Official insult-the-national-media thread

Alex tells me of listening to Rob Dibble (there was his first mistake!) on XM radio and hearing this:

1. The Braves can make a move for Mike Sweeney because they always have plenty of money.

2. The Braves are interested in Bret Boone to play second base. (This was before the Twins dealt for him.)

You have to admit, this is pretty stupid, even for Rob Dibble. But he is not alone. The comments would be a good place to insult Dibble and the rest of the national media. Extra points for Verducci and Kruk.

(Baseball Prospectus doesn’t count as national media and should be insulted in its normal place. Joe Morgan insults should stay in the Joe Morgan thread.)

UPDATE: I also added a poll. I used to do this a lot but I haven’t for awhile. (Read the rest to see the poll.)

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  1. I’ll repost something I wrote about Dibble in 2002 from my old baseball column:

    Last Saturday, Metsí pitcher Shawn Estes zipped one behind Yankeesí ace Roger Clemens, apparently trying to throw one up the Rocketís wazoo in retaliation for Clemensís multiple assaults on Metsí catcher Mike Piazza in 2000. Clemens knew it was coming, danced like a fool when the pitch came, then tipped his hat to Estes as if to say “I deserved that, now letís get on with our lives.” The game resumed without incident, and Clemensís was further put in his place when both Estes and Piazza homered off him, leading the Mets to an 8-0 victory. I donít care for baseballís “If you hit my guy, Iím hitting yours” brand of machismo, but if players are going to insist on taking revenge, a purpose pitch followed by an on-field humiliation like the one Clemens got on Saturday should just about close the deal.

    Which it did for just about everyone except ESPN commentator/troglodyte Rob Dibble, who said that Estesí pitch and subsequent drubbing of Clemens “showed me nothing.” He went on to say that the Mets “sent a boy to do a manís job,” and in a subsequent column said that “had [Estes] knocked down Clemens or hit him in the numbers, I wouldn’t have had to criticize him on SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight.”

    That Rob Dibble is an idiot goes without saying. As a player, Dibble was a notorious hothead who once threw a ball into the stands, striking a first-grade teacher (donít worry, she probably had it coming), and routinely threw at batters who had the audacity to hit off him. As such, he should excuse us if we tune out his babblings about baseballís alleged code of honor. ESPN executives, on the other hand, should take note because Dibbleís antics are turning the once-essential “Baseball Tonight” broadcast into drive-time talk-radio.

  2. It doesn’t get people listening when they state the obvious so they have to make up wild trade scenarios. Even so, over the past few years Dibble lost a lot of brain cells he didn’t have to spare in the first place. Maybe he’s having a flashback or something.

    Kruk, you gotta give him credit. He doesn’t agree with anything Harold Reynolds says unless it’s “Let’s Eat.”

  3. As I also just mentioned to Mac, besides Dibble’s inane comments (the Boone thing is especially galling…he must have actually forgotten that we have an All Star making less money who’s 100X better then Boone named Marcus Giles), there were some ridiculous marks from “blow dry” Steve Phillips on about 2 months ago when things were bad for the Braves:

    He basically said something to the effect that “he doesn’t know WHY they moved Smoltz off of being closer and that Smoltz was probably itching to get back in the bullpen and fix the problem.”


    First, Smoltz is a member of the National league All Star team tonight, as a starter.

    Second, while no one doubts that Smoltz is better then any pitcher in our bullpen, especially Dan Kolb, and if he was still closer he’d be great, John Smoltz has OPENLY discussed how much happier he is as a starter.

    To illustrate this further, when my brother (who works for the Macon paper) interview John in Spring Training, John reiterated to my brother how he always “saw himself as a starter who happen to be temporarily closing games foe a few years”…in fact, he doesn’t even like the Eckersly comparisons because John only sees himself as a starter.

    All of this information is freely available to the general public on something called the WORLD WIDE WEB.

    phillips may want to read an occasional Braves story or column or even the AJc once in a while nbefore PRETENDING he knows what Smoltz thinks!?!

