ball off that spot.

    His arm was shaking as he tried to lift himself off the ground.

    Seems fine now, though.

  35. Jason Bay just hit a ball like he was in the home run derby.

    Fortunately, in his case, that means shallow fly.

  36. Yeah, you seem some things happen and you go “man, that must hurt.” And then other things that make you wince and feel actual pain. That was one of the latter situations.

  37. Hudson is awesome.

    A brain fart on the pitcher. An error by Julio. A HBP. Only one out.

    No runs.

  38. Goodness. That wasn’t comfortable. I hope his side isn’t hurting again. Something ain’t right. They were going on about the heat again, which sure looked like a preemptive attempt to cover up his injury, so it’s certainly not comforting to hear that he was talking about it before the game today.

  39. Zach Duke is the Pirates’ pitching version of Jeff Francoeur. Good prospect, playing way over his head in terms of true talent right now.

  40. He looks like Ted Lilly’s little brother. Not that that has anything to do with anything.

  41. I hope Cox doesn’t retire after this year…

    From Rotoworld:

    Brewers exercised the option on manager Ned Yost’s contract for the 2006 season.
    Yost, in his third year as the Brewers’ manager, has a 187-242 record. We weren’t very pleased with him during the Wes Helms era, but he’s done a fine job handing out the at-bats and running the bullpen this year. Aug. 1 – 1:09 pm et

    I don’t know how great of a manager he is, but if you wanted someone to just “stay the course”, it seems like there wouldn’t be many better choices.

  42. Yeah, he’s one slow dude. Although, it’s fun to use him to railroad the other catcher in the PS2 game.

  43. How can Jeff Francoeur continue to be this lucky? I know he’s a good player and all, but holy hell!

    He doesn’t walk, swings at everything, but he hits everything.

    It doesn’t make sense.

  44. His line drive % is league average and yet his BA/BIP is very high. His aveage is bound to go down (surprise!).

  45. On Bonds. Thanks for setting me straight. I shouldn’t let my dislike for the guy cloud me like that.

    Listening to the game now. Duke is pitching a heck of a game. Hudson did not.

    Lets hope that they pull Duke and we can get to their bullpen.

  46. I have sat here & read 85 comments and not ONE talks about Tim Hudson…we are NOT getting our money’s worth.

    How in God’s name do you give up 4 earned runs to that piece of shit lineup that Pittsburgh has put out there–HOW?????

    Hudson’s continuous mediocre pitching is starting to get under my skin, as much as the Time Warner Execs. Is anyone at all worried that our “2nd best” starter is giving up 4 runs to a PIECE OF SHIT LINEUP like pittsburgh? I mean, who the hell are half these f*ng guys?

    What is going to happen when we get to the post season and once again are stuck playing the goddamned Astros and Hudson gives up 4 runs to that lineup…we are screwed. No way we have any games in the Playoffs against Houston with 4 runs for our side against that trio.

  47. Yeah, this guy looks great.

    McBride – Lefty

    I’m comforable with that. No dominant ace reliever like Hoffman, Gagne, or Lidge, but three really good arms at least give the Braves a shot going into the seventh of a close game.

    Brower and Boyer don’t suck, either.

    I just love that out of the top six guys in the pen, only one was on the team at the beginning of the year.

  48. Hudson will be fine. He’s coming off an injury, and he’s not used to pitching in heat. He’ll adjust.

  49. I’m living ten minutes from Baltimore… I suspect the Palmeiro story will be on the news tonight.

    18 U.S.C. §§ 1621 and 1623 outlaw perjury before congress. Just sayin.

  50. Yeah but they can’t prove that he hadn’t taken steroids at the time of the testimony

  51. Jesus, Alex, in his previous three starts Hudson allowed no earned runs, three earned runs, and one earned run. Nobody’s perfect, but he’s been pretty good since coming back. And it’s hard to pitch when you’re expected to get four outs an inning, though none of the runs were unearned today.

  52. i mean had taken steroids. hypothetical this could be the first time he has taken them

  53. They may be able to prove something if they can manage to get a hold of the records from the past two years of testing and he tested positive then. I believe the FBI still has copies of the records from the BALCO investigation.

  54. Mclendon is coming out to the mound:

    “Just throw it low and away, a foot off the plate. This isn’t hard, Jose.”

  55. From the GameDay display, they are throwing him strikes in the heart of the plate. Are they really that stupid, or is Mesa just missing that badly?

  56. Hudson has been way too much like a 4th starter this year and we are paying him & expecting him to be a 1st type starter.

    What all of you seem to whitewash is that if God Forbid have to face Houston in the Playoffs, who besides Smoltz can match up with their trio if Hudson continues to average 3-4 earned runs a START?

  57. He let the Rookie bat with the game on the line. He should have had a proven veteran like Brian Jordan available for that at bat if he wasn’t on the 15+ day DL.

    Sense the sarcasm.

  58. Well, I will give all the statheads credit for not saying that Francoeur should have been up there looking for a walk. But that’s where that mentality goes sometimes.

  59. From Tim Keown:

    It’s about time to start thinking of the man’s accomplishments in terms of history, given how he’s won with so many different types of teams: Bobby Cox.

    • Speaking of which, a star is born: Jeff Francoeur.

    • Not far behind: Ryan Langerhans.

    • One problem, from the marketing department: “Francoeur and Langerhans” doesn’t quite have a “Mantle and Maris” ring to it.

  60. Seriously? People think that a powerful hitter representing the tying run with two outs in the 9th should be up there looking for a walk? Uh… I don’t think so. Nice baiting though.

  61. I don’t know what you’re thanking me for. I think your assertion is ridiculous.

  62. So, BDC, you put some words in people’s mouths, then say how great it was that they didn’t say it because it would have been wrong if they had said it, which they didn’t?

    Why would you even make a comment like that? It’s ridiculous.

  63. Ah, got it. I guess it is rewarding when people fall for your baiting argument. You’re welcome.

  64. Maybe we should bring down the Ted too. The Jumbo Tron has looked very weak of late. I think we should package a deal of “the Ted” Francoeur, LaRoche, Bobby Cox, Chipper (who didn’t hit a home run today), Hudson, Giles, and Furcal to Boston for Fenway, Manny, and Folk. We only won 7 of our last 8, inexcusable!

  65. I personally blame the Jumbotron. I believe Francoeur kept looking at it to see how good his 40ft tall head looked and it got him swinging at too many pitches in the strike zone.

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