Game Thread: July 9, Brewers at Braves

Hey, the Natspos lost a one-run game! With a win, the Braves could be back within a game and a half, and “America’s Team” will likely panic like the Expos they actually are, and Jim Bowden will do something stupid. Well, that last will probably happen no matter what.

Storm update: Well, hard to say when the weather will get bad here, though it likely will, or how bad it will get. I expect that I’ll be able to recap tomorrow, but if not BamaDan is warming up in the bullpen.

58 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 9, Brewers at Braves”

  1. Mac, doesn’t trading for Preston Wilson qualify as doing something stupid?

  2. My God, why does everyone hate Preston Wilson so much? I hope all of you had this kind of hatred for Keith Lockhart when he played, someone who IS bad.

    And the Wilson deal is certainly a better deal then the Mets beauty last year where they traded Kazmir and other stud prospects for the crappy Kristin Benson and Victor Zambrano.

  3. Alex, it’s largely — nay, entirely — your fault; you kept wanting to trade prospects to get Wilson and acting like he’s a better player than Andruw. And the only reason that Bowden wouldn’t make that deal is that the Natspos don’t have any good prospects. Wilson, road games, 2005:

    107 AB, 24 H, 5 2B, 0 3B, 5 HR, 13 RBI, 10 R, 8 BB, 34 K, .224/.280/.411. The only thing he has going for him is that on the rare occasions when he does hit the ball it’s often for extra bases. Nor is it new. Wilson, road games, 2004:

    100 AB, 24 H, 5 2B, 0 3B, 3 HR, 12 RBI, 9 R, 8 BB, 25 K, .240/.309/.380

    He sucks. Why in the world would anyone want that?

  4. I live in a subburb of Atlanta, and it is raining pretty hard here right now. 5:41.

    No more double-header ;[ . . play this game.

  5. What Mac left out of his Wilson analysis is that Preston has average at-best range and an iron glove in center.

  6. Wilson is no better than Brian Jordan, Ryan Langerhans, Raul Mondesi, or Jeff Francouer, and makes 12.5 million dollars. For a million or so, he might be a worthwhile player to take a flyer on. But I don’t think he’s worth trading for.

  7. Also, Keith Lockhart was a throw-in on the trade that brought him to Atlanta. That was mostly Tucker for Dye. He certainly wasn’t a great player, but he was worthwhile. And, like I said, I wouldn’t mind if the Braves brought in Wilson as a free agent, for 1.5 million or so, after the season. But he’s exactly the sort of player who should be freely available.

  8. Washington has lost Spivey for up to three months, with a broken wrist.

  9. There’s a huge wall of rain coming towards Atlanta. No way they get this game off on time.

    Best case: They get off an inning, there’s a long delay, and they have to resume play without Sheets.

    I know he’s been hittable this year, but he’s still pretty scary.

  10. Meanwhile, according to a (secondhand) EMA report, they’re expecting the worst of the hurricane around here Sunday night or Monday morning. Also, the projected path is now moving west. However, the forecast for Atlanta tomorrow is thundershowers starting at 10 AM and continuing for the foreseeable future.

  11. Bowden will mess it up … leave it to him to help out the Braves. Preston Wilson is really good … if you want a lot of strikeouts, and some questionable CF. A perfect choice for Bowden to bring to The Nats

  12. I will state the obvious and say that Davies is not looking very good right now.

  13. Rare misstatement by Pete there; the year Smoltz started off so badly was 1991, when he’d been in the rotation for two and a half years. Actually, he was never used as a reliever until 2001.

  14. Not cool, Kyle. Very not cool. I think we may be in for a long night, barring rain…

  15. I don’t think it was as bad as last year when the two from Junkin’ were in the booth with Joe and Skip . . .

  16. I don’t get the whole simulated game thing. I mean, if a pitcher can get ready that way, why can’t a hitter get ready by taking batting practice for a few days? I have to think that a live game would be better, not to mention it might help Rome sell tickets.

  17. Doesn’t giving a pitcher a start screw up the minor league rotation, though? Batting practice isn’t really the same, the pitches are all nice and fat…of course, neither is a simulated game realistic, but just an idea.

  18. 58 pitches in four innings. That actually pretty efficient… for Kyle. Maybe he can go 6!

  19. I don’t get the whole simulated game thing. I mean, if a pitcher can get ready that way, why can’t a hitter get ready by taking batting practice for a few days? I have to think that a live game would be better, not to mention it might help Rome sell tickets.

    Sure, if you can find a “batting practice” pitcher who’ll throw 90. Throwing a ball from the mound is throwing a ball from the mound. Whether or not someone is in the box effects the mental part of the game, but has nothing at all to do with the mechanics and getting an arm strong. Hitting on the other hand is different. The hardest part of hitting is pitch recognition, and that takes seeing real pitches.

  20. Nothing is happening. They’re having the ground crew try to keep the field dry but they can’t because it’s raining too hard. It’s like trying to bail with a sieve.

  21. Looking at the radar, it does look like this current front will pass through soon, so hopefully they’ll get the full nine innings in.

  22. I’m about 80 miles due east of Atlanta and it rained like hell here for 2 hours until about 10 minutes ago. So there’s probably another delay — or an early ending — in this game’s future.

  23. When I left to go read a book it was 3-2. It’s 9-2. Maybe I should have stayed.

  24. Was that his first at home? Not that it matters, but I think it is unless I forgot a recent one.

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