    As I also said earlier to Mac, I think Phillips ‘crime’ is worse then Dibble’s Boone thing because we all know that MOST ex-jocks are idiots. However, an ex General Manager like Phillips SHOULD know better.

    But then again, Phillips sucked as a GM so why should any of us be surprised?

  4. By the way, from some comments earlier…Dibble is ONLY on XM channel 175 now, he no longer is employed by ESPN.

  5. Cool! I requested a new thread, and by some strange coincidence, 5 or 6 new ones have appeared. Thank you!

    Can my vote be for my two least favorite Tonys in the world: Kornheiser and Reali? Kornheiser is an idiot, and the only reason PTI is any good is watching Wilbon rip his brain farts. Tony Reali (Around the Horn, for those of you that don’t know) is just a sarcastic twit who wants to think he’s a “player” (and not in the athletic sense) but just comes across as a dipwad. Okay, he’s just a show host, but he does occasionally put in opinions, usually to blast Woody Paige, and I can’t stand his attitude. Actually, I just hate the whole show, except for JA Adande, who is sometimes pretty good.

    Don’t like Dan Shaughnessy (spelling?) much, either, largely for writing off the Orioles. It’s July, Dan.

  6. you dont like Kornheiser?

    is there many people who feel this way?….i think he and wilbon are the best 1-2 punch in sports…i love those guys….entertaining as hell

  7. If we are insulting the national media, I have to add the obligatory McCarver insult.

    Two Saturdays ago when the Braves were playing the Phils, McCarver and Buck decided to bring up Moneyball for the 937th time of the year and bash it repeatedly. One of the arguments McCarver made was that On-Base Percentage is not really a valuable statistic. His reasoning was because if a slower runner gets on base it can “clog up the bases.” Um, yeah…I hate when those pesky baserunners are score ahead of me.

    Maybe a walk is not desired in some instances…like if Andruw is walked to get to Eddie Perez. But if the pitcher gave the choice to the batter to be walked or to be pitched to, 95% of the time the player would choose to be walked.

  8. I don’t think Kornheiser knows too much about sports (he didn’t know who Scott Podsednik was, for chrissakes) but I think he and Wilbon make great TV. I love that show. It’s about infinity times better than ‘Around the Horn,’ a poor excuse of a PTI ripoff.

    One of my co-workers lives in the same building that Reali does in Van Ness (northwest DC). Says he’s quite a pretty boy.

  9. Kornheiser is great. PTI is the best sports show on TV. Mac, the list is great. I just wish I could vote for more than one. I hate Corso, is there a bigger SEC basher on TV? Theismann, Reynolds, Kruk, Phillips, Bowa, and Gary Miller should not be on the same saet as Peter Gammons. Mike Tirico (sp) sucks too.

    I use to enjoy Dibs when he was on Dan Patrick’s radio show, but I couldn’t stand him on BBTN.

    I saw Tim McCarver last summer, when I was in Memphis, at a red light. I looked over and yelled, “Hey McCarver, YOU SUCK!”

  10. Kyle,

    Like you, I am located in the DC area (Alexandria, VA) and I have met Wilbon, Kornheiser & Reali.

    I have met Wilbon twice and he’s a nice guy!

    Kornheiser is an ASSHOLE. No two ways about it. He’s funny and intelligent, sure, but he’s a preening schmo.

    Reali…I actually played in a pick up Basketball league 2 years ago at the DCJCC and Reali was the captain of one of the teams in the league. After meeting him before the game and seeing how he actes DURING the game, there is no question that his TV persona is very true to life. A total arrogant fool.

    For some reason, ESPn keeps PROMOTING various nimrods, ego maniacs and loud mouths…over the last few years, people like Reali, Stephen A. Smith, Dicky V., Stu Scott continue to get MORE & MORE & MORE coverage and more roles on the network (also explains why Berman has had a job for 20+ years) and the more intellectual types like David Aldridge, got FIRED from ESPn so they could give more air time to Stephen A.!!!!!


    (Thank God TNT signed Aldridge).

