– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Phillies

Not that close. Horacio stunk up the joint, and the Braves were one-hit until the ninth. After getting through the first easily, Ramirez allowed single runs in the second, third, and fourth, and was chased in the fifth after giving up a three-run homer to the inexcuseable David Bell. The loser relievers (Gryboski, Kolb, Bernero, Vasquez — not all necessarily losers, but they only pitch when Bobby doesn’t have a choice or the Braves are losing) held the Phillies scoreless after that, but it mattered little.

The only Braves hit for the first eight innings was a single by LaRoche in the second. Brett Myers completely shut them down until they got three hits and a walk in the ninth to score three runs, and bring in Billy Wagner, who got Andruw and the inexplicably pinch-hitting Jordan to end it. (Honestly, is Bobby saying that Jordan has a better chance to get a hit off a lefty than LaRoche? Because I don’t see it.)

Juliometer.GIFJulio got number 2,493 as part of the too-late rally in the ninth; the race between him and Smoltz for 2,500 is still close. Marcus doubled in two, Betemit got out of his mini-slump, possibly, with a single to lead off, and Furcal got a walk. That’s it for the offense.

Night game on ESPN tomorrow, Jorge Sosa against rookie Robinson Tejeda, who is walking a lot of people but still has a 2.35 ERA. The Natspos will win by one run tonight, I’m sure.