6 thoughts on “Here’s your problem”

  1. Hey all I’m going to the game tonight, just wanted to let everyone know… Anyone else gonna be there? Before the game I’ll probably be watching Maddux warm up. I’ll be wearing a Marcus Giles Jersey. If anyone’s gonna be there, just come up and say hi.

    Or just point and stare from a distance. Whatever works.


  2. Dear Mac
    You know I’m having comments problems.
    comment just doesn’t show up or I try posting and get a 500 error. blahblah~~~~
    I read it you linked .I have no idea. Is it just on me? If it happens again …I’m not sure you can read this ..
    What have become of me? ghost or devil, then you must be an angel because decline me(devil)… lol…
    I’m very sorry bothering you … If you doesn’t correct errors I will be a ghost or goodbye in advance. Thank you for everything

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