– MLB – Recap – Athletics at Braves

I swear, I’m going to start throwing things. Spotted a 3-0 lead, Kyle Davies couldn’t hold it, giving up his first homer in his first really bad inning in the fourth. When Marcus put him back on top with a homer in the fifth, he gave up another run and got chased. And then Bobby, yet again, brought in Roman Colon, who couldn’t get me out, and Colon gave up a two-run homer to take the loss.

Davies still can’t work efficiently (even if he only walked two) and threw 111 pitches in 5 2/3. He really got rocked in the fourth but was unlucky in the sixth. Bernero and — I hope you’re sitting down for this — Kolb threw single innings of 1-2-3 relief after Colon choked.

Brian McCann got his first start, and singled in a run in his first AB. He singled leading off the ninth but wandered too far off first and was doubled off. Andruw was 2-3 with a HBP and a run scored but it’s all his fault anyway.

Tomorrow is a late afternoon Fox game, Smoltz versus Kirk Saarloos. There is absolutely no excuse for losing that matchup. Forget throwing things — lose it, and I’m probably going to take hostages. Their initials are RC and DK. There is a good chance that that game, and Sunday’s game, won’t be played because of bad weather. I don’t know if they’ll even bother to make them up.