Game Thread: July 4, Cubs at Braves

Happy Birthday, America! As for you guys, sorry about the comment problem — just wait a bit and your comment should go up. Thread going up early because there’s a storm here and I’m afraid of an outage.

UPDATE: Okay, Merv ran a db table fix, hopefully that’s corrected the comments problem. If it hasn’t, drop me a line, warliberal at yahoo dot com.

15 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 4, Cubs at Braves”

  1. Lineup for today’s game:

    R. Furcal
    K. Johnson
    M. Giles
    A. Jones
    A. LaRoche
    J. Estrada
    R. Langerhans
    W. Betemit
    K. Davies

    No surprises.

    J. Hairston Jr.
    T. Walker
    D. Lee
    J. Burnitz
    A. Ramirez
    T. Hollandsworth
    N. Perez
    M. Barrett
    K. Wood

    With Hairston in center field. I haven’t been following the Cubs, so I had no idea they were playing Hairston in the OF. I guess it started when Walker came back.

  2. 140 games of the year, I can’t see the Braves because I’m in Maryland, and unless it’s on TBS and not against the Nats (because of blackout rules), I don’t get it here.

    Tonight’s game: On -three- different channels, WGN, TBS, and ESPN. And I have a date and prolly still won’t be able to watch it. It’s enough to make a guy watch tennis.

  3. Don’t you hate that man. You’re finally able to catch a ballgame on TV, FINALLY, but you have something going on. You could always TiVo the game if the girl’s a special one.

  4. Hey, I like watching tennis! You got a problem with that? :-)

    Note to Kyle from KolBB: Leadoff walks are BAD.

  5. Wood walked Davies? Unbelievable. Where is the overpowering Kerry Wood of years ago? Perhaps he overpowered too much and can’t PITCH. Not that I’m copying Don and Skip…

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