No, really?

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It is to laugh:

The Braves, who have turned to Chris Reitsma to close, would be willing to move Danny Kolb, who might benefit from a change of scenery.

“Willing”? Boston could have him for a bloody sock. Bonus Kolb item:

Delgado drives in three as Keys defeat Nationals 6-4 – OurSports Central

Danny Kolb allowed the Keys’ final run.

Yes, apparently he’s moonlighting with the Natspos’ A-Ball team, and he can’t get anyone out there either.

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  1. “Change of scenary” what is Boston a RP’s heaven. I agree Mac, a bloody sock sounds like a pretty even deal, hey it’s memoribilia.

  2. A bloody sock? Hell, Doug Mirabelli’s JOCKSTRAP is a FAIR deal for Kolbb.

    Hello…addition by SUBTRACTION, people.

  3. Yeah, no way they give up The Sock for Kolb. I think the jock strap idea may have some legs, provided it wasn’t used in the postseason or anything.

  4. Good point…I would gladly take Mirabelli’s jockstrap from last week for Kolbb! I think Boston would do that…don’t you?

  5. You have to think that Atlanta would take any deal that the commissioner’s office would approve if it got rid of Kolb and at least most of his salary. Certainly to an AL team. So, yes, I think a jockstrap to be named later would actually do it. I just don’t know that anybody is desperate enough for a damaged pitcher like Kolb if taking his salary were involved. I mean, he has to have cleared waivers at least once already.

  6. I have made this point before about the Braves unwillingness to outright dump Kolbb on the possibility that we have to oay him while he wears another team’s uniform.

    This is how the Time Warner suits should look at it: If Dna Kolbb is wearing a Mets or Phillies uniform and Andruw 7 chipper hit a few game winning home runs in August and September off him, then intrisically, isn’t he worth more to us THAT way because he’s actually helping the Braves WIN games…something he’s clearly incapable of doing while wearing a BRAVES uniform.

    So, in a a large sense, Kolbb wearing another uniform will actually MAKE the Braves money..and even if it’s a team we don’t PLAY, we will still win MORE games just by not even having him AVAILABLE for Cox to use in the pen!!!

    Again, he’s worth more to us DEAD then alive…:-)

  7. I didn’t say the bloody sock, just a bloody sock.

    Kolb is in the arbitration portion of his career, I think, so the Braves can non-tender him at the end of the season. I’m not 100% sure about that, though; the Brewers could have given him a multi-year deal.

  8. I’ll point out that Bill James is still evaluating talent for Boston and no way could we get a bloody sock for Kolb while he’s there.
    Maybe a jock to be named later . . .

  9. I don’t really disagree with you Alex, but I do sorta understand the reluctance to just dump $3.4M on the floor like that. It seems to me like it’s time to strike a deal with old Danny and get him to agree to accept an assignment with some promise to either bring him back or release him by, say 8/15. Then DFA him. If nobody will claim him off the wire, then at least get him down where he can pitch and maybe get something worked out. He’s not as good as he was last year, but he’s not this bad… or is he?

    I’m almost positive that he is on a one-year deal, although these things aren’t as easy to find out as they used to be.

  10. The Braves generally avoid multi year deals with any relievers and Kolbb is example A as to WHY that is the case.

    I don’t honestly know how good or bad he is anymore. I know I have no faith in him and he’s taking up SPACE. He can’t get people out and even in a NO pressure 8-0 game against a humbled Marlins team last week, Dan still came in and gave the Marlins offense hope.

    He’s a downright cancer. I am telling you, as cheap as those Time Warner bastards are, that 3.4 mill. is more valuable to the brass if he’s off the team. The Braves are simply better with Kolbb gone.

    I also throw Adam Bernero in at this point. Frankly, I have even less faith in Adam then Kolbb because at least Kolbb was good last year. What track record does Bernero even have?

  11. I am betting they would do an Alan Embree for Kolb and Benero deal. I would do that. Change of scenery for everyone.

  12. Kolb had no contract when he was traded to Atlanta, I believe. I think we avoided arbitration with a 1 year deal. Like 3.5 mil or something.

  13. I couldn’t find a link, but here’s a copy-paste from an AP article I found on a message board (via google):


    Jan 17, 2005
    ATLANTA (AP) _ New Braves closer Dan Kolb avoided arbitration Monday by agreeing to a $3.4 million, one-year contract.

    Kolb more than doubled his salary from last season, when he earned $1,575,000 for the Milwaukee Brewers. He had 39 saves, a 2.98 ERA and made the All-Star game.

    The right-hander was traded to the Braves last month for prized pitching prospect Jose Capellan and a player to be named. Kolb takes over for John Smoltz, who is moving back into Atlanta’s starting rotation.

  14. Man, he even has bad taste in music. Everybody knows that “Islands in the Stream” totally blows “Lady” away.

  15. Ooh! My googling on this topic led me to a page that has the contract information and service time for all the Braves players. Before the season, Kolb was at 4.119 years.

    Check out

    If it’s accurate, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, that’s great info. I had no idea where to find service time, and I’d been curious about it with other players.

  16. I say we all chip in and buy out kolb’s contract. I’ll chip in $5! If we all throw in, we should raise enough money to buy him out.

  17. kolb has pitched in 7 1/3 innings this month. To day is June 28. He is rotting in the pen. We need to send him down and opn the space so someone else can fill that role.

  18. The only reason I am against sending Kolbb down is that means he might return and the Braves chances would then have “hell to pay”.

    I think Kolbb and Bernero need to be out of the organization.

    I agree with someone’s idea earlier about a change of scenery trade may help Kolb/Bernero and possibly a guy like Alan Embree.

    Hey…I would be willing to trade Kolbbernero to the Dodgers for Gagne and wait a year. I am sure by Gagne must be saying about the Braves, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” because we were the one team, even when healthy, who could always kick his Canadian Ass.

  19. Gosh, those are crappy trades! We’d be getting shafted!

    Did you guys catch the Eric Gregg reference on SportsCenter this morning? It showed Vlad hitting a double, then showed a normal strike zone, then a “Vladzone”, and the anchor, I don’t remember his name, quipped “Come to think of it, that’s an Eric Gregg strike zone.” Pure comedic gold my friends…

  20. Me too! Thanks a ton Buster. Learned something right away… I had it in my head that Andruw’s contract ended after next season, but it’s after ’07.

    Sorry, Alex ;)

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