– Major League Baseball – Box Score – Los Angeles? Dodgers vs. Atlanta? Braves

Well, so much for Chris Reitsma. Odds are that the next time there’s a save situation, Kyle Farnsworth or — wonder of wonders — Danny Kolb will be the closer.

John Smoltz went seven, allowing three runs, two of them earned. Actually, with a little luck he might not have allowed any. Furcal threw a double-play relay away, and Francoeur threw a throw to third away as well (Chipper should have gotten it) which allowed one run to score and set up another. On the other hand, he got lucky on at least one call at first base which would have scored another unearned run. Smoltz allowed but seven hits, only one double, walked none, and struck out six. Pretty good outing.

The Braves got three runs on solo homers by Chipper, McCann, and Furcal, but couldn’t get any hits with runners on and Andruw hit into a couple of double plays. Finally, Marcus drove in Kelly Johnson (who reached on a pinch-hit error where he might should have been out) with a single in the seventh. He got to third with one out but they didn’t get him in.

Farnsworth pitched around a leadoff double. But Reitsma had absolutely noting. A long double to the gap, a single, a walk to load the bases, two-run single, intentional walk. Foster came in to allow another single to make it 6-4. Kolb, of all people, came in and got a pair of grounders to get out of it without further harm, but it was too late.

The Mets won, the Marlins lost, the Phillies and Natspos were rained out. The Braves lead the division by 4 1/2 over Washington, 5 over Philly… Tim Hudson versus Odalis Perez tomorrow.