    I know I must be a “fuddy duddy” at age 30 and married, but as a hoops fan, give me Aldridge any day over Stephen A. Or in Baseball, give me Jayson Stark & Tim Kurkjian over a moron like Kruk.

    I think ESPN is into “creating characters” and upping their “hip” factor. They feel like Michael Irvin, Stephen A., Kruk et all appeals to the college crowd. The 30 year olds like me who has a college degree and is married, my opinions don’t count. If you can’t scream or speak cool (example A: Stu Scott) then you no longer have a place on ESPN.

    I mean, at this point Bill Walton is a rambling, drugged up fool who changes his mind on TV every 5 minutes…but ESPn thinks he’s funny and hip so they keep the giant stoner around. Puh-lease.

    This is why I am so fed up with ESPn and it’s a scary trend I have been seeing more & more.

  11. I’m 24 and also married, even more of a “fuddy duddy” (heh) than you. I also live in Alexandria, just south of 495 off of Telegraph, in Jefferson Manor. I take the train into DC to work; the office is on K Street.

    Your experiences with the DC ESPN personalities don’t surprise me at all :)

  12. I only really follow baseball (although I love a good football game). And I’ve pretty much sworn off of ESPN. So I don’t have much to contribute other than a question:

    What, no Jim Rome?

  13. Kyle-

    Funny that we are neighbors though I am sure you’ve noticed a high ‘southern trend’ in Northern Virginia. Good that there are some other Braves fans in my area. I am also a die hard Georgia Bulldogs fan though I go over to Crystal City Sports Pub a lot less now since I got my big screen HD TV! I just TBS did the Braves in HD…

  14. If I could do twenty, I could have filled the spaces. Heck, we could have a 64-man tournament. Maybe this offseason.

    I like Kornheiser, but he doesn’t know anything about sports anymore. He’s basically an entertainer at this stage, but he’s very good at that.

    That better, BC?

  15. “I saw Tim McCarver last summer, when I was in Memphis, at a red light. I looked over and yelled, “Hey McCarver, YOU SUCK!” ”

    That’s a real intelligent thing to do. What are you, 16? It’s good to know Braves fans have such class.

  16. You know, Alex, I’ve thought about getting an HDTV just for Bravesvision. Anyone know if it’s any good?

    However, TBS HD isn’t available in my area. That would probably be a clincher.

  17. Mac-

    Great idea.

    Let’s think of all the ESPN personalities from Berman to Corso to Scott to Kruk…all of them, and have a 64 person elimination tourney to see who we all HATE the most. You vote for the person in the match-up you HATE more.

    I will come up with a list of 64 for you if you want and we can agree on ranks?

  18. Hey Mac, you forgot an item on the poll: “All of the Above”. I would be most happy if everyone of the so-called “personalities” on your list would contract permanent laryngitis. All of them suck. No, that’s too good a status for them, they don’t even create a good vacuum.

  19. i hate that max guy..the one who used to do around the horn…when he got his own show on fox sports he became super cocky..

    jim rome also sucks

    we need more kenny mayne…funny guy

  20. Well, it’s “most” wish. I was taking into account that everyone wants all or most of these guys to shut up and All of the Above would have won in a landslide.

    I just registered

  21. I have gathered a list of 65 ESPN personalities applying just a few rules:

    1. No sport outside of MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA Football or NCAA Basketball COUNTS.

    2. There’s some crossover with some ABC people who show up on both stations at will, since they are in business.

    3. The list is a mix of sports writers on TV, ex-jocks, sideline reporters etc. etc.

    This should be a fun tourney. Alex.

  22. Harold Reynolds without a doubt is the MOST irritating and LEAST informative of all of ESPN’s personalities, IMO.

  23. Don’t know them personally, but I’ve heard that Kornheiser is a jerk, while Wilbon is a great guy. But that has nothing to do with how entertaining they are.

    To me, Kornheiser is funny. He doesn’t know everything about sports, but he also doesn’t take it as seriously as just about everyone in that business. He also NEVER sucks up to athletes, a la Dan Patrick and Stu Scott.

