Gosh, did something happen last night?

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I also got “Is+Otis+Nixon+married”, but I don’t even want to think about the implications of that.

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  1. Mac, you posted this entry as I was writing the following on another thread. Since it’s more germane to this one, I’m reposting here. Hope that’s okay:

    The difference, and I think it’s a significant one, is that Fick was already out when he pulled his stunt, and it wasn’t even a tag play. He was simply out at first. ARod’s wrist slap, while nothing to be proud of, was in the effort to dislodge a ball on a tag play. If he’d been more subtle, he might have gotten away with it.

  2. Not only is Otis married, he’s married to former R&B star Pebbles. I can’t fathom how he pulled that off.

  3. I liken A-Rods slap-action to the similarly hapless head first slide into first. It’s just a instinctual reaction in a moment of futility and heightened physical stress.

    The subsequent incredulous reaction to the call makes him a cheater.

  4. Can you imagine what is going on in the Yankees’ clubhouse right now? I bet it’s a house claening like none ever saw, mostly coaching and front office. Most of the pitching staff will be gone, as will every bench player. Heck, nobody without the name Jeter is safe.

    They can have Russ Ortiz and a few other clown princes, but it won’t do them any good. My hat’s off to the Red Sox. What they did is nothing short of incredible. The Evil Empire has been defeated!!!

  5. I keep reading about how the Red Sox are the first team in postseason history to come from a three-game deficit to win a pennant. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the Braves down by three games to none against the Cardinals in the 1996 NLCS?

  6. That was only a 3-1 deficit, but still pretty darn impressive. (Now I’m interested in knowing how often that has happened since no team had ever forced a game 7 after trailing 3-0 before now) And let’s just not even bring up what happened after that.

  7. On a related point, would the Braves have a 1991 World Championship if this new umpire collaboration system had reviewed the Hrbek body slam on Gant?

  8. May a curse fall upon your head for uttering that unholy name.
    What a jerk! (him, not you)

  9. My predicition for the Series; Red Sox in 5. The Cardinals proved they don’t have that much pitching, and their closer is not good. The Red Sox will score many, many runs against the Cardinals.

  10. “The Cardinals proved they don’t have that much pitching, and their closer is not good. The Red Sox will score many, many runs against the Cardinals.”

    *cough* *cough*

    Just to let you know, the Cardinals had the second-best team ERA in baseball, their bullpen had the best ERA in baseball, and they led the league in quality starts.

    Boston’s pitching is better on paper, but they were worn out in the ALCS, so you have to wonder how they’ll fare against a St. Louis staff that is deep and fresh.

  11. deep and fresh

    Although not as deep without Carpenter or Kline, and not as fresh with Morris’ worn out shoulder. And who knows what you’ll get from Tavarez and Marquis, the Fire and Ice of head cases.

  12. Regular season performance aside, it appears LaRussa has gauged Marquis’ ability to be in about the same strata as Cox did. I thought Jason would go into the post-season as at least the Cards’ 3rd guy, but it’s starting to look like he’s going to be doing more pinch-running than pitching.

    Interesting to conjecture what the Cards will do with Jason this off-season. Potential big raise coming through arby with those regular season numbers and with guys like Haren waiting in the wings, do you risk overpaying him?

    I can honestly say I don’t care who wins the World Series (except there is something in the tent revival atmosphere of Red Sox nation that makes me worry. Is it possible that a BoSox fan will detonate a nuclear bomb upon a Red Sox victory, bringing civilization to an end. This would make certain that the end of baseball was signified by the Red Sox winning the World Series. There is just something about people who are 50+ (I am 51) that wear face paint to a baseball game that creeps me out. Another thing to watch in all of this is whether or not Red Sox Nation will be given tax-exempt status as a religion), but it sure would be fun to see Tavarez blubber or break something again.

  13. Two comments, only 1 related:

    (1) It’s not hard to imagine Mr. “Yo-I’m-From-Friggin’-Staten-Island” Jason Marquis telling Leo Mazzone and Bobby Cox that they are dumb hicks who don’t know anything. I live in New York and this is how they (yankees) act a lot of times. But I have to laugh my ass off at this punk kid who had great stuff and wouldn’t listen to two HOFers who could have helped make his career. The Red Sox are going to light his a$$ on fire in Game 4.

    (2) If we trade for Kevin Brown, even if we only have to give up Reitsma, I will officially be rooting against the Braves for every inning he is in the ballgame. Of course, he is a washed-up jerk so he probably won’t be in the games long. And Bobby won’t put up with his act either (unlike Torre, his front office doesn’t undermine him). Boy do I hate Kevin Brown and his stupid delivery.

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