Game Thread: July 27, Natspos at Braves

Let’s build a lead.

If anyone is interested in hearing my squeaky voice, I have an MP3 of the segment I did with Dan LeBatard about the Road From Bristol last week. If you want me to send you a copy, email me at warliberal -at- yahoo -dot- com.

308 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 27, Natspos at Braves”

  1. Could you send a copy to the address linked in my name? Also, any idea when it will be airing? Thanks.

  2. I would have thought it already aired. It was probably a same-day, or maybe even live, bit for Miami radio.

    Just a guess, though.

  3. I was looking on Hardball Times today and was astonished to see that Andruw was tied for 18th in the league with 15 Win Shares (through July 20). I was hoping someone well versed in sabermetrics could explain this. Has Andruw not been as valuable as everyone’s been saying he is, or is the Win Shares methodology flawed?

  4. I don’t know much about it, but I think Andruw’s lack of Win Shares could be attributed to other players on the team being good and receiving shares he’d otherwise attain.

  5. The reason is that he’s hitting under .220 with runners in scoring position, which is a big factor in WS.

  6. That and the defensive metrics they’re using may not be the same as used in retrospective win shares; Andruw’s always performed really well on those. (Through the publication of the original book, he was even with Vlad Guerrero despite the latter’s huge advantage in offense, because of playing time and defense.)

  7. Early Lineup – no changes at the top:


  8. Let’s hypothetically say I just got a new laptop and I’m hypothetically ripping off someone’s wireless internet from next door as I type. Exactly how illegal would that hypothetically be?

  9. Same as getting free cable I guess. As long as you don’t clog their bandwidth, sharing is cool :)
    Serves your hypothetical neighbours for hypothetically not locking their network.

  10. A few people have been arrested for doing this in recent weeks, so try not to make it too obvious. We were doing it in my house until Verizon turned on our DSL.

  11. I have DSL downstairs but this is the first time I’ve been able to be online upstairs. How do they catch you?

  12. Here is a link to one of the stories I was talking about. Pretty lame to call the cops on someone doing that though IMHO.

  13. You should probably look into getting a wireless router if you already have a DSL to your house – you can find them for as little as 30 bucks at Best Buy, probably even cheaper at some place like The connection would be better and you’d have nothing to worry about.

  14. Well, the guy wasn’t exactly subtle about it. I’m in my own house, not sitting out in the road with a computer (plus it’s pouring rain). My question is, did the guy know he was using the WiFi because it showed up on his computer or because he saw him being stupid? I don’t know which neighbor I’m ripping off, the network is called ‘Xin’ which makes me think the people across the street.

  15. 1 run isn’t much. So he’s a little shaky to start. No big deal. He’ll be fine.

  16. Thanks Vinny. A pitcher struggling with his control, you swing at the first thing close to a strike and make an out. Still a Brave at heart I guess.

  17. Furcal’s speed is just incredible. The pressure he put on that play caused the fielder to try to hurry and think about the toss before he got his glove on it. On the next play, he beat yet another typical double play with his legs.

    Just amazing.

  18. Rathbun, paraphrased: “Jose Vidro… He can’t hit anymore, and he can’t field either, but he’s paid a whole lot of money, so the Natspos need him.”

  19. For whomever posted the 96 Rock stream link, I just checked it out, and they’re airing “the worst of the Regular Guys” instead of baseball.

    MLB probably won’t let them stream Braves games online, as that would cut into MLB revenue. MLB owns all “new media” broadcast rights for games, including internet radio, internet video, satellite radio, etc. I was hoping that when you posted the link, you knew about them slipping one buy Team Selig, but, alas, I have to choose between crappy reception with a 5 second video delay, and Rathbun and Paciorek.

    I choose static.

  20. I hope it lasts exactly as long as my power outage. I’m so spoiled that it took me half an hour to remember that you can still connect computers using a phone line.

  21. I just heard a rumor that Estrada has dropped his appeal and the suspension is down to 2 games. This is probably crap since I didn’t get it from anything reliable, though.

  22. this might not be a popular concept, but it might be time to drop kelly down in the lineup and put chipper at 4th.

