Atlanta 4 Philadelphia 0 – MLB – Recap – Phillies at Braves

Sweep! The Braves got all their runs in the first three innings — one in the first on a fielder’s choice, three in the third on a sac fly and two singles — and held on from there. Chipper, who walked twice and scored one, came up lame running home on that run and left the game with what’s been labeled a bruised left foot. It is apparently pretty minor. The Braves had only three baserunners — singles by Mondesi and Jordan, and Betemit (who came in for Chipper) reaching on an error — after Chipper left. They had six hits in all, only one for extra bases (Marcus’ double) but four walks. Estrada had two RBI, Andruw and Mondesi the other two.

John Thomson had a strong game, going seven and allowing five hits and two walks, striking out eight. He left having thrown 114 pitches but with some of his best stuff of the game. Reitsma walked one but struck out two in the eighth, and Kolb allowed one single but got a double play to end the game.

The Braves find themselves tied for first with the Marlins. The Mets are in the process of losing to the Natspos, and those teams will then be one back, the Phillies three back. The Braves head back on the road to face the Mets for three, Heilman versus Ramirez to start off. The game will be on ESPN and SportsSouth; I can’t get used to those games not just being on Wednesdays.

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  1. I can’t get used to those games not just being on Wednesdays.

    I don’t like anything that involves listening to Tom Paciorek twice a week on a regular basis.

  2. I was thinking to myself that with our offensive production finally picking up, we just might be able to finally get Smoltz a win; then I checked the schedule and saw that in his next start he’ll be facing Pedro, again. Not that he can’t beat Pedro, but I’d just like to see him get a break, he deserves it.

    Other than that, not too many complaints. I think that our offense my look a tad better than it really is because of some poor pitching by the Phillies, but regardless, we’re hitting the ball well and getting quality starts; you can’t ask for much more than that. Hope Chipper’s okay.

  3. Any time Chipper is hurt, it’s never minor. A bruise will probably keep him out a week. He’s the most fragile player I’ve ever seen.

  4. David, your memory is really short. Chipper is one of the most durable players of his generation. Before last season, Chipper hadn’t been on the DL since his 1994 knee injury. His games played since 1995 (a strike season, of course):

    140, 157, 157, 160, 157, 156, 159, 158, 153, 137.

    Chipper had numerous minor injuries during that time, but never missed more than a game. Several times he went down seemingly for awhile but was back in the lineup the next day.

    Hell, just for the Braves there have been guys like Bob Horner (who played nine seasons with the Braves, averaging about 107 games a year), David Justice (who played 157 games in one season and never more than 146 in any other, and missed all but 40 games in his last season with the team), Jeff Blauser (who had only two seasons with the team in which he didn’t miss significant time). There are many others, these are just the ones that come to mind. Even guys like McGriff and Murphy missed as much or more time than Chipper in their careers.

  5. I nearly had a coniption when I saw Chip start limping to the dugout. Just what we need. I have to give Mondesi some credit. He looks like he’s making solid contact. However neither Mondesi nor Jordan look very powerful now. Just singles hitters. Before we free Kelly Johnson we should at least try to give Langerhans some at bats.

  6. The way Chipper’s swinging the bat these days, there’s no way he sits out a game–not if he can help it. He was absolutely miserable when he had those hamstring problems last year; he’s definitely not one to watch the game from the sidelines.

  7. Chipper Jones 2005 stats to date; #1 in Walks OPB and OPS, #3 in Slugging % in the majors, #1 in all 4 categories in the NL. What a great start. He could get MVP and comeback player of the year.

    But wait, there’s more. He has 1 error in 54 chances, a .981 fielding %. He is also hustling and has become a team leader that the Braves have been lacking for a few years.

    I’m encouraged by the Braves’ play in recent days. The Phillies aren’t near as bad as they played.

  8. As Chipper hobbled down the stairs of the dugout my first thought was, “Are we going to get to see Marte tomorrow?” Actually, I think Kelly Johnson would get the call right now, but I guess that’s how I’m going to view any bump or bruise the rest of the season.

  9. missed the last innings of the game. can any1 tell me how kolb looked, and if there are any updates on chipper. thanks

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