Game Thread: June 28, Braves at Marlins

Lest I forget, and assuming that the field is playable after the Grounds Crew Follies last night.

If the Hawks draft Andrew Bogut I will scream.

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  1. Who do you think Atlanta should draft? I think they should draft based on need… meaning take Chris Paul. That’s hard to say though, being a Tar Heels fan.

  2. I think Marvin Williams has the most potential out of any player in this draft. The Hawks are so bad that they could use help at every position… including their strength, post players.

  3. Indeed. When your as bad as the Hawks, drafting for need is a mistake. Take the best player regardless of position. Marvin Williams has to be the guy. Deron Williams would be alright, I’m not as high on Paul as others.

  4. I tuned into Turner South 10 minutes too early and caught a bit of Braves in a Hurry.

    Instant headache.

  5. 25 pitches for Dontrelle in the first. Sure would be nice if Sosa could work a quick inning and get him right back out there.

  6. Has McKeon even considered flipping Castillo and Pierre in the batting order? I’d suggest moving Pierre to the eighth spot but that’s probably too radical.

    Great. Now Sosa gets the Terror Twins with two out. That’s the way you like it.

  7. Nice inning for Jorge there. Let’s jump on Dontrelle some more before he gets things figured out.

  8. Natspos down a run early. 2 runs off Dontrelle. Sosa pitching well. So far so good. Keep it up boys. And Bucs.

    I wonder what fans say about Lowell on Marlins Journal.

  9. As a SPURS fan, I don’t care who the Hawks should take but typical Hawks, took the wrong player. took the wrong Williams I should say.

  10. I’m sure Roy Williams would rather have the NCAA Title monkey off his back than another year with these players. I think college coaches get used to the turnover of players. I could be wrong.

  11. Jarrett Jack is the next Chauncey Billups. He’s my favorite guard in the draft. The hype of these other guys has made the draft predicatable and pushed Jack back. Someone will benefit from him dropping.

  12. Whoo Hoo! Sosa needed that after the way Cabrera has abused him this year.

  13. Boo-Yah! Big K Sosa! He killed an important two-out rally against their best hitter. I echo your sentiments Joey.

  14. My theory is approach and confidence. The Atlanta pitching environment just exudes these qualities.

  15. Hey, did anybody catch the name of the player in Pete’s anecdote about the whirlpool? The story was there was a Braves player in the 70’s with a rep for being lazy, spent a lot of time in the whirlpool, and the other players named the whirlpool after him– the U.S.S.___________. I missed it.

  16. Another real solid start from Sosa. He’s actually doing better than the guys he’s replacing probably would have.

    Let’s see if the pen can hold it…

  17. Stupid WGST, cutting to Bush instead of the game. Now I have to listen to the Marlins announcers (who actually aren’t that bad)

  18. I think he just said the first name and it sounded like it started with a ‘B’ so that might be it–the U.S.S. Bob. I was worried he was talking bout my man Biff Pocoroba!

  19. Much repsect to Jorge Sosa. He’s done a phenomenal job in both roles this year. He’s a big reason we stayed in the race and didn’t seek during our barren run. I can’t say enough about his importance to our club this year.

  20. I’m pretty sure he was talking about “The Original Hot Dog”, Willie Montanez. I’ve heard Pete and Skip stop just short of trashing him by name for many years now. They never quite identify him, but enough clues have been dropped from time to time that I’m sure it’s old Willie.

    Come to think of it, what better place for a hot dog?

    Sutton mentioned there was also an early-90s Brave notorious for frequenting the whirlpool. No idea who that might be.

  21. One thing about Sosa: never underestimate Lou Pinella’s ability to draw the worst out of a pitcher. Looks like the got to Sosa before he was completely ruined.

  22. Can anyone comment on why the bats have heated up lately? Is it still TP’s fault?

    If Furcal wasn’t stealing so many bases he’d be batting 8th at this point, I believe.

  23. Some slumping at some bad luck, I think. They were hitting before they started winning again, but the hits were scattered. They’re just falling into run-scoring clumps more now.

  24. Mac should change the title of the site from (trade furcal) to (trade gryboski)

    Seriously, his ERA is great. We know he’s not a great pitcher. Everyone needs relief pitching, and they’ll look at his ERA and salivate. We’d get someone decent for him.

    Why not sell high?

  25. Just to be contrary: why trade him now… Bobby’s finally figured out how to use him (to begin an inning). The real trick is getting rid of Kolb…

  26. Trading Gryboski could further unravel the bullpen. Let’s add more relief, not subtract. That’s my take at least.

  27. I suppose if someone had too many lefty relievers and wanted to swap a decent one for Gryboski, it would be ok. But anybody with an extra left reliever could probably do better at this point in the season. He’s a reliever, and this team needs relievers (and I’m still not completely sure it doesn’t need a starter).