  23. People are all kinds of worked up about the idea of shifting him to first, now you want him to move to fourth!?!?

    Oh, wait, you meant in the batting order. Never mind. :)

  24. “Hanging high for Francoeur … who is actually in a different zip code than the ball, so Andruw gets it. I wish I could have watched that play more closely, but I’m too busy So You Think You Can Dance on FOX!”

  25. count how many times these announcers say “ouch”. i want to know if there are bees in the pressbox

  26. “Hi, I’m Rafael Furcal.”

    “And I’m Kelly Johnson.”

    “You might have noticed that we made outs, and in a real hurry. That’s because we don’t want to miss the premiere of the acclaimed new drama Over There on FX!”

  27. “Hello We are the Braves
    1 and a 2 and a 3 , down we go!

    We can’t hit to save our lives,
    we can’t rap to save our lives
    But we try, we try”

  28. You’re going good when you popup to second for a double. You’re going bad when you’re Jose Vidro, who is starting to field his position like he has a nervous condition.

  29. “That kid oughta start lookin’ for a condo.”

    I know chicks dig the long ball, but this is a family show.

  30. Marcus Giles home run!!!!!

    when i’m listening to the Marcus Giles’s at-bat music…what a coincidence^^

  31. eh everyone skids…he has a bright future and I’d trust him out there daily.

  32. Why is Francoeur in with a righty on the mound, I’m not complaining.

    I think Marcus drank a Power Aid and took a B.C. headache powder (Jenny, with you going to college, that is a great cure for a hang over.)

  33. I don’t like Skip on radio. You don’t notice it on television, but he’s so much faster with his call than the other announcers (even Pete) that you really feel the TV delay. He finishes the result of the pitch before it’s even thrown.

  34. Jenny is going to Carleton College in MN. It’s about an hour from Minneapolis. COLD! It snowed when I visited in MAY!

  35. o damn…you live in Minnesota?..Us northerners have it rough seeing the braves up here daily…ugh…at least I can listen to the Mississippi games every day on their site, however. Eases the pain.

  36. You’d hate this, Mac. They have a radio ad where Smoltz has a discussion with Johnny Bravo about the opening of “Tooner Field”. It’s awful.

  37. Holy crap. Why on earth are you going all the way to Minnesota. I’m from PA, btw so you not too far

  38. Seriously. Paciorek, with his “ow,” “ouch,” “geez,” and “get down” after every batter has given me a nervous tick.

  39. I wanted to go to CA but it didn’t pan out…”as far as possible” is my motto. If you get my drift.


  40. speaking of possibly injured players, is hudson more hurt than they are leading on? he doesn’t look like the same pitcher in oakland.

  41. “All right, cool. I can pick up 3 unsecured networks from my bedroom. ”

    I’ve thought getting on my neighbors network just to drop that hint that they need to secure that thing…and cos my isp is crap (isnt cable suppposed to be fast?) but i never have

    sidenote: anyone know when the next TBS, ESPN or Fox game is?

  42. At least you guys GET TV. Jeez! Some of us are relying on GameDay! Spoiled…

    Just kidding ;-)

  43. Does anyone think Bob Rathburn is from Mayberry? I bet he the worst guy to go get a beer with

  44. Sometimes it takes pitchers time to adjust to new leagues. I think he and Mulder alike will be fine in due time. Health problems also factor in im sure. I doubt hes 100%.

    Jenny…whats your last name…so i can find you on facebook and poke the hell out of you…or add you to my list…yes that.

  45. LaRoche needs to be replaced. Chipper to 1st, bring up Marte. I’ve never been so sure.

  46. I haven’t set up my facebook yet. I’ll let you know!

    BTW, DeRosa is starting at SS for Texas tonight.

  47. Colon is dominating Richmond. Too bad he’s pitching tonight; he’d be great to call up to fill in.

  48. Why are you so sure he should be replaced? Especially after a day like yesterday? Thats absurd. We need veterans in the lineup if we want to win in the playoffs.

  49. Wow good news on Jenny!! Good luck. I like Minnesota and have a longing for snow.

    SCREAM GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. no, it is in Kutztown, PA. It is near Reading, if you are familiar with that.