    Dibble’s a moron, but Kruk is worse. It’s like he doesn’t even think before he speaks. Last year, Ravech went around the room and asked which AL player under 30 would you build a team around? Kruk’s response: “Michael Young” , who was hitting around .400 at the time. This is with A-Rod, Soriano, Beltran and Vlad Guerrero all in the league.

    Phillips is a bonehead, too, and a major disappointment. I figured a former GM would be more enlightened, but he continues to say stupid things. Among the ex-jocks, Dave Campbell is probably the best, but he doesn’t get much TV time anymore with Kruk and Reynolds emerging as ESPN’s star analysts for some reason.

    People love to pop off about McCarver, but he’s better than any in-game analyst that ESPN or just about any other network has. Sure he’s arrogant, sure he overstates the obvious, sure he’ll analyze the same replay 10 straight times, but you cannot deny he knows his stuff.

    One particular instance will always stick out in my mind: Bottom of the 9th, Game 7, 2001 World Series. With Luis Gonzalez at the plate and one out, the Yankees bring the infield in. McCarver notices this and says something like:

    “The Yankees have the infield in, and Rivera often gives up broken-bat singles over Jeter’s head in situations like this.”

    Next pitch, Gonzalez bloops one to left-center for the game-winner.

  24. Kenny Mayne came to speak at UVA a few years back at the invitation of the Jefferson Society, of which my wife (then girlfriend) is a member. Consequently, she was one of five people who went out to dinner with him before he spoke. According to her (and keep in mind, Karyn doesn’t know Dan Patrick from Danica Patrick, bless her heart), he is one of the funniest people she’s ever met. I attended his speech afterward – it was quite short, but he stayed for over two hours after it was over to answer questions. He is truly a good person in addition to being hilarious. Too bad ESPN doesn’t feel the need to put him on TV much any more.

  25. Marc, I’m 24 and I thought about it before I yelled and then I thought, “How often do you get to tell someone like this they suck?” It was a no-brainer at that point. I am sure most Braves fans in my position would have done the same.

  26. My favorite McCarverism, from the 2001 Yankees-Mariners playoff series:

    “One splitter after another from Sasaki can Yankee hitters expect.”

    Who does he think he is? Yoda?

  27. Alex, is it just current ESPN personalities? Or did you include some who have come and gone?

  28. Does anyone know why Mayne isn’t on ESPN anymore? Could they not work him in their games show spots? Did he say something bad about the 19 Yankee/Red Sox games that ESPN shows? Watching ESPN you would think there was no such thing as the National League. If Jeter or A-Rod was going for the tripple crown, BBTN would break in to “Stump the Schawb” to show their at-bats, oh wait, no they wouldn’t. They would be showing the Yankee-D-Ray game on ESPN and the Red Sox-Royals game on ESPN 2.

  29. We’re only using current people, because if we start adding in someone like Kilborn we’ll never get through. And not people, unless they appear on TV as well.

  30. He still does humorous segments for the weekly 11AM NFL show during football season, entitled “The Mayne Event.” He also covers horse racing, which he said he has become quite interested in. He told us that the network wants more Stuart Scott types doing SportsCenter because the slang Stu uses caters better to their ideal demographic, so he won’t be on SC any more. Sad but true.

  31. Yes, I am seconding Mac on this…I came up with a list of 65 in about 1 minute and Mac has already come up with another 3 and I thought up another 2 so we are going to wittle it back down to the correct 65, seed them, set the match ups in each of the four brackets and then Mac will post each individual match up for Braves Journal readers to vote.

    The Tournament is called the “Road from Bristol”. You are going to vote for the ESPN personality that you like LESS in each match-up.

  32. I get TBS Braves game on HD locally (WTBS channel 17 in Atlanta) via an over-the-air antenna and set top box. They only do home games via HD, and they are like sitting in a suite watching the game without the cost. I would imagine having Bravesvision well worth the cost, but I’d rather spend my money on a $250 remote than cable. I’m crazy that way.

