An open letter to Brian Jordan

Dear Brian:

I understand that you’re frustrated. But look at it from our angle. We have a right fielder who hits like a pitcher. Do you know why you’re frustrated? It’s because you can’t play anymore. I know it’s hard, but you need to know. You can’t hit even ordinary fastballs now. It’s time to hang them up.


16 thoughts on “An open letter to Brian Jordan”

  1. Andruw isn’t as good as he looks now. But he sure isn’t as bad as he looks when he’s slumping. Please remember that, everyone who was shipping him out the door last month, when you next decide he must go. Please?

  2. Comments are generally considered “open” on the top post, at least during games. Talk about whatever you want as long as it’s baseball.

  3. Jordan is pretty much not worth talking about at this point. There isn’t anything I could add to what Mac has said. He did have an extra base hit two nights ago, so that’s something…

  4. I HATE you people with Sportsouth. OK, I don’t. I’m just incredibly jealous. Thanks to (I assume) the damn Nashville Sounds, there isn’t even a radio station I can pick up unless I drive about 10 miles east. And NOW apparently there’s a problem on the wire because the scoreboards on ESPN and Rotoworld are stalled. ARGH!

    Oh, yeah…

    Brian Jordan – done
    Andruw Jones – frustrating, but still very good
    Esix Snead – punk who should be looking for work

  5. Down In Mississippi Francouer hits 2 run homer. (10) James pitches 5 innings 1 er 9k’s 0 bb’s Braves leading 2-1 after 6

  6. wish the announcer for the M-Braves was a lot better. I may actually listen to more of their broadcast if he was a better announcer.

  7. Dear Mac,

    It’s ME, Brian. Brian Jordan?

    Look, I know I am done, I get it, but you gotta understand, Terrence Moore wants me to continue to play. He says it’s because I represent him & the black community so well…you understand. Plus, he says I am still really good.

    Anyway, please be nicer to me. I am really trying. Look, I am no worse then Dan Kolbb or even Eddie Perez? Right?

    Anyway, I am done with football so Baseball is all I have. Please, just give me positive encouragement. All you did was rip Raul Mondesi, my boyfriend, and now he’s gone. Please don’t make me go.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Brian Jordan.

  8. Well, Mac, it was JS who gave Jordan the contract, and it is Cox who keeps playing Jordan. So, the blame shouldn’t be on Jordan.

  9. I’ve given up on them and am hoping that Jordan can be shamed into retiring due to his woeful play. At the least, that HBP should keep him out of the lineup today.

  10. I think the best that we can hope for is that he stays in what appears to be a rather strict platoon situation… oh, and that he also somehow remembers how to hit left-handers. He’s really the only right-handed corner outfielder we’ve got, so I’d expect him to stick around.

  11. More homophobic humor at the expense of these players? Surely you’ve got better in your arsenal. Try being just a little clever.

  12. How in the world has Brian got to stay longer than Mondesi? Please, release the guy as soon as possible.

  13. Mondesi went first because he was the first to get vocal about playing time. Once Jordan starts mouthing off about having to sit, he will be given his release. Especially if Johnson stays hot.

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