    *added Billy Smith*

  51. WTF does poke do on facebook, ive never really figured that out (granted, im a little slow when it comes to obvious things)…is it like saying hi? or is a “Damn b—- you stupid fly” (as the Carlin bit goes) kind of thing?

  52. its just for shits and giggles. In fact, there is no point at all. Its in the FAQs as:

    “What is poking?

    We have about as much of an idea as you do. We thought it would be fun to make a feature that has no specific purpose and to see what happens from there. So mess around with it, because you’re not getting an explanation from us.”

  53. The poke thing; no one knows what it means. here is what the guys who created it say:

    “We have about as much of an idea as you do. We thought it would be fun to make a feature that has no specific purpose and to see what happens from there. So mess around with it, because you’re not getting an explanation from us.”

  54. What is up with the Nats outfield layout? I just noticed. Guillen-Wilkerson-Wilson? FR has no idea what to do, does he?

  55. Watching DeRo makes me sad for some reason. Yeah, he sucked, but he was a nice guy and that injury was awful. Am I a total sap?

  56. I always liked Mark. He was decent as a spot starter, but just couldn’t handle the everyday role.

  57. speaking of washed up players, Peter Bergeron started in center for the Orioles AA team yesterday when i was the Reading Phils game. Remember when he was the expos future in center. Hah.
    We also met Cole Hamels again. Hes a cool guy. Bright future.

  58. I want to see if and how long that whole division can stay below .500.

    Okay, I’m a sap. Guilty as charged.

  59. You might be a sap, but you know your baseball. Speaking of which, *points to “Will you marry me?” on the Ted’s state of the art big screen.

  60. Sutton said “Guzman took his approach to hitting out to the field. He missed that one by a mile!”

  61. Orr was ready to go. Now it’s Franco. I guess a runner on third changes Bobby’s strategy a bit.

  62. This is awesome. Walk off walk last night. Throwing error by the pitcher gets the runner to third. Wild pitch scores him.

    These pitchers are just dissolving.

  63. “We also met Cole Hamels again. Hes a cool guy. Bright future. ”

    Remind him about the Crash Davis “dont punch with your throwing hand when you’re in a drunken fight” lesson if you see him again

  64. My friend Dave commenting on Eischen: “he’s like a really angry GI Joe action figure”


  65. You CAN’T bring in KolBB now, can you? Inherited runners? That’s like putting out a fire with kerosene.

  66. Great, Kolb is coming in with runners on base, we will see if he indeed can be a double play guy…this may possibly be his last chance to prove himself.

  67. But we’ve got Reitsma well rested to pitch the 9th in case there’s a sasve. Oh wait, there can’t be a save opp for the home team after a tie in the 8th…

  68. does he have any movement on the ball at all? it doesnt look like it from the boob tube

  69. I don’t expect much from KolBB these days, but I am worried about Foster. His last couple of outings haven’t been so hot.

  70. There can still be a save op, spike, if the Braves score three or fewer runs in the bottom of the 8th.


    Would someone EXPLAIN to me why BLAINE BOYER is no longer the 8th inning pitcher?


  72. Heh, heh, heh… that Danny’s a clever boy. If he can’t get saves, he’ll get wins. That oughtta give him something to bolg about if he does.

  73. I was a bit unclear – after 8 complete, thefre’s no save opp – games over if the home team is ahead.

  74. I can’t take it anymore. can’t take it.

    Kolbb has to die, die die already. It’s just wrong that Bobby keeps trusting this guy over & over, this fat fucking asshole. I freaking hate him.

    Sorry…I just feel like exploding after this crap AGAIN.

  75. Smitty’s right: Foster’s walks came home to roost. Has he been overworked?

  76. Just in case anyone cares at all, I JUST won the world series with the real Atlanta Braves team on MVP 2005 after playing the entire season. Ironically, Adam LaRoche hit a solo walkoff homer in the bottom of the 14th off of the White Sox’s S. Takatsu to win it 1-0. An omen? I would hope.
    Johnny Estrada took the playoff MVP. haha.