  33. I wish Stuart Scott would seize up during a broadcast. I’ve heard enough boo-yeahs to last me several lifetimes.

    McCarver needs to be told he sucks a little more often. Good going Smitty.

  34. Can each Bracket have a city name that would fit. Take the towns ESPN favores more for each sport. My choices would be…

    Boston (Baseball)
    Durham (Basketball)
    Talahassee (Football)
    New York (Baseball, Basketball, Football; a metling pot/wild card bracket)

  35. Some Turner South games are in HD (where available — i.e. Ted’s condo in Atlanta) and you might be able to get HD on a Direct TV package or whatever.

  36. I think we’re going to name the brackets after the matchups they most overhype even when the teams aren’t good:

    Yankees-Red Sox
    Duke-North Carolina

  37. Smitty:

    You had the right idea…impressive. Mac & I came up with the 4 brackets already but its in the same veign:

    1. Yankees-Red Sox Bracket

    2. Cowboys Bracket

    3. Duke Bracket

    4. Lakers Bracket

    Basically, we picked the 4 most overhyped sports teams (and the Yankees & Bosox have clearly morphed into 1 entity at this point).

    Those are your 4 brackets.

  38. Mac,

    The Niners aren’t as overhyped & the Knicks are fodder…please one at least one thing today, follow my lead…the Cowboys, Lakers & Duke alone are more hated and hyped. The Bosox & Yankees are the onyl situation where tying them together makes sense. Alex.

  39. I haven’t seen Mayne doing much lately other than the horse racing stuff and long travel feature pieces. This may be his personal preference, I don’t know.

    But it’s true his sense of humor goes over most people’s heads. I remember a few years ago, he did a feature about Dmitri Young chasing a .400 batting average about two weeks into the season, and a lot of people took it seriously.

  40. The Lakers & Knicks haven’t been a rivalry since the 70’s and the Cowboys-49ers stopped being a rivalry 10 yrs. ago.

  41. Smitty,

    Mac will need like 24 hours to creat a link that people can go to and click their choices. I am leaving the technical parts up to him.

  42. It’s going to take awhile to set up. I want to set up a dedicated site for it, and I need to gather the images. If done right, it will take over a month. (I was thinking two first-round games a weekday, then one round a weekday to the Final Four.)

  43. Since I’m late to the party and can’t read all the comments, I’d just like to point out that Jeff Brantley not only should be on the list, but could potentially have his own thread. Though for some reason, he sounds reasonable on radio. Go figure.

  44. Is it going to be just TV personalities or are some of the Radio flakes going to count? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I have to get my Cinderella teams lined up.

  45. FYI, for me, that Bravenet poll has a lot of pop ups with it. It also has annoying javascript images that are impossible to remove (the “Close” buttons don’t work) without turning off the functionality altogether.

  46. I think radio people are okay. Like Alex says, we have 70 people and need to whittle to 65, then seed them. Brantley (the King of the Mullet People) is on the list.

  47. I think I have firmed up the field of 65, incorporating Mac’s new entries and eliminating a few folks really no one hates (like say Karl Ravech).

  48. I actually use Firefox. The pop-ups didn’t actually show up, just the message, but those javascript images did, and I couldn’t read some of the comments.

    They showed up twice. Now, of course, when I try to reproduce the results, I get nothing. Just the pop-up blocker notification.

    It’s not a big deal at all. You just run such a clean site, I thought you might want to know that as long as that poll is on your front page, you have pop-ups.

  49. I haven’t gotten a popup. I’ll take the poll off the sidebar and put the other copy behind the MORE fold, so you’d only get it if you open the comments.

  50. I’ve been getting popups as well. My computer’s blocking them, but I clicked one and it was for Comcast high-speed internet.

  51. I don’t understand why Stuart Scott on SC somehow gives them street cred. SS comes off as someone who is whiter than even me. Who says hugs and hand-pounds? I’ve always thought that there was just something missing with him. Maybe a chromosone or two.

    As for most annoying, I’d have to go with Bill Walton. I swear he has to be stoned everytime he grabs the mic.

