The Road From Bristol: Play-In Game

Fighting it out to be Chris Berman’s first-round sacrificial lamb are:

Kenny MayneKenny Mayne
The Crimes:

  • Hosted a game show.
  • Apparently wants to be Keith Olbermann when he grows up.


Rece Davis
The Crimes:

  • Overtanning.
  • Went to Alabama, but for some reason hasn’t killed Corso yet.

Vote for your least-favorite — the one you would most prefer to be fired — in comments. Leave an explanation if you’d like.

UPDATE: Voting is now closed. Results in a bit…

And it’s a blowout. Final Score: Davis 20, Mayne 6. Davis goes on to meet Chris Berman in the opening round of the Dallas Cowboys Regional.

33 thoughts on “The Road From Bristol: Play-In Game”

  1. Rece Davis. He is not as funny as Kenny Mayne. Mayne brings more to the table than does Davis. Davis is anoying.

  2. I vote for Rece Davis, for his inexplicable ability to tolerate Stacey Dales-Schuman.

  3. Voot! Kenny Maynski!

    He absconded from the SC throne and went into a little “experimental phase”, which is looking increasingly permanent. I doubt he could have really done anything with SC, but Rece seems a little to vanilla for me to vote against. And with great reward comes great responsibility, etc., yada. A bit of a letdown from the days when Dan Patrick was just a little less self-assured.

  4. Here’s the banner:

    I still have a lot of work to do on site design, which I’m really not good at, but will at least try to get the colors to match.

  5. Rece Davis, because Kenny Mayne is a great guy. He also didn’t choose to leave SportsCenter, FWIW – see my post on the other thread.

  6. I vote Rece Davis, nice guy and fellow Alabama grad that he is, he’s basically your generic TV sports anchor. At least Mayne brings something different to the table.

  7. Oh, I carefully weighed my false assumptions when I made my choice. The vote stands. (Good to know. One more reason for this contest. Kenny Mayne can be a figurehead for our battle cry. Onward!)

  8. I too vote for Rece Davis, as I find Kenny Mayne hilarious in ways that I can’t begin to explain. So yeah there we go.

  9. davis…

    because kenny is the man..he’s funny and we need to see more of him on espn….he’s one of their best

  10. There is no way that whoever wins this round is going to make it past heavyweights like Stephen A. and Skip Bayless. Bayless is probably the least likeable people I’ve ever come across on TV – and I’ve seen Barry Bonds interviewed many, many times.

  11. Rece Davis.

    Although he more often misses the mark, Kenny Mayne at least has the capacity to not take himself seriously. They both think they’re funnier than they are, and neither are particularly loud or obtrusive. The tie breaker is that Kenny Mayne once made me chuckle when I was waiting for Mort on NFL Countdown. Rece is nothing more than a brief interruption in the obnoxious cacophony of Trev Alberts and Mark May.

  12. Rece Davis, little presence of any kind of personality. He doesn’t seem to have any interesting insights into sports and is another one of these ESPN guys who occasionally occupies air time with completely futile comments.

  13. Davis – that Tom Cruise meets Chris Noth sappy smirk. Oh yeah, and he’s from that school that can’t even cheat properly.

  14. It has GOT to be Kenny Mayne. I’m sorry, but even calling it his “sense of humor” does not excuse how seriously he takes the stupid celebrity softball game that ESPN played after the HR Derby. He reminded me of that fat guy that the Sports Guy made fun of for making the softball game a life-or-death proposition. He was so bad last night it actually had me rooting for Harold Reynolds- and that’s REALLY bad…

  15. I vote Mayne. I “get” his humor, but too often he denigrates the games he’s covering. Yes, I know it’s not life and death, but you know what? You wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for an all-sports network, so don’t act all smarmy because you’re stuck covering baseball game 110 of a 162-game schedule.

  16. Off topic but did anyone comment about Chuck James’ last start? 6 innings 0 runs 1 hit 0 walks and 11 k’s. I think it is possible for James, Powell, and Devine to be called up in the 2nd half. Devine hasn’t allowed a run in 8 games

  17. Tough Choice they both stink but I say Rece Davis. At least Mayne brings some humor to the table (Three-cola). Zero hits in celebrity softball in four years. Even Jon Lovitz got a hit for godsakes…Davis just brings nothing to the table besides the straight sportscaster. He’s boring…

  18. Yeah, that softball game was a riot. Jenny Finch is a goddess.That is awesome about Devine. Anybody know the youngest average age for a World Series champion team?Also OT, *sorry but the other thread is getting full*, I’m sad to report we have a new menace in baseball. Someone better call Congress so we can get hearings started before this gets out of hand.

  19. mayne – he wore a helmet and drove around indianapolis in a IRL car asking random folks for a million dollars. Nobody recognized him nobody got the joke.

  20. Rece Davis—Kenny Mayne is a very talented guy, catch him on ESPN Horse Racing shows, you can see he enjoys the horses as a handicapper and a fan–very knowledgable, I always thought he got a raw deal when he was ’86’ed from top Sportscenter show.

  21. I thought James threw 6 perfect innings. Could be wrong.

    When Andruw was up, I *knew* he was gonna hit one out. Can’t explain it, but I knew it. Thought it was gonna be on that pitch, too. Anyone catch the distance?

  22. Mayne has no social skills, but that’s what makes him likeable. Bye bye Rece (is that a name?).

  23. These are my two favorite ESPN guys.

    Rece is the former local sports anchor in Columbus GA. On that basis, I support him.

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