  28. I can’t say enough about Foster’s contributions either. An absolute revelation at lefty relief.

  29. So, does Bobby bring in Vasquez with a four run lead and rest Reitsma, or does he go straight to Reitsma, even in a non-save situation?

  30. His pattern has been to go to Reitsma in 4 and 5 run lead situations. At least in Texas.

  31. Well a little insurance might make my question moot–score four and then we can have a Kolb appearance… (and a new Kolb blog entry!!!!)

  32. Bring in KolBB now, for the sake of not injuring or wearing down someone we value.

  33. it’s kolb time :)
    So what’s the over/under for runs given up in the bottom of the ninth

  34. I agree fjensen, Fucal could be huge for us down the stretch if he turns out to be productive. He seems poised to complicate things, which is good.

  35. Just for fun, I’m gonna say Kolb gives us 1’s all around… 1 walk, 1 hit, 1 run, 1 K.

  36. Give me two for Kolb (with just a single walk). That’s presuming he pitches, though.

  37. Great. Now KolBB’s arm can rest until the next, ugly mop-up situation presents itself.

  38. I’d actually like to see kolb pitch well for a couple weeks. Then, maybe we could trick some other team into thinking he has it all figured out.
    Here’s to wishful thinking.

  39. They got it out and deployed properly, but the umps let it go so long that I doubt the field will drain in quick order. With the Braves up 8-1, why bother?

  40. If Kolb can pitch well for a couple weeks, then keep him. He would obviously show he’s got something righted, maybe just a little, and anything we get for him won’t make up. Trade a guy who’s maybe becoming what he was last year for an A-ball pitcher.

    By the way, grounds crew did great. They even got an ovation.

  41. Question for the rules-mavens out there: If they call the game now, are the stats from the top of the ninth wiped out? For some reason I think they are, but I’m not sure.

  42. Sorry to post again, but I made an error on my last post and I wanted to ask something else. I meant to have the “Trade a guy who’s…” into a question.

    Quick rule question: On the triple by Franco, he obviously got the triple because Conine wasn’t exactly giving maximum effort to get to the ball after he had dropped it. Could the scorekeeper give him a double and give Conine an error for being lazy? Conine looked like he hurt himself, but assuming he was just being lazy…

  43. the umpire is the one who looked like a total jackass tonight. did any1 else see him shake his head after he missed that strike call. i mean, he called it a ball, but it went right down the pipe and then he starts shaking his head. granted, he did catch a swift one to the chest, but he was obviously not concentrating on his job. i thought the marlins had a legitimate complaint against him.

  44. Juries of Richmond Braves hit a double and home run tonight. He is putting up solid offensive stats. Don’t know much about him . I assume he is a poor fielder. Any info?

  45. Call me crazy, but if we give Leo props for Sosa, don’t we have to give him demerits for KolBB? Don’t get me wrong, I’m 2nd to none in my admiration for the work he’s done. But, sometimes, there are guys who just don’t work out while working under him, and who do put it together later (thinking specifically of Schmidt and {this is a bit more of a stretch} Bruce Chen), as well as guys who were decent elsewhere and stunk under Mazzone (Tom Martin, KolBB).
    I know that you could go back and forth with individuals (and JC did a great study that quantified the Leo effect – I just think it’s hard to take all the variables into account to come up with a formula) and say this pitcher did this and this pitcher did that.
    Still, great game tonight, and Leo effect or no, Sosa has been a fantastic pickup for the Braves & I can hardly believe this hot streak they’re on. Hard to believe that Washington is playing as well as they are too, though…

  46. Sosa has been pretty decent for his career. I think the biggest difference is the upgraded defense behind him. Andruw probably saves 1 earned run a game, maybe.

  47. Not that it has to matter a whole lot, but we don’t really know what Jurries tested for. If I’m not mistaken, the minor league drug testing includes recreational drugs. Not that performance enhancers aren’t a reasonable assumption, but we don’t know that he doesn’t just like to get high and watch Dora the Explorer.

  48. Sosa’s command is the difference. He always had a great arm, but couldn’t throw enough strikes.

    Andruw’s great, but I think a run a game is extreme… although it sure looks that way sometimes.

  49. Interesting. I guess I was just focusing on his starts, which have been good in that respect. But, no doubt, that hasn’t changed overall.

  50. Jurries admitted in an interview that he took something he shouldn’t have, said it was a terrible mistake he made while playing overseas (Vz I believe) and that he really regretted it. He’s still hitting now, so that’s good.

    Didn’t get to see the game because I was at the hospital – how were Kelly Johnson’s at bats?

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