Game Thread: August 30, Natspos at Braves

Let’s try this again.

Since I haven’t picked on them recently, today’s Mets fact: Andruw Jones would, with his current statistics, be the Mets’ all-time leader in homers, runs, RBI, total bases, and doubles. He would be second in hits.

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  1. It seems to me that that is somewhat more a function of an inability to stay patient than anything else. They have only two players with over 5000 plate appearances, and one of them was a light-hitting shortstop.

    By contrast, Atlanta (including Milwaukee since 1961, to be fair) has three players with over 6000 PA (if I got Aaron right… I’m too lazy to add carefully).

    Part of that, of course, is a farm system which generates a lot more Ty Wiggintons than David Wrights, and part of it is a willingness to let Mo Vaughans limp through a season or two. But part of it is an unwillingness to keep a, say, Jeff Kent around.

    That said, I just looked back through the Mets history going back quite a ways and I’m hard pressed to name a hitter who came up through their system other than Darryl Strawberry whose career you know you’d want to have on your team. And they seem to have dumped him at a pretty good time.

  2. I’ll be watching with my wife at Mackey’s in the Golden Triangle district of DC while attending a Going-Away party for one of her friends. I’m wearing a yellow Lacoste polo, so say hi if you’re in the area.

  3. To all the Mets fans I know, David Wright is basically the Messiah, precisely because they’ve had so many hitting prospects go bust when they reach Shea.

    Oddly enough, most of them hate Willie Randolph–evidently they’ve forgotten the Art Howe days already–and want to bring back Bobby Valentine.

  4. So the real question is, now that the Phils grabbed Michael Tucker and we answered with Todd Hollandsworth, what aging, lefty, tweener outfielder that they don’t really need with the Marlins pick up?

    Is Raul Ibanez available? Is Bobby Higginson still alive?

  5. No, they just haven’t announced which pitcher is going down. I suppose it’s possibly they’ll DL Julio, then send a pitcher down after one of the games tomorrow and bring up Pena or Marte.

  6. Lineups for tonight

    Natspos or Gnats:
    Wilkerson (terrible 2nd half)
    Guillen (Farnsworth will throw at him)
    Wilson (sucks)
    Guzman (still batting under .200)


  7. Re: The Mets.

    I live in NY & I’m around Met fans all the time. Most Mets fans don’t hate Randolph. They’re just a little perplexed over some of his in-game moves (not to mention those the organization makes).

    Of course, with a bullpen like his, just about anything he does is ripe for second-guessing.

    As for the organization, all the talk now is the fact that they’re demoting Trachsel & keeping Zambrano in the rotation. Trachsel was lights-out in his one post-DL start. Zambrano walks the ballpark & makes people nuts with his inconsistency.

    The Mets’ starting pitching has been very good lately, but I have faith that they’ll remain true to their flawed nature. Something will go wrong in the end. It always does.

  8. Continuing the All-Ugly Team discussion over here, Don Mossi is pretty bad, but for the King of Fugly, it still has to be ” rel=”nofollow”>Randy Johnson.

  9. This ugly talk has gotten me hopelessly sidetracked. Has anyone noticed that Otis Nixon kinda looks like a gargoyle?

    Alright, that’s it. No more. Bad karma. I’ll probably get hit by a bread truck now.

  10. Thanks Jenny for the Powerpoint link. I really enjoyed that. Reminds me of the old days at Northrop Corp. where I worked in corporate training before moving here.

  11. Stu – check back a thread real quick for a correction from Mac. Mossi has him beat (and I still think the Rat does, too).

  12. Devine demoted for Hollandsworth, according to

    Kolb remains. I pray that some time tomorrow, Bobby gets some sense knocked into his head, and Kolb clears out for Davies (unless they plan on pulling the DL trick).

  13. I was going to pay for mlbtv tonight because I missed all the games this weekend, and I’m itching for one. But apparently I’m in the blackout zone, even though TS is not available to me through the government-sanctioned cable monopoly in my area. This is ridiculous. I moved back south and have FEWER opportunities to watch the nearest team’s games.

  14. Furcal a late scratch? Knee must still be bothering him. Hope he works it out soon, there’s not many off days ahead.

  15. I don’t think Betemit’s a bad shortstop, but he’s pretty mechanical. Normally those guys make up for it with their bats and throwing arms, but in this case… Well, I like his bat.

  16. One hit (on a defensive miscommunication, no less), and they bust out the chop song. You know you’re in for a night when one hit is a rally.

    One second later, caught stealing.

  17. How does he keep doing this? It’s getting ridiculous. It’s not like he’s changing anything when people are on base, either.

