– MLB – Box Score – Giants at Braves

Dreadful. Once again, the themes of the series:

1. The starting pitcher starting off really strong, then tiring, and Bobby not going to the pen in time.

2. Lots and lots of runners left on base.

Hudson threw six really strong innings. Unfortunately, he pitched seven innings in all, and got beat up in the seventh for three runs. He’d allowed three hits in the second without really giving up a hard-hit ball, and pretty much kept the Giants in check other than that, but in the seventh let the first two runners on. After they gave up outs to get one in, runner in scoring position with two out, Hudson allowed a blast to Randy Freaking Winn to give the Giants the lead, and ultimately the ballgame.

The Braves had 13 baserunners on the night, stranding nine and hitting into a double play. Again, if you have a lot of baserunners you’ll leave some on, but you need to score more than a quarter of your baserunners. LaRoche had a two-out double to score Giles, but hit into the double play as well. Also the Braves didn’t send Andruw (who was at first) home with two out, which is weird because he should have been running.

Marcus was 3-5 and missed the cycle by the homer, but struck out to end the game. The only Braves regular to go hitless was, remarkably, Francoeur. Langerhans got the start in left and had a couple of hits, and also reached on an error. (I thought he was out.)

Kolb and Foster combined to allow another run in the eighth, just to make it more difficult. Brower finished that for them, then McBride pitched the ninth.

The Mets, as you probably know by now, lost not only the ballgame but Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran; their season hangs by a thread. The Marlins lost, the Astros are beating the Natspos again, the Phillies trail early… Jorge Sosa, who stays in the rotation at the expense of Horacio Ramirez, will start tomorrow as the D-Backs come to town, with Claudio Vargas the opponent.