    If I was sticking to baseball, then it would be MCCarver.

  52. List me as a Gammons hater. Mostly because he’s so provincial it isn’t funny, and I remember the days of his “Wade Boggs is DEFINITELY getting traded this year” reports.

  53. This is really strange. I’m still getting popups (Vonage this time) and now “null” is typed the URL box and I didn’t put it there. Is this something new because I’m using TypeKey?

  54. Skip Bayless should be a top seed, him and Stephen A. Smith(THIS IS ABSURD). Has anybody heard when Scott Van Pelt does Stephen A. Smith? That’s the best

  55. Wow, so many replies..

    I love PTI – Kornheiser and Wilbon are a great combination. Two pretty good guys who are witty enough to make a show witty. I enjoy humor a bit, but the yelling and back-and-forth of Around the Horn make it unwatchable. Where have you gone, Max Kellerman?

    Here are some other awards for horrible sports announcers/heads on sticks:

    Bob Rathmun & Tom Paciorek – surprised to see no mention of them already
    Colin Cowherd – comes off as abrasive. I’ll listen to him, just not a fan
    Kirk Herbstreit – Hates the SEC, & a Big 10 guy to boot
    Al Michaels – A surprise choice, but I’m tired of MNF. Madden makes a great point, and all Al Michaels retorts back is “..and..”

    For the best broadcasters around (a spin on the thread), what about ESPN’s Saturday Night College Football duo of Ron Franklin & Mike Gottfried – I could listen to them for days.

  56. Alex is still working on it, but the top seeds are:

    Duke Blue Devils Regional: Dick Vitale
    Dallas Cowboys Regional: Chris Berman
    Los Angeles Lakers Regional: Stephen A. Smith
    Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry Regional: Stuart Scott

  57. Cowherd is ok, I was a Kornheiser listener and didn’t like “The Herd” at first, but it has grown on me. It seems like Cowherd just tries to stir-up things everyday on his show, his act runs thin on me. It could be worse, Eric Casselius is the worst one on the radio.

  58. I think Colin Cowherd is a preening schmo but not everyone gets to listen to mid day radio…he’s not on TV so I really cannot count him. Mac has never even heard of Colin.

    Stephen A. Smith is definitely a TOP seed and Bayless is a 2 seed. I am even willing to consider him for a 1 seed but Mac and I have our top 4 set. We really shouldn’t announce any more seeds and let it be a fun surprise tourney.

    The Stephen A. thing was a given.

  59. Watching the Tour de France:

    I realize that none of us know if they’re really as knowledgeable as they seem, but I don’t think there’s an announce team in any sport truly as good as them based upon content – where are the sports Emmys for these guys?

  60. Liggett and Sherwen are definitely professionals. Fun to see Lance attack today and break the field, though he couldn’t outsprint the other guy at the finish. However, that guy is probably pretty far back in the overall and they finished with the same time, so the stage win is just for show.

  61. I agree with Wryn, Gottfried & Franklin are excellent. Since Mac said “all of the above” would win in a landslide, I went ahead and voted for Vitale. It’s a good thing that college basketball is not a favorite sport of mine, I can avoid him by simply avoiding it.

    I look forward to the tournament, cool idea, and maybe you’ll get some more traffic from other sports fans (other than Braves fans, I mean).

  62. “I believe Bobby Cox had his reason for not taking Estrada out for a pinch runner in the eight inning when he walked. I just wanna know what the %&*%#@ was that reason?”

    Slow day today. This is the only Braves vent that actually made me laugh. Any answers?

  63. Drewdat,

    this is a Braves site and maybe I am wrong but I know for sure that at least Mac and I could CARE LESS about the Tour de France.

    They had an interesting radio dicussion the other day that people who typically REALLY CARE about the Tour, typically look down on other sports…like Baseball & Basketball & Football…the only 3 really worth caring about.

    Are you one of those guys? I work with a guy here in Virginia who’s your typical “niose in the air” classical music/fine arts snob and he LOVES the ‘Tour de France’ and could care less about Baseball et all.

