– MLB – Recap – Braves at Marlins

Desultory recap, compared to all that happened; I don’t feel like writing much and frankly I have to go to bed. The Marlins were dead. Andruw hit a long homer leading off the thirteenth. They then left the bases loaded because they were out of hitters, and out of pitchers except for Adam Bernero.

And then after Vasquez let the leadoff man on, Bobby brought in Bernero anyway. If he’s going to use Bernero, he has to hit Sosa, Smoltz, or Ramirez before. But Bernero, after giving up a single, actually got two outs, then screwed up as he does, allowing two straight singles to lose the game. Estrada mishandled the play at the plate to end it; Cabrera, the runner, would have been out.

After a great start (2-3 with a walk, two runs scored), Rafael Furcal hurt his knee trying to make a play in the seventh. He stayed in for one more inning then left; no word on the extent of the injury. It hurt, because a couple of plays Furcal probably could have made were key when Betemit couldn’t, and Orr couldn’t make a play at third that Betemit may have. Reitsma had a 4-2 lead in the ninth but blew the save, but he was getting ground balls that they couldn’t make plays on.

Tomorrow hopefully the Braves can win the series, but this is the sort of thing that can take a psychological toll beyond the physical one. Colon will face either Josh Beckett or, if he can’t go, Scott Olsen, who has made one major league start in his life, and that against the D-Rays. The Natspos are tied in a game gone late because of a long rain delay.