That’s great, Andruw

But why didn’t you hit one in your first AB, too? And why aren’t there more baserunners when you hit them? And stop smiling!

8 thoughts on “That’s great, Andruw”

  1. That dude in the front row was thirsty, Andruw. Why didn’t you get him a beer?


    Oh, and Andruw didn’t catch up to that double. And I think his uniform is still pretty clean.

  3. But then who would we have left to trade for Jacque Jones? And Bobby Kielty (he got a hit of a righty today, ya know).

  4. Its Andrew’s fault we won. Note to A’s: you really can’t sneak a fast ball past Andrew. As once said about Hank Aaron, “It’s like trying to sneak the sun past a rooster.” You however can sneak a curve ball, alider, underhand softball pitch past him.

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