  64. I don’t watch the Tour de France, because it’s boring. I keep up with it and root for Lance Armstrong because he annoys the French.

    We also probably won’t have any hockey people because we don’t watch hockey (Even though Alex used to work for a NHL team!) plus we’re restricting it to people who have actually been on ESPN in the past year.

  65. Lance is the best athlete?

    I would argue that Lance is one-dimensional .. what about Bo Jackson?

  66. Mac & Smitty have it right on the money…the only reason to even CARE about the Tour de France is that it pisses off the French when Lance wins. Honestly, that’s it. It’s only slightly above Golf & Nascar for that reason alone…it’s why I was so happy London got the Olympics.

    Besides being half British (which means hating the French is in my BLOOD) just seeing all the snott Jacques and Perre’s of Paris crying in their beret’s made it oh-so-sweet.

  67. Mac is telling the truth.

    From 1997-2000, I worked for a Minor League Hockey Team; in 2000 and 2001, I worked for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

    Despite all that (maybe it’s my southern roots?) I still could care less about Hockey.

    hell…when I was at the University of Georgia, I covered women’s basketball (and men’s basketball) for AP for 3 years and I still am the first one to say that David Stern should fold the WNBA already and spend the money on growing the NBDL!!!

  68. I root for Lance because he’s a local boy and because he’s beaten cancer. I could give a rat’s butt for cycling in general, but anytime there’s a Texan up against a bunch of French, well, I guess I’m a homer. :) Oh, and he’s nailing Sheryl Crow, so that probably counts for something somewhere.

    The Rick is simply stupid, where many of the commentators in question are actively offensive and make us yell foul things at the TV (scaring our dogs).

  69. Drewdat-

    If you hate the Braves and you hate Baseball, you have a right to, it’s a FREE country…but why on God’s green earth are you on a website DEDICATED to the Braves?

  70. Bo would have been interesting to see in comparison to the others if he hadn’t gotten hurt. I don’t think he can compete in a career accomplishments view of the greatest ever. Maybe in looking at peak (though you have to combine the two sports without averaging them) or raw ability, but those are pretty subjective.

    Lance is a hoss.

    Honestly, I picked it up because it was:

    A) On ESPN 2 late, and

    B) A sport where the US had never been predominant, in which something of an underdog at the time was making it big. And now he owns their country. :)

  71. My favorite ESPN moment was in 1998 when Fowler called SEC and Tennessee fans “Trailer Park Trash” and he picked FSU to blow out Tennessee. Corso agreed with him. Then Tennessee wins the game and ESPN is doing to College Football wrap up show and no one can hear him over the booing.

  72. Calm down, Alex. There are actually people who enjoy watching the Tour and still love baseball – like me, for example. And Drewdat was only joking.

  73. Yeah Alex, he said that. Game day was going to be in Knoxville for the UGA UT game, but they decided not to because of wht Fowler had said and they didn’t want to face the fall out.

  74. We’re going to have the play-in game here (just call us Dayton) tonight, a couple of guys we actually like. I’m hoping to have the regular site up this weekend.

  75. Wow..I really didn’t remember that. Thanks Smitty.

    On the Coll. Football crew…don’t lump in Alberts & Herbstreit with the “bad guys” necessarily like Fowler & Corso.

    Herbstreit has been complimentary of the SEc and despite being an Ohio State alum (and there is nothing worse) he received hate mail from Columbus for “daring” to criticize Ohio State.

    Amazing how Ohio St. can be so egregiously guilty of NCAA vionaltions by the way and have their AD step down early, and yet STILL no violations throw =n at them…if an Alabama or Georgia kid even sneezes in the wrong way, we get three years. It’s a freaking joke.

    Alberts is arrogant but I have nothin’ but love for him after he picked Georgia to win the National Championship last year. I mean, he was wrong but thanks for the love, Trev!

    To all about the Tour de France thing, again, it’s my opinion and I am perfectly calm…however, bravesbeat is not a forum for an update on the race standings. Just to be fair. And Mac doesn’t like it either so please don’t just throw the hate mail my way for the umpteenth time…geez.

  76. Well, I didn’t post it in the game threads or anything. I think all that’s scheduled today is some exhibition game or something.

    Not sure if the cycling announcers are US national or not, so it may have been off-topic, and I definitely didn’t insult them.


    Phil Liggett sucks.

    So does Paul Sherwen.

    Can’t say I’m not original. ;)

  77. If Mac created a seperate forum for the 3 people who care about racing, would you guys consider posting only in there? Pretty please with sugar on top?

    Exception: if your post has anything to do with BASHING the French, then by all means, keep posting here! :-)

  78. Smitty…Mac will post the Play In Game very soon…he will give everyone 2-3 days to vote on the Play-in game before first round games are posted by Thursday or Friday on a seperate link that he will post.

  79. Brackets and sub regionals will be as follows:

    The Road FROM Bristol, Connecticut!

    Yankees-Red Sox Bracket

    Derek Jeter sub regional

    Curt Schilling sub regional

    Lakers Bracket

    Kobe Bryant sub regional

    Kareem Abdul Jabar sub regional

    Duke Bracket

    Christian Laettner sub regional

    Mike Kryschewski sub regional

    Cowboys Bracket

    Jerry Jones sub regional

    Jimmy Johnson sub regional

  80. Alex R.,
    Drewdat was just commenting on what Wryn had posted and just mentioned he was happy that Lance was doing well. And you just attacked him. And then he tried to be funny and you were too busy trying to be mad at him to realize he was joking. I really enjoy this site, have been for the past three years almost, and I don’t know why it seems lately but you have just been overtly aggressive. Calm down, I enjoy your posts when you have information and insight, but you post more than anybody and it can be overbearing.

  81. Has it been that big of a problem to create a separate forum? Pretty sure I only did it once, mainly to give a name to the announcers, who I feel are underappreciated in comparison to whoever ESPN drags off the street and pours into suits on a day-to-day basis. Then everything else was either in response to the original or insulting members of some national media, which would seem to be the topic of this thread judging from the title.

    But if Mac creates the forum, I’ll probably stop by and say hello.

    BTW, excellent idea on Road from Bristol. I hope it gets huge (and have a strange feeling it may).

  82. Clarke…did you even READ my last post? Where is the anger in the post?

    I am honestly tired of trying to be sarcastic and have biting humor and always being jumped for being “angry”…you should see my face at the keyboard…I am laughing when I write half this shit.

    Good God already.

    Mac…you’ve talked to me today…will you please inform Clarke and anyone else that I enjoy being sarcastic?

  83. Again, Clarke, I think even Dredat, the guy I am supposedly “attacking” saw my little :-) face at the end when was talking about the seperate forum and then saying it’s OK to post as long as you are attacking the French.

    How can you not take that sarcastically? I mean, who doesn’t hate the French?

  84. Did you read my post? Did I say every single post? No, I said I enjoy reading your posts when they are informative and insightful. I have come to expect a few solid posts from you in each thread, but when you try and press your form of sarcasm and humor onto the board, it can come off as abrasive and annoying. This is the post I was writing in regards to, “Drewdat,

    this is a Braves site and maybe I am wrong but I know for sure that at least Mac and I could CARE LESS about the Tour de France.

    They had an interesting radio dicussion the other day that people who typically REALLY CARE about the Tour, typically look down on other sports…like Baseball & Basketball & Football…the only 3 really worth caring about.

    Are you one of those guys? I work with a guy here in Virginia who’s your typical “niose in the air” classical music/fine arts snob and he LOVES the ‘Tour de France’ and could care less about Baseball et all.”

    If you can tell me that is funny and sarcastic then I will retract my statements.

  85. Heh. Yep. I just treated it as literal in my last post for another arguing point, and another chance to take a shot at ESPN.

  86. This has nothing to do with anything, but I’d lay 10 to 1 odds that Alex and Mac did not vote for the same guy to be the next president of the United States. Anyone want to make me one dollar richer? :)

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