17 thoughts on “Slightly Early Game Thread: Braves at Phillies, July 3”

  1. What’s the over/under of Jason Michaels being in the Phils lineup? I guess if they need some punch they’ll put him in. Sorry bad joke to start the thread.

  2. SoT, are you So Taguchi of the St. Louis Cardinals?

    If so, the Braves will totally destroy you in the playoffs this year. Count on it.

  3. If the Braves lose the division to the Nationals, the Cubs are to blame losing 5-6 to them. Watch the Cubs will probably sweep us now…
    Basically it’s always the Cubs fault

  4. Does anyone remember the name of a pitcher we drafted a few years ago who could pitch with either hand. And had a glove that was made to fit either hand. Does anyone know who or where he is now?

  5. Man, Joey Devine is already at AA Mississippi. He will be our closer by the end of the year.

  6. I love Ryan Madson.

    This “Langerhans” thing is ticking me off, though. They need better research interns.

  7. that really was a huge win. coming into that bandbox at philly, coming from behind- solid preformances from sosa, reitsma, and (dare i say) kolb- along with clutch hitting from andruw… a very good game

  8. Betemit looks like the Betemit of last year, swinging at every pitch thrown to him. His BB/K ratio by month: 5/4; 4/4; 5/18; 0/2.

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