  77. If LaRoche hits one out, there can be no more trade him talk on this message board!

  78. All we really need is one more run… the nats haven’t beaten a team that scored more than 4 runs but maybe two or three times all year.

  79. yes, Eddie is available. Seattle scouts are saying we are shopping McCann for him. I doubt that seriously.

  80. Can anybody stop this guy?

    What kind of program do they have in Mississippi that have McCann and Francoeur so ready to light up the bigs?

  81. I wouldn’t take the trade.

    And yea hes not on the ML roster in real life anymore haha. I only worried about keeping my braves rosters accurate.

  82. Can you believe this, Kolb can actually get a win from this, now this guy is even better than Gryboski in padding his stats!

  83. I lied… the magic number to beat the nats is 5; they have won four games all year where their opponents scored 5 or more runs. Which means that the braves need one more NOW, because they scored while I was looking that up… dam, wish i could watch this on tv instead of looking up weird stats…

  84. I don’t know how much credit Jeff deserves for two popups that turned into a single and a double. Still, I’ll take it.

  85. A win here makes Kolb easier to trade. A lot of people still put a lot of stock in wins.

  86. I hate Frank Robinson. He bitches about every close call and so do his players. I bet he has only been thrown out of two games all year if that. If Bobby cried half as much as Frank, Pat Coralis would be interm manager.

  87. McCann for Guardado? HA! I love trade rumors.

    Although Eddie would be a nice add.

  88. Why not, Mike Clay? It lowers his ERA and gives him a win. Gives him a strikeout, too.

    If you’re looking for a number padding night for Kolb, it’s hard to be better than this.

  89. Francoeur is 6 for 9 with 1 double and 2 homeruns with runners in scoring position

  90. Good instincts by Reitsma to pull back. He touches that with his glove, and the guy’s on first.

  91. Gamecast is hilarious:

    Offensive Substitution: Pinch hitter Carlos Baerga replaces Cristian Guzman.

  92. Time to close this one out…

    BP says a Mets-Rangers deal might be on (moreso than yesterday), where Alfonso Soriano would head to the Mets for some prospects. Be interesting to see if it actually happens…

  93. Catchers should give way to other fielders. A catchers mit is hard to make that play with.

    Nice play Giles!

  94. yea McCann won’t go anywhere, especially with Estrada struggling and hurt. He also won’t be dealt.

  95. McCann’s error was harmless.

    Now move Kolb. Somewhere. Richmond. Mississippi.


  96. Whoops. I just realized what you meant. I’m stupid. But my statement still stands. Send him to Turkmenistan. One-way ticket.

  97. Kolb should be sent to a fictional place. Where better to be transformed into a fictional character? That way he only blows leads in cartoon shows and videogames.

  98. if he was blowing saves as a cartoon character, would you laugh or be ticked off? *wonders*

  99. excuse, excuse, so many excuses. If you’re REAL DAN KOLB, dont’t forget as closer.sometimes lose,sometimes win !!!
    BUT I’m sick of it, huh? First BE A MAN. Next when the game isn’t over, don’t access a computer blogging .
    IT’S A professional!!!!

  100. I wonder what the Pads would give us for Estrada considering their catching tandem for the rest of the year is Nevin and Fick, neither of whom have caught much in the bigs

  101. Will Carroll says:

    “Posted Wednesday, July 27, 9:25 p.m.: The Rangers’ Alfonso Soriano, along with Mets prospects Lastings Milledge and Carlos Gomez, were all pulled from the lineup before their respective games on Wednesday evening. That’s all the information I have right now, but it could be a sign that something is happening.”

    I know it ain’t the Braves, but this be interesting stuff.

  102. Francoeur’s first single was solid. His second one was a bloop that Guzman inexplicably didn’t catch.

  103. Jenny said:
    Rome isn’t far enough. Not enough time zones. Send him to Turkmenistan.

    How about the People’s Republic of Kentuckistan?

  104. Like I said. I love trade rumors :)

    I’m diappointed in Will Carroll, though. He’s usually so thorough. Of course, I could’ve easily checked.

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