  18. Jenny – I haven’t tried the radio tonight. I seem to have the same experience as all you other stealth listeners: sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t. I’m just really pissed about this because I had already decided not to be a cheap SOB and get the TV package, but I know this means I can’t get that either. I would start a petition, but I have no friends ;)

  19. Oh, I may have missed your point… I don’t have a reliable OTA radio broadcase I can listen to. I suspect it’s because there’s a AAA team here in the Nashville, although it could be due to some combination of a general lack of interest and there being lots of people around who still prefer the Cardinals. I can get the game in my car if drive a few miles East during the day from a radio station about 30 miles out of town (this is what makes me suspect the Sounds are behind this). I get nothing anywhere at night.

  20. I’m immensely pleased that Andruw took that bases-loaded walk–almost any other season he would have taken swings at all four of those pitches and tried to pull them.

  21. Considering how horrible that inning was, it’s pretty amazing for them to have only scored twice.

    One run down this early isn’t horrible.

  22. Yep. I think if you walk Roy Hobbs you have to come out of the game, at least that is what Frank Robinson thinks.

  23. “at least have doubled”? He’s not that slow. I think it’s safe to assume just a plain ole double would have done the trick. 8 men left on in the past 3 innings. Ouch.

  24. Ouch! Sosa,why don’t you pitch to the 7th-_-;; We should save our bull pen.This is very important from now on. Braves! Wake up!!!

  25. After a complete game and an off-day, and with September rosters around the corner, we have bullpen innings to spare.

    Whereas the Nationals are so thin at the moment that Hector Carrasco was allowed to hit for himself.

  26. I know Foster has not been sharp lately, but I still wish Bobby would use him more often to help him regain that sharpness. Foster is a good pitcher, waaaaaaaay better than Martin.

  27. Chipper on, Andruw up. It’s not over yet.

    Foster is way better than Martin, but I’d like to see McBride out there more. With a little more work, he could be very good. He just needs to pitch more innings.

  28. I can’t believe the crowd is so quiet in a one-run game. There almost no noise coming through the broadcast unless a deep fly is hit.

  29. Mets-Phillies is one of those I don’t know which I want to win. The Mets are hot and have good pitching. The Phils don’t look as good, but they have a better record at the moment.

  30. Did anybody else hear Skip during the break? Somebody must have been asleep in the control room to let that one pass.

  31. Yeah I heard that Boyd. It wasn’t anything bad… Just complaining about people leaving the ballpark, which I can see both sides. People want to get home, its getting late. Traffic sucks. But you’d think a baseball fan would love a close game, late, that your team still has a chance to win.

    But yeah it was funny to hear Skip’s ‘real’ thoughts.

  32. He realized he almost got through an ENTIRE inning without letting a guy on base, thanks to a friendly ump, so he had to give a guy a hit.

    It’s only fair.

  33. Well I think his exact quote was “Look at the people leaving. Jesus Christ!” Which is not something you’d normally expect to hear on a family braodcast. It caught me off guard to say the least.

  34. Jenny, probably because original posted lineup had Furcal in it (they probably haven’t updated the data yet – although the box is correct).

    Nice job by Holly in his first Atlanta AB.

  35. Bummer, they aren’t hitting a lick with RISP tonight.

    Probably see Cordero for the 9th, at least it will be the Jones boys up.

  36. Here’s a question: will Reitsma be effective again by the playoffs?
    Or does his arm, once it falls off in the second half of the season, stay off?

  37. Just noticed in the box that Wonder Boy walked again tonight, how did that happen? That’s like 3 walks this week, isn’t it? Guess pitchers are starting to avoid him now.

  38. If the “guess that’s your answer” was in reference to the single Reitsma gave up, that’s ridiculous. It was a blooper that dropped in front of Andruw. You’re just LOOKING for something to complain about. Reitsma looked really good, actually.

    Also, Skip did not say, “Jesus Christ.” After commenting on the people leaving, he asked who was coming into pitch, Joe told him it was Kolb, and Skip said something to the effect of, “that will get this crowd going.”

  39. Stu, I’m working on GameDay only, no video, no audio. From there, he didn’t look all that sharp.

    Darn, two down already.

  40. Ah well, moot point. Tough, tough loss. Puts way more pressure on the doubleheader and on Thomson than I would’ve liked.

  41. Awful, awful loss. See how much this team NEEDS Rafael Furcal? And Betemit’s a serviceable fill-in, huh?

    I’m grumpy. I’m going to bed.

  42. Bummer – that would have been classic if he had taken Cordero out to win it. Oh well, can’t win them all.

  43. Betemit was 2 for 4, batting eighth, not leadoff. I realize his place in the batting order is out of his control, but my point is that we need Furcal in there at the top of our lineup.

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