– MLB – Recap – Cubs at Braves

Pretty solid win. The Braves took the lead in the first, Kyle Davies and three relievers took it from there, everyone reached base, and pretty much everyone the Braves are in a race with lost.

LaRoche was the hitting hero. With one on and one already in (RBI single by Andruw) in the first, he hit a homer to give the Braves a 3-0 lead that stood most of the game. In the eighth, he hit a solo shot off of a lefty (wait, we didn’t hit Jordan for him?) to finish the scoring.

Estrada was hit by a pitch, Davies drew a walk, and everyone else had a hit. Except for LaRoche, it was one hit apiece. Johnson and Giles also drew walks.

Davies went 6 2/3, threw 96 pitches, 54 strikes. He allowed four hits but walked four, still a concern. He did strike out three, and the hits were all singles. Foster finished the seventh. Boyer allowed one hit but struck out Derrek Lee in the eighth, Reitsma gave up a hit but got a game-ending double play.

Natspos lost (by three runs, so they’ve now scored fewer runs than they’ve given up — again), and the Marlins lost as well. The entire Eastern division is back at .500 or better, while with the Cubs’ loss only the leaders are over .500 in the other divisions. Maddux versus Colon in the second game tomorrow, on Turner South because all the interesting